Reviews of the treatment of kerosene

The popularity of the treatment so cheap and improvised material, such as kerosene, evidenced by the numerous letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines that promote a healthy lifestyle.

«... I - a doctor, worked in the countryside for 25 years, the ENT doctor and dentist.Itself to remove the tonsils, and tore treated teeth.I want to say before you remove the tonsils, consider whether it is necessary to do so?Because the amygdala - a barrier to the penetration of germs.

several times appealed to me a woman with acute exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis.I remembered that to me on reception came a man who worked at a gas station.He told me that sometimes the mouth rinse with purified kerosene.

Every once in ten days I smeared patient tonsils purified kerosene.It has been 20 years since she was last addressed in the ENT office.

This can be done at home.Only at times when no exacerbations.At the tip of the rod is wound wadding stick dipped in kerosene, pressed to avoid dripping.Language press spo

on, so as not to interfere.Smear tonsils need to once a day for 10 days.Better to do it someone from relatives, t. To. To the patient uncomfortable.

is now retired.Grandson grown up, he is 15 years old.My daughter graduated from medical school.I went in my footsteps.Now she is working as a dentist in the same clinic, where he once worked for me. "Tatyana Gubin, Khakassia.

«We were with my husband for 80 years.Newspapers write out a long time about the health, take something on board.With her husband coped with gangrene, but atherosclerotic pain in his feet remain.He drinks vodka with butter on Shevchenko method.And I want to share "oil" recipe for the treatment of adenoids

necessary to take the bottle out of penicillin, pour into it half vegetable oil and up to the top -.. Shake kerosene can drip 1 drop in each nostril for adults and children on the 5-. 6 times per day, the results are excellent

Many printed recipes from hemorrhoids, but I know a means of simply nowhere my husband for 30 years suffered from this scourge, is a good woman is not suggested to me the way:.. it is necessary to eat a glass of dogwood with bones.We were then living in the Ukraine, and to us in Nikolayev brought to the market a lot of dogwood from the Crimea. Bought. my husband ate as much as two glasses and completely forgot about his hvorobu. I nasushit berries and cured so many of his friends. Now I cornel stockhas long ended, but useful recipe, I think it will come in handy, "Demchenko EM, Belgorod

« ... Problems with the heart and the pressure is not I think it's because as a child ate a lot of hawthorn and wild rose -... I livedin Yakutia, and the berries are favorite.Well, from any sores favorite tool - kerosene and castor oil.

I remember, was still a girl, ran barefoot and picked up a splinter.The heel came as much as 4 cm. As a conventional needle to pull out?My mother panicked.A neighbor, who had just been at home, advised to hold the heel in kerosene for about 20 minutes used, the pain was gone, and I forgot about it, and she remembered the splinter was gone was not.Well, castor treat wounds and burns.No wonder, perhaps, it is in the rural medical assistants in the old days in the first place was. "Romantsova GS, N. Novgorod.

«Once in a newspaper was printed in my recipe for the treatment of fibroids, received a lot of letters with the question:" What kind of kerosene to treat fibroids, purified or not? "Everyone said, and then I thought: what if someone starts treatment by air orwhite, purified kerosene?

Dear women, be treated just need kerosene, which was used before the Great Patriotic war and after it. it must itself be filtered through a thick cloth. no burning is not, if you hold the pad exactly five minutes! If fibroids are not yetIt is running, you can do the procedure in a day, but not more than twelve sessions

I want to remind you. if fibroids removed surgically, and rose again, kerosene will not help someone erosion into the vagina or cervix, kerosene contraindicated First, you need to deal with.!. erosion

Many readers interested if fibroids at a rate not resolve whether you can repeat it

moleno, but three months later, not earlier?.And here's another recipe from fibroids.Take 1 tbsp.spoon of dried flowers of potato and pour a glass of boiling water.Infuse for 15-20 minutes, strain and drink U3staka-three times a day before meals.

offers women who have cervical erosion, a recipe that helped me.It was a long time ago, more than 30 years ago.No ointments or douching manganese did not help.Then I decided to be treated May honey, kalanchoe and simple sunflower oil, brought to a boil.

Kalanchoe istolkla in a wooden mortar, strain juice mixed with honey and butter in a ratio of 1: 1: 1.Composition stood seven days in a room in a dark place.Before use, it should be how to stir the oil had risen to the top.Then, a tampon, pour into another bowl, and the rest to keep cool.A little heat and dip the swab inserted into the vagina overnight.Early in the morning posprintsevatsya infusion of chamomile.The course of 10 days, to me it was enough to get rid of all erosion.

The same composition I cured his hand his eldest son, who returned to competition in Greco-Roman wrestling from Odessa.If you fall on the carpet, he received burns of the left hand.There can be seen, treated badly, hit the pile tissue, the skin was torn off.He came home, and hand pain, the wound festered.I immediately natolkla kalanchoe, mixed with butter and honey.I soaked in the drug put gauze on the wound, bandaged.Change the bandage every other day.Pus disappeared, and three days later do not have to make a bandage.In order to form a crust smeared with Vaseline boron place burn.

I still use this recipe, instilled into the nose when laid, treat burns.Next mastitis left breast was powerless in front of Kalanchoe with honey and butter.

During the war, treated, and now some people treat angina kerosene.Only it must be filtered through absorbent cotton.Then wind the cotton wool on the tip of the stick, moisten with kerosene and lubricate the tonsils as far as possible.And this should be done every half an hour in a single day!Angina is fast.Before you call for help kerosene, check the tonsils.If there are sores or ulcers, the treatment of kerosene is strictly forbidden! "Pashkovskaya RM, Krasnodar region.