Useful and therapeutic properties of willow-herb and contraindications

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Cyprus angustifolia (IVAN_CHAY) -Chamaenerion angustifolium (L.) Scop.Family kipreyny - Onagraceae

Other names

Bayanik, bezit, bogoroditsyna grass bodinets, Borovoye potion, wild flax, dremuha, dyatelnik, elushnik, zhilenets potion Borovoye, wild flax, zitel nickname, willow-herb, ivnik, kipreynik,konevik, konevnik, hemp wild koporka, Koporye (Kuril) tea, Kopylov, grass, red, Levkon, flax, loturusha, liquor, melnichnik, Mushnikov, nitselloza, nenadychka, ogonnitsa, oploshnik, Petrushova apples, crybaby-grass, popyl-trava, pustoed, pustolom, down jacket, puhovitsa, puhovnik, splitting, Revenko, rozyvach, romanushnik, Ruscha, sapozhnyak, sinovod, sisilnik, skripun (when pulling the stalk in the hands of squeaks), magpie eyes spryg, Stadnik, terlich, hvostach,breadbasket, hmyzok, hripnyak, Cencelj, cheremota, shelkunets.

Nicknames "hemp" and "wild flax" Cyprus gained because of its properties of bast - its stems are allowed up to 15% of the output fiber.Borovoye potion - the name given to the plant h

ealers;infusions on fireweed leaves they treated people from headaches, tried to remove the ulcer inflammation.When grain crop failure roots were eating fireweed.They are dried, milled, and was added to the resulting bread flour, from which it became sweet.So the people took the nickname of this plant - a breadbox and melnichnik.The name of the plant received the jacket because kipreyny down stuffed cushions and mattresses.

botanical characteristics

Perennial weed forming herb.It has a thick horizontal creeping rhizome up to 1 m, profusely dotted with buds.From each kidney is pulled upright, cylindrical, subramose, gustooblistvenny bare stem height of 50-150 cm. The leaves are alternate sessile, lanceolate, 5-12 cm long, 0.7-2 cm wide, with sharp protruding veins, dark green above,bottom - bluish-green.The flowers are lilac, purple, sometimes white with glubokochetyreh separate cup, with short tube and whisk wrong.Inflorescence - the ultimate rare long brush, flowers which are revealed from 6 to 7 am.Fruit - capsule, like a pod of up to 9 cm, consists of four flaps, with numerous prodolgovatoovalnymi seeds with fluffy white crest.One plant produces per season to 20,000 seeds (1 kg).In summer, its multi-storey fireweed foliage covers from the heat, shoots of trees and soft grass.In the fall, when a sudden frost brutally beats the green shoots, Cyprus detains cold winds, warm shoots.It is noticed that in the bush kipreyny air warmer.It can be seen this plant can radiate warmth, creating a microclimate.Anyway, surrounded by willow-herb life never stops small plants.


With the purpose of treatment harvested grass, leaves and flowers of fireweed during flowering, dried in the shade under a canopy, in attics, open verandas, in a well-ventilated area, spread in a thin layer on a clean surface.Podvyalivayut or 1 day, twisted palms until deliver juice, then spread on a baking sheet, covered with a wet cloth, incubated 6-10 hours at 25 ° C for 40 minutes and dried in the oven at 100 ° C.Store raw materials in a dry and ventilated area, periodically checking.Whole leaves possess significant antiinflammatory activity less than ground.Dig roots fall, clear of the ground, dried in dryers, ovens, ovens at a temperature of 65-70 ° C.Store in a tightly closed container wood or glass container for 2 years.

Shelf life 2 years of grass roots - 3 years.Chemical composition

kipreya Leaves and roots contain protein, tannins, mucilaginous substances, organic acids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, sugar, vitamin C (3 times greater than in the orange fruit).Leaves contain up to 10% of tannin pirogallovoy group-about 0.1% alkaloids, mucus, up to 15% pectin.The roots of the plant tannin and no less contains mucus.

Pharmacological properties

Preparations fireweed because of tannins and mucus have anti-inflammatory properties and enveloping.Whole leaves kipreya possess antiinflammatory activity significantly lower than the crushed leaves.Such a phenomenon is observed due to the combined effect of mucus and tannins.Also has a calming (sedative), anticonvulsant, analgesic effect.Preparations fireweed low toxicity.

Application in Medicine

In folk medicine, water infusion of the leaves is used for headaches, is welded flowering tops and drink as a tea).Fresh crushed leaves applied to wounds, they promote rapid healing.A decoction of the leaves is drunk with scrofula, stomach disorders and as a sedative, inflammation of the ear, nose and throat.Tea and i fireweed can eliminate the need for surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia.Under the influence of drugs fireweed prostate enlargement slows down or even stops.The aqueous alcoholic extract or willowherb inflammatory process and prevents ozdoravlivayusche operates in acute and chronic diseases of the prostate adenoma, ureteral inflammation and chronic inflammation of the bladder, as well as maintenance therapy and absolutely harmless after prostate surgery.


In the grass found tannins, mucilage, sugar, vitamin C. flowering branches plants used in folk medicine.Flowering herbs, naparennuyu furnaces, applied as a poultice to the sore spot.Applied with an inflammation of the ear, nose and throat.

infusion or decoction of the leaves is a good anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent for various inflammations of the mucous membranes, it is also useful for headache.


Broth: 15 g per 200 ml;for outdoor and indoor use.For internal - 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day before meals.

Infusion herb fireweed: brew 200 ml of boiling water 20 g of dried grass for 2 hours, then strain.Take 1 tbsp.l.3-4 times a day before meals with colitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, headaches, insomnia.

decoction of the leaves of fireweed: brew 200 ml of boiling water 15 g of crushed leaves, boil in water bath for 15 minutes, infuse 1 hour, then strain.Take 1 tbsp.l.3-4 times a day before meals with gastritis, colitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, bleeding, anemia, acute respiratory diseases.Use to gargle with angina and for washing wounds, ulcers, bedsores.



grows throughout Russia, in forests and scrublands, especially abundant in the clearings, forest clearings, wastelands and dried peat bogs, on embankments along roadsides.The first among the other plants it covers its flowers forest burning, cutting.

It grows on forest edges, on embankments, cuttings, often form continuous thickets.It occurs frequently.


In ivan- tea has many beneficial that all the contraindications, which he has - pale before its benefits.Medical willow-herb, unlike other herbs, has a minimum number of contraindications.This is due to the fact that the willow-herb is non-toxic and has a balanced chemical composition.
with caution when it is used together with soothing (sedative) drugs.The fact is that by itself, this herb has a calming effect.Therefore, if you start to use it with other soothing - it may be a violation of the nervous system.As a conclusion - it is desirable to pass the doctor's advice.
with caution and also when it is used together with antipyretics.So, again, requires prior consultation with a specialist, who will tell - it is possible to use tablets (drugs) together with this plant.
some contraindication fireweed is that it is a mild laxative.Therefore, if you, for example, are undergoing medical treatment (eg for 2 weeks ivan- drink tea in the form of decoction every day) - at one point, you can can begin diarrhea.Out here alone - in the use of watch your gastrointestinal tract (his impulses using).For example, you can start the application broth every day, and the next day.
wary willow-herb should be used for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.In such cases, before the willow tea benefits and vredprimeneniya funds on the basis of this plant is recommended to consult a doctor.

not recommended to increase the dose and drink more than a dozen glasses of infusions and decoctions in one day.Since the desire to prevent one disease rapidly move to another.The willow-tea contains caffeine which has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system.If you drink liters of decoction of willow-herb, then get rid of insomnia just will not work.