Curd useful properties

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Curd - this is the most valuable dairy product.It is useful and often necessary for children as well as adults.

Distinguish fat cottage cheese, produced from whole milk and low-fat, prepared from skim milk.

in fat-free yogurt contains a lot of high-grade milk protein (16%), mainly casein, almost completely digestible by the human body.In addition, it contains lactic acid, mineral substances, particularly calcium salts, lactose, very little fat (0.5%) and 80% water.In

fat curd unlike skimmed contains not less than 18% fat, and not more than 65% water;also produce curd containing 9% fat.

Due to the large amount of fat and protein calorie high fat cottage cheese (100 grams of cottage cheese 253 more calories, while the calorie 100 g fat-free yogurt is 86 more calories).On caloric fat cottage cheese is superior to beef medium fatness.

Cottage is a favorable environment for the life of the various microorganisms, such as lactic mold, so it is poorly maintained, the quality of its rapidly deteriorating

.Use it must be soon after purchase in a store or manufacture.Within 1-2 days, the curd can be stored in the cold, for example in a home refrigerator.

directly into the food can be consumed only fresh cheese made from pasteurized milk.The cottage cheese from raw milk may be undesirable microorganisms, and sometimes even harmful to human health.

Curd bought on the market or made from raw milk, as well as the store some time at home, should not be used without prior heat treatment.In this case, it is necessary to warm up to a high temperature, ie. E. Used only for cooking such foods as cheese cakes, dumplings and so on. D.


Nutritional value of cheese is determined by the quantity and quality it contains protein, fat and mineralsalts.

The protein curd has an essential amino acid - methionine and choline, improve metabolism, obesity, and atherosclerosis warning.

Especially useful cheese for children, pregnant and lactating women, as it is rich in calcium salts and phosphorus needed for bone growth, blood formation, for the activity of the heart and nervous system.

Cheese is recommended for patients with tuberculosis, anemic, needs strengthening good nutrition.It is useful in diseases of the liver and kidney edema, because calcium helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body.

fat cottage cheese is very nutritious.From it you can cook a lot of delicious and healthy dishes.Fat contained in cottage cheese, digested by 90-95%.

Low-fat cottage cheese is recommended for obesity, gout, kidney disease, t. E. In cases where the protein of meat and fish are contraindicated, they are replaced by protein curd.

enhance therapeutic properties different acidophilic-yeast cheese used for power weakened children, as well as in the gastro-intestinal diseases, tuberculosis, anemia.It is enriched yeast and acidophilic cultures, improves digestion.Fat-free and yeast-acidophilus is recommended to use cottage cheese as atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, hypertension and colitis with diarrhea.

Cooking at home

To make good cheese at home certain conditions must be met.First

propasterizovat should boil or milk, as in the raw milk may be useful as a lactic acid bacteria and harmful microorganisms.When heated to a high temperature kills nearly all microorganisms found in raw milk, including harmful.

During pasteurization milk, poured into the pot, it is necessary to heat, stirring to 80 ° C and kept at this temperature for 10-15 minutes, removing the pan from the heat.The temperature of the milk during pasteurization should be measured with an alcohol thermometer (without wooden frames).

then hot milk as quickly as possible must be cooled to a temperature of 32-36 °.It is best to omit the pot with hot milk in another bowl with cold water, not allowing water to enter the milk and changing the water several times.

The refrigerated milk to pour a thin stream, stirring leaven containing lactic acid bacteria (approximately 2-3 tablespoons per 1 liter of milk).Essentially, it turns sour.

leaven may be ready yogurt (not only acidophilic) or a good cream.It is best to use a special ferment for cottage cheese, sour cream or kisloslivochnogo oil, which can be purchased in the laboratories producing bacterial leaven for the production of various dairy products.

fermented milk mix spoon, pot lid and place in a warm place.

Milk left alone to ripening, t. E. To form a clot.Ready

clot must be sufficiently dense to have smooth edges at the break, smooth shiny surface, and is separated by this serum should be transparent, greenish.

can not be used for the preparation of fermented cheese is not enough, a weak clot.From such a bad bunch whey extracted and obtained low-quality cheese.Nor too perekvashivat milk - curd is sour.

From the resulting clot should partially remove the whey.To this end, it should be cut into rectangular pieces, move them into a sieve or colander, treated with boiling water and covered with gauze folded twice.Better yet, put a large spoon clot uncut layers on gauze laid on a sieve or colander.

To accelerate the separation of the serum, can be cut clot gently warmed to 36-38 °.For this clot pan placed in a bowl with hot water and move spoon gently its upper wall from one pan to another.Thus clot pieces rise from the bottom of the pan, and the upper are lowered, which contributes to uniform heating of the mass and better separation of serum.Then clot transferred to a sieve, covered with gauze to drain the whey.

When will the separation of whey, cottage cheese in cheesecloth and cool, if necessary, the pressed.To do this, put the cheese in gauze treated with boiling water plate, and put load on it.Pressed curd transferred to a cold place.

Sometimes at home for making cheese using raw milk, accidentally turned sour after storage under unfavorable conditions.This can not be done, because of the sour raw milk undesirable microorganisms go into cottage cheese.It should not be used for the preparation of cottage cheese also inadvertently soured pasteurized milk.

In cooking

Bold and low fat cottage cheese is widely used for the production of a variety of cheese products.At the same time added to it spices and flavors, sugar, raisins, candied fruit, cocoa, vanilla and salt, cumin, fennel, etc. N., As well as butter.

Sweet cheese products produced with different fat contents: vysokozhirnye, fat, fat-free and bold.

By vysokozhirnym curd products (20-26% fat) are: Curds sweet special, Curds Moscow, cottage cheese sweet special, cottage cheese for children.Prepare them from cottage cheese, processed until smooth, which are added butter or cream, sugar (16-26%), as well as spices and flavors: honey, candied fruit, raisins, dried apricots, marmalades, kernels (walnuts, hazelnuts,peanuts), vanilla, cocoa, coffee extract, cinnamon and so on. d.

this group includes also glazed cheese curds, which are vysokozhirnye sweet cheese curds, covered with chocolate icing.

close to this group of products curd cakes, the production of which use cottage cheese with a high fat content (22-26%), sugar (26-30%) and taste and flavors.From the mass of rectangular or circular pieces of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 and their surface is decorated with butter cream.

Cheese products fat (15% fat), bold (about 7% fat) and low-fat cottage cheese produced in the form of mass and cheese curds with certain spices and flavors.

In addition to the sweet cottage cheese products, produce and cheese cream with vanilla, chocolate and other additives.They contain at least 18% fat and at least 30% of sugar beet.

to salty cheese products are curd and cottage cheese, fatty (15,5-17,5% fat), bold (not less than 8.5% fat) and fat-free.In the production of these products in the mashed cottage cheese added only table salt or salt with a variety of spices and flavors and spices: tomato puree, cumin, dill, allspice, red pepper, etc.

syrkovoy weight

To prepare syrkovoy weight curd rub.through a sieve or put through a meat grinder.Add to it the sugar and, if desired, - butter, melted until creamy state.Part

sugar (about 1.2) can be replaced with natural honey.To add flavor to syrkovoy weight can add vanilla, premixed with a part contributed to the mass of sugar.

syrkovoy To prepare the chocolate mass to a curd in addition to sugar and oil, add cocoa powder.For sweet syrkovoy weight can be added to cut into small pieces candied fruit, dried apricots (pitted), marmalade or raisins.

cottage cheese should be mixed thoroughly to evenly distribute the substances included.

Add to the mashed curd and table salt - as desired - any spices such as cumin, dill, pepper, tomato puree.It will turn salty syrkovoy weight.4

to produce 1 kg of sweet syrkovoy mass to fat cottage cheese have to add 130-170 grams of sugar, 85-130 g butter, 60-100 grams of raisins, candied fruits, marmalades, 20 g of cocoa powder, 0.1 g of vanillin;to produce 1 kg of salt syrkovoy weight - 15 g of salt, cumin 5-15 g, 1 g of dill, 1 g of sweet peppers, 100 grams of tomato puree.

production of cottage cheese

This gentle, slightly sour milk product has long enjoyed in our country is very popular.And no wonder - the cheese is nutritious, tasty, is indispensable in the manufacture of many dishes as the first, so the second and third.Cheesecake, cheesecakes, dumplings - it is not very tasty, that may be made from cottage cheese.Curd produce and rural, and urban factories.Production is based on its separation from milk such valuable components as protein and fat.And here to the aid of lactic acid bacteria.

On state dairies cheese prepared from pasteurized milk, which is used for the fermentation of the leaven of specially selected lactic acid bacteria in the laboratory.This ensures a high quality product.

Curd shop. rows on the site are large reservoirs - tubs with a capacity of up to 2.5 thousand liters each..On the Ostankino Dairy Plant in Moscow, for example, found 20 of these baths.This means that while you can process about 50 tons of milk.And how many will turn curd?It will be about 8 tons, that is 6 times less, the remaining amount -.. Serum.

fermented milk in the bath - a homogeneous mass, the so-called cluster.To completely separate the serum, it can be heated, as do, by producing cottage cheese at home.But urban dairies instead added to the milk at the beginning of the process a small amount of rennet, which simplifies the operation.

resulting clot special knives cut into small cubes, and in places the cut emerges light green liquid.Weight, located s bath, divided as it were into two layers - one is made up of brilliant white cubes, the other is a serum.It was removed from the bath.To get the cheese, meets the content requirements of the technical conditions of moisture, pressed cottage cheese.For this it is placed in the Coarse bags which are placed on special truck-press.Extrusion continues as long as the serum stops flowing.This process occurs at low temperature.

This old method of production is gradually replaced by a new one.It is that of the low-fat skim milk produce curd, which is then mixed with cream to obtain a standard product fat.This accelerating cycle of production, raw material savings achieved and increased product development.

the production of cottage cheese comply with temperature control to within one degree, carefully control the acidity of the product.

All this is done in order to obtain a curd quality.

Previously cheese produced for sale only in wooden tubs.Currently, much of it arrives in stores in the form of briquettes for 500 g, packed in heavy paper.Many dairies special machines used for packaging cheese.Every minute this machine can produce up to 16 briquettes polukilogrammovyh cheese.