Dried figs useful properties

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

figs, fig tree or a fig - the most ancient cultures, this tree has a delicate and juicy fruit with extraordinary honey-sweet taste.It grows in the edges with a subtropical climate: in the northwest of India, in the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Crimea.
The beneficial properties of figs look here.All the beneficial properties of fully ripe stored in a dried fruit.Dried figs transportable, are stored for a long time, it can be purchased at any time goda.Susheny quality figs has a light beige, light brown matte color, figs themselves the same size and relatively soft.Even the high quality of dried figs evidenced by its slightly flattened shape.Some scares white plaque on figs.And it's actually - not a disadvantage, but a nice addition in the form of glucose (a fig would be surprisingly sweet).
Figs - a real champion among dried fruit for fiber, the use of dried fruit creates a feeling of satiety and promotes normal functioning of the gastrointestinal trakta.Susheny figs can be used for pe

ople of any age.


Nutritional information per 100 g edible part.
Calories 257 kcal Protein 3.1 g

Fat 0.8 g Carbohydrates 57.9 g

Dietary fiber 18.2g
organic acid 2 g Water 16 g

unsaturated fatty acids 0.2 g mono- and
disaccharides 54.9 g
Starch 3 g
2 g saturated fatty acids 0.2 g

Vitamins Vitamin PP 0,7 mg
beta-carotene 0.078 mg
Vitamin A (RE) 13 mcg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 0.07 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 0.09 mg
Vitamin E (TE) 0.3 mg
Vitamin PP (niacin equivalent) 1.2 mg

Macronutrients Calcium 144 mg Magnesium 59 mg

Sodium 11 mg
Potassium 710 mg Phosphorus 68 mg

Trace Iron 0.3 mg

Energy value
dried figs is 257 kcal.

Useful properties of dried figs tested by time and experience, and due to the content of a large number of trace elements and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.This is - a real storehouse of potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, B vitamins The high content of pectin makes the dried figs most valuable product.This substance promotes rapid healing of connective tissue after injuries of joints and bones.Contained in dried figs, and gallic acid are siringovaya antibacterial substances that contribute to the restoration of a healthy intestinal flora after infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Removes extra cholesterol from the body.Dried figs

also contains numerous flavonoids and polyphenols, which increase blood plasma antioxidant activity, and the capillary walls rutin strengthens and helps to absorb vitamin C, the ascorbic acid (vitamin C), this fruit contains relatively small.

dried figs used in the treatment and prevention of numerous diseases.Quite popular
three decoction of dried figs, brewed in a glass of milk.Its use in the form of heat to effectively help with angina, severe cough, especially recommended for anemia and weakening of the body.Daily consumption of dried fruit reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.According to some research, contained in dried figs and epicatechins catechins have anti-cancer effect.It reduces retinal degeneration.

figs - excellent laxative, but do not use it before a long trip or important meeting many hours!
Avoid dried figs from their menu if you have pancreatitis, diabetes or acute intestinal diseases.Figs contraindicated in obesity, obesity, as it is quite nutritious dried fruit and actively contributes to the weight gain.