kerosene Cleansing

There are affordable ways purification of kerosene in the home.

In the three-liter glass jar should pour 1 liter of kerosene and the same amount of hot water, the

ture which should be 60-70 ° C.The contents of the banks should be carefully shaken for 2-3 min., After closing its plastic cover.On hand to avoid burns it is recommended to wear gloves.The stirring process should always be time to open the lid from time to time, in order to avoid excess pressure and as a result of the explosion of vapors.

liquid should stand for a few minutes (with the lid open).When she exfoliate (where the layers are separated, accumulated dirt) should be carefully drained kerosene layer, which is located at the top, so that the drainage did not get flakes.

All actions must be performed in a well ventilated area, because the concentrated vapors of kerosene can cause not only poison and kerosene pneumonia, but an explosion.

All other cleaning methods are dangerous.Among them, the method for which you want to have a ho

od, electric oven and experience with chemical reagents.It should be warned that this method is better not to use it, if not the necessary conditions and special chemical education, because it is very dangerous.Average

kerosene becomes suitable for oral administration in accordance with the dosages after it is subjected to the following procedure.It needs to be poured into a glass half-liter bottle, add 3 tablespoons salt confidante brand "Extra" and strain the liquid through a filter made of cotton and bandage to another bottle, filling it completely.

then a bottle of kerosene should be placed in a pot of cold water, the bottom of which there

stand.Then you need to boil water in a saucepan and boil for 1.5 hours. At the same time are allowed to use only hobs.The use of an open flame gas stove burner can lead to an explosion of kerosene.

No bottle, located in a water bath or a pot lid to close in any case impossible.In this very intensively allocated kerosene vapors, which must be disposed of in the hood.

As a result of this treatment, purified kerosene.After cooling, it must be drained into another container, and the salt is to stay on the bottom of the bottle.

Note that for internal use only recommended purified kerosene and outdoor - are allowed to use normal.

finished products on the basis of the walnut extract kerosene

Todikamp drug is manufactured in Russia on the basis of the walnut extract kerosene, it is recommended to apply according to the instructions that came with the original packaging.

This drug - the result of ten years of work of the Moscow Institute of Biomedical Problems.It is proved that Todikamp increases the body's resistance to stress, causing the tumor process, t. E. The walnut kerosene extract stabilizes the tissue system, cures gastritis, prostatitis, coronary heart disease.It does not cause allergies, does not have toxic effects or even improving hereditary qualities of an organism.It should be noted that in Todi

Kampe used no ordinary kerosene, and a special produced by distillation fivefold.

Reception Todikampa requires certain restrictions in lifestyle.For example, it is incompatible with alcohol, to stay in the sun, hard work, it can not be combined with psychotropic drugs.During the course of treatment Todikampom there drowsiness, so you should limit travel by car.

about the healing properties of a walnut knew doctors in ancient times.Walnuts contain a lot of iodine, binders and tannins.They have good anthelmintic and anti-microbial properties that help cleanse the blood.Then, it was observed that enhances therapeutic effect kerosene nut.Until now, in the southern regions of our country tincture Walnut kerosene - drug of many diseases.

To make money taking green walnuts (they have to reach the so-called milk ripeness).The raw material is cut into slices (each nut enough to cut into four pieces) and passed through a meat grinder.Grind the nuts should be enough to fill them 1/3 liter glass jar.Then, pour a jar of nuts on top of purified kerosene (preferably subjected to pre-treatment is not normal, and the so-called Aviation (distilled) kerosene).Then close the jar tightly with plastic lid and insist in a dark cool place for 21 days.After the infusion fluid is filtered through four layers of cheesecloth, and the remnants of vegetable raw materials carefully squeeze.Ready means - Ore-hovo-kerosene extract - is poured into a dark glass container and store in a cool dark place.

Remains of vegetable raw materials do not need to throw away: they are put in a glass jar and store in a cool dark place.These husks are simply irreplaceable as external funds: they are used in all cases where it is necessary to reduce swelling and relieve pain (a variety of traumatic injuries, arthritis, fractures, etc...).

addition Todikampa in drugstores and can be purchased Fitodik Todiklark.Fitodik basically has the same walnut tincture of kerosene, but with the addition of wormwood, kidney poplar, birch, garlic, eucalyptus and others. From Fitodika well produce ointment with clay, starch, talc.

Todiklark - also walnut tincture of kerosene, but it is not used green walnut and black - American.Practice has shown that Todiklark Todikampa stronger.

not always available in pharmacies these drugs, so it is useful to provide the following recipe, the more so that the resulting mixture acts like Todikampu.It must be mixed in equal amounts and purified kerosene supplement Vitalayn Black Walnut, which is a plant antiparasitic drug action.This is an alcohol extract of the peel of black walnut.Due to the content of organic acids, essential oils, bitter glycosides, he has an antiseptic and anthelminthic action.Receiving a mixture of kerosene and black walnut extract gives good results in the treatment of acute and chronic protozoal infestations candidiasis, in integrated programs to cleanse the body.Take 10-20-30 drops 2-3 times a day (water or juice) before meals and at bedtime.Dose selected individually, we must begin with

10 drops.The best result is achieved with a gradual increase in the dose of the drug for two weeks with a one week break before reuse rate.After it shows the use of Paragon preparation containing clove and wormwood.

Attention!Medications, which include kerosene, official medicine is not recommended for children to take.