Nutmeg useful properties

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) (Myristica fragrans Houtt) - fragrant evergreen tree of the family of Muscat, with fruit - nuts, like apricot, which after maturation disclosed.Seed - nutmeg, egg-shaped and has a wrinkled surface.

source of nutmeg are huge evergreen trees that once grew on the Moluccas, now ubiquitous in tropical latitudes.Trees gay, reaching a height of 18-24 meters. The plantation is considered normal if one man's tree falls on women 10-12.That's why they are called trees, harems!Flowering and fruiting they start on the eighth or ninth year (and until then it is impossible to determine the sex).The first harvest - about 100 fruits.Around the thirtieth year of the average yield of the tree is 3-4 thousand fruits.Trees can produce fruit good 70 years.

In place of yellowish flowers appear large yellow fruit resembling in appearance apricot or plum.When they break up, the gaze appears black seed (nutmeg) in a red, lace-like rind (peel).Both spices are dried separately.The main producers - M

aluku Islands and Grenada.Nutmeg was always accessible and enjoyed great demand than its husk.That is why it is much more expensive.However, this is not surprising: from 100 nutmegs get only 75 grams peels.

ancient Greeks and Romans are believed to have been known nutmeg and husks.

However, in the XII century.these spices thanks to the Arab inhabitants of the Mediterranean merchants were certainly familiar.It passed not so much time, and in the texts of the Salerno school there was a record that as a result of excessive consumption of nutmeg can be poisoned;sing praises to him as a means of heart, but then write about instigated cases of hemorrhoids and death: «Unica Piech prodest, nocet altera, tertia necat» ( «A nut is useful, the other not quite three kills").

many years the monopoly on the spice was first in the hands of the Portuguese, then the Dutch, while Pierre Poivre not secretly took with "spice islands" a few young trees.When the Moluccas became part of the British Empire, the plant got to the West Indies, where it is well stuck.

in the XVIII century.nutmeg and husks have been included in the vaults of the French drug manufacturing regulations, and in the XIX century.Pulligni wrote a book (876 pages), devoted entirely to the nutmeg.

nutmeg The composition includes a significant amount of essential oil (3.1%) having a hot taste and slightly spicy flavor, fiber, fat (40%), carbohydrates.

pressing the seeds get a dense orange scented balm, consisting of a fatty and essential oils and pigments.

colorless aromatic essence mace (matsisnoe oil) used in the manufacture of canned food, ketchup and mustard.


In traditional medicine around the nutmeg has long been used for colds.Sometimes it is chewed for better breath.In homeopathy, nutmeg oil is used for painful menstruation.And in some countries, nutmeg was considered a means of defense against corruption and evil magic, so it is worn around the neck and sewn into clothing.According to local legends, magic and healing are the only ones of nutmeg on the surface lines form circles.It is thought that the nuts are able to excite and to give love.

In Arabic medicine, as well as in folk medicine in many countries nutmeg has long been used as a carminative, for diarrhea gastric and intestinal colic.

In folk medicine is recommended for varicose - take grated nutmeg, washing it down with water.

Muscat balm used for the preparation of ointments and grindings as irritant agent.A bath with essential oils of nutmeg facilitate pain, improve circulation and detoxify the body of rheumatism.

Nutmeg and mace used as a means to increase appetite: they are added to foods as a spice (especially effective - in combination with lemon).For this purpose, use is also essential oil of nutmeg: it is added to the bath, used for massage of the bottle is inhaled, they are flavored air in the room.It is believed that nutmeg tones the nervous system, and its essential oil is prescribed as a stimulant for fatigue and physical exhaustion.The aroma of nutmeg creates a feeling of warmth and security.

Muscat East have long been used as a means of stimulating the desire to love.In Sudan, ground nutmeg take impotence.To increase sexual activity, it is advised to add nutmeg to all dishes like dill, parsley or celery.

in the XVIII century.France husk of nutmeg attributed to the media, which have strengthening and stimulating effect that can strengthen the heart and brain activity, but also to remove general fatigue.Since husk improves the functioning of the digestive, then it continues to this day to resort those people whose body does not assimilate food who suffer from intestinal gas and premenstrual pain.Nutmeg is also strengthening, useful for cardiac remedy for those who are on the mend, and also helps with general fatigue.

use in cooking

Nutmeg is used in the preparation of a cream and pudding, various sweets, biscuits, baked apples, pears mousse, compotes, jams.

Add the nutmeg in the liver pate, dishes with meat, boiled or steamed fish, baked in the oven, fish soup, burgers, goose dishes, veal.It is used this spice in cooking of vegetables: vegetable juice, tomato soup, braised carrots, mashed potatoes, spinach, color and Brussels sprouts, leeks, asparagus, peas, a variety of salads, vegetables, tomato sauce.

Spices can be added to the measure - in food, to give it zest and pleasure yourself.Uymite your fears and remember: you start hallucinating only if you eat the whole at least two nuts.

husk is sold in the form of sheet metal plates or in powder form (the house is not possible to beat her).Its aroma evaporates quickly, so it is necessary to buy a peel in a small amount.It is put into cakes and sweet dishes, some varieties of sausages and curry.They prefer to use it as a means of enhancing the activity of the digestive system and nervous system, as well as add in milk, rice pudding, whisking eggs and coriander leaves and cook the mixture into an omelet.

Nutmeg meets as a whole and in the form of a hammer.The best way to spice them scrambled eggs, sauces (eg, white or cheese sauce for cauliflower) and put in the cake freshly crushed on a special grater nutmeg.Especially well it is combined with onions and spinach, as if they were sprinkled with mashed potatoes, it's just delicious.Nutmeg is also part of the sausages, they flavored ravioli seasoned with spices and many oriental dishes.If you add it to a hot drink such as hot chocolate, it will cheer you (but do not do it at night, unless, of course, do not have to work late).

In Indonesia, a small amount of pulp produced around husks and nut, making candy, and the Caribbean from the fermented pulp of the upper layer are prepared resembling brandy alcoholic drink.

beets in orange sauce with nutmeg

Boiled beet - 0.5 kg;nutmeg;orange peel - 3 tbsp.spoons;lemon juice - 2 tbsp.spoons;butter - 70 g;flour - 1 tbsp.a spoon;sherry - 1 tbsp.a spoon;salt - 1/3 tsp;.black pepper, parsley.

Mix the grated zest, lemon juice and salt.Sprinkle lightly with black pepper and nutmeg.Add the flour and mix until smooth, add the sherry.Cook the mixture in a water bath, until thickened.Then add the butter, stir and pour the beets, cut into small cubes.Serve hot, sprinkled with chopped parsley.

Chicken fried in dough

chickens - 2 pcs .;Eggs - 2 pcs .;milk - 200 g;flour - 300 g;melted butter (or vegetable) -1ch.a spoon;fat and vegetable oil for frying;lemon juice;nutmeg, salt.

Chickens cut in half, rub with salt and lemon juice.Of the eggs, milk, butter and flour to cook the dough, season with salt and season with crushed nutmeg.Roll in the test chicken meat and fry in fat until golden-brown crust.

Warnings Keep in mind that you need to use nutmeg in small quantities.For nutmeg its fame abortive (once in Malaysia, it was used to facilitate childbirth), so during pregnancy should be avoided like the plague.