Ginger beneficial properties for both men and women

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Ginger aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac (Aphrodisiaca, Gren.) - A means of artificially stimulating or enhancing sexual feeling.

Since ancient times knew about the miraculous properties of ginger - the return of youth.Its use not only slows down the aging process, but also have a positive effect on the sexual sphere of both sexes.

Ginger credited with aphrodisiac properties strong.As mentioned in the books of magic and folk traditions of ginger used in the creation of love drinks, it is associated with money, success and power.Translated from the Chinese "ginger" means "courage."

Portuguese slave owners gave their slaves ginger root to improve their fertility.Chinese women treated for infertility and frigidity prawns, marinated in yellow wine, vinegar, ginger and onion-Tartar.And pharmacists in Europe with ginger candy harem treat female infertility.So what can be called truly ginger aphrodisiac.

Five thousand years ago, Chinese and Indian healers knew about the miraculous properties of ginger - intensifica

tion of vitality, entailing the return of youth and improve the sexuality of men and women.

Ginger credited with aphrodisiac properties strong.In the East, as well as in Western magic books and folk traditions of ginger used in the creation of love drinks, it is associated with money, success and power.

On the property of ginger to excite passion and sexual desire referred to in "A Thousand and One Nights" Arabian Nights collection.French writer Francois de La Rochefoucauld said: "safely in all respects, a night of love is most often the result of a good dinner."The Roman physician Galen, the author klassichekogo labor "On parts of the human body," he wrote: "Men shall recover from impotence, if they eat sweets containing honey, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg".

Ginger is often used as a "love potions" that are exciting, tone up and increase the potency of men and women.Therefore, during the meeting, you can bring to the table a variety of drinks with ginger - as it did in ancient Rome and in the harems of the East.

Romantic recipes

Sweets for passion

This recipe came to us from ancient Rome - more than 2 thousand years on it prepare delicious dishes that excite passion and desire.

sweet spice blend

When preparing for a romantic rendezvous, you can quickly do this by using a mixture of original sweets.For example:

1. Clear banana, cut it into thin slices, pour the spicy mixture.Serve can be on small saucers or sockets.Do not forget to lay the table skewers, small forks or teaspoons.

2. Pour into a socket jam or honey, to finish the spicy mixture and stir.Serve outlets.

3. Ice cream removed from the freezer, with a special spoon to make balls and put them in a wine glass or a small vase.Top pour spicy mixture.

spice blend can be added to a variety of products.You can come up with dozens of options for its use depending on the products available and personal preferences.

Note: this same mixture can be prepared in a different way: to use 1 hour instead of sugar l..salt (without top).Then ginger cooked in regular water, salt, and then the remaining components are added to it.This mixture can be used as a filling in vegetable salads.If in the process of preparing to use less water (3 tbsp. L.), The resulting sharp cream can be served as a spice to dishes, sandwiches and so on. D.

Burning cubes (harem lollipops)

sugar and water to boil in a saucepanand boil, stirring continuously, until the start until the syrup to crystallize along the edges.Then there pour ginger cubes, immediately remove from the heat and quickly stir to each cube dipped in syrup.Then pour this mixture onto a parchment sheet (available in the baking sheet from the oven) and flatten to lay bricks in one layer.Allow to cool, with a knife, divide the cubes and put them in a jar.If you do not want them to stick together, you can roll each in sugar cube before you add in the bank.

These blocks are also called burning candy harem - they will be a wonderful addition to a romantic dinner.

Cocktail love

This drink is used for sexual awakening forces of both partners and gain the sympathy of the partners to each other.

can pre-fill with mint and verbena half a glass of water, close and leave to cool.Before serving, drain brewed herbs in this tea add chilled apple and ginger juice and whisk blender for 5-10 seconds.Pour into glasses, instead of or together with a straw placed into glasses of fresh celery stalk and serve.Bites can be natural almonds.

Instead ginger juice can be used ginger jam or pre-cook the ginger syrup (a piece of fresh ginger root the size of a walnut slice pour 1/4 cup water, add 2-3 tbsp. L. Of sugar, bring to a boil and boil for 5 minuteslow heat, then strain and cool).

Love tea for two

In boiling water to put the remaining ingredients and simmer on low heat for 3-5 minutes.Remove from heat, let stand 5 minutes, strain through a fine sieve or strainer and serve.

Drink passion

Absorb all the ingredients in a large ceramic or porcelain teapot or glass-lined ladle, pour boiling water, close up, wrap up, to drink the present.Once cooled, drain again, bring to a boil and pour into a bottle.Cover tightly and store in refrigerator.

This drink can be served in small wine glasses or add to plain black tea.

Coffee to resurrect extinct feelings

«Wine Love»

Drink Venus

name given to this drink in Europe where it became very popular.However, Venus drink recipe came to us from South-East Asia, where it is consumed every morning women of all ages, from young to old.Tea helps keep shape and enjoy the pure, radiant skin, it tones up and improves metabolism.

Banana milk cocktail

If you can not get fresh coconut milk, you can use dry coconut milk - then pre-mix 3-4 tablespoons.l.powder in 1 cup water.

Since coconut milk we buy can be difficult, you can replace it with cream - in this case, a cocktail will be more nutritious, aphrodisiac that can be very handy.

Sexual Problems Men

There are many reasons for the low potency.Using plants that stimulate the work gonads, adrenal glands and the central nervous system, it allows you to gently get rid of these problems.From the point of view of the human body, such prevention is far better than the use of strong drugs such as "Viagra", having a plurality of contra-indications, and not always acting "as needed."

As a very simple tool, you can use the men's fragrance with the scent of ginger - it will be in good shape and improve potency.

If the reason for weak potency - reducing the level of male sex hormones, then you will gain a daily ginger tea or ginger tincture.

However, for a change, you can use ginger as a part of various medicinal compounds.

Ginger oil has long been renowned as a means to combat impotence.It is said that in a mixture of oils of cinnamon, coriander and rosemary, it works wonders.

Mix 3 drops of ginger and bergamot oil with 2 drops of cinnamon and 2 drops of coriander and use this "mixture winner" bath, massage, fragrance.

When taking a bath oil diluted in very hot water, to make it "open", and then add the required amount for a bath of warm water.For fragrance can be used 2 ~ 4 drops of the mixture of oils by adding them to water along with aromalampu.

Lemongrass and ginger to enhance vitality


Council.The remaining berries and ginger can pour boiling water again, but have to pour 0.5 liters of water and add 0.3-0.5 kg of sugar (to taste).Put on the fire, bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes.Pour the resulting jam in a jar.If you do not like berries and slices of ginger, it is possible to drain after cooling, to add a further 0.5 liters of water, add 0.5 kg of sugar, bring to a boil and pour into a bottle - the syrup can be used to flavor dishes.

Nourishing Cream "Hello, young»

tea with ginger to increase potency

Council.To make it more pleasant to have ( "no grains"), you can grind the ginger powder in a coffee grinder to powder state - then it is much better to connect with honey and will work harder.

Aloe juice with ginger to increase potency

Cut off the leaves of aloe tree to mature (age 3-5 years), clean fresh root ginger and grind in a meat grinder or a blender.Put in a thick linen cloth and carefully squeeze the juice.Mix this juice with honey and take 1 hour. L.2 times a day.

If you use ginger powder, it is necessary to pre-fill it with boiling water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and close lid.Allow to cool to room temperature, drain and mix with honey and aloe juice.In this case, the proportions are as follows: 1/2 tsp..ginger powder, 0.5 cups of water plus 100 g of aloe juice, plus 100 grams of honey.

Prevention of premature ejaculation

To cope with this problem, you will approach the tincture of ginger.Pour a tablespoon to a half of wine or water, to add 3-5 drops of ginger tincture and drink.Take 2 times a day with meals.

«winner oil»

This is a very ancient and effective remedy for impotence, the ancient rulers used it as the "oil does wonders."Today, Western researchers have proven that it has beneficial effects on the prostate and emotional state and therefore often helps with impotence different nature.

All these oils you can buy in a drugstore or to order from online stores.Mix the oil and use the "winner balm" for the bath, massage, fragrance.Try not to disturb the proportions.

can use incenses (2-3 drops of balm) for fragrance.In addition, you can add this to aromamedalon balm (balsam 1-2 drops).

For massage, mix the butter balm for massage (odorless) in 1:10.

To prepare the bath pour primerno1 / 4 bath of very hot water and drip back balsam that he "opened" and then add the required amount of warm bath water.

African lemonade

This is a drink that raises the tone and mood.It is recommended to drink in the first place men, but if your friend is tired, her bad mood or indifference, you can treat it and her lemonade.

Boil water.Fresh ginger root peel, grate and toss into boiling water.Add honey and lemon juice.Stir, cover and let stand until cool.Then you can drink 1 glass to improve mood, improve the tone and "combat capability".It can be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of not less than +4 ° C.

Sometimes I use another method of cooking - it turns a little taste of the other, and the lemonade is "pulpy", but to me this "lemonade" like it even more:

ginger rub or break the blender.Lemon wash and chop the blender too.Next, mix the chopped ginger and lemon, rub with honey until smooth and pour boiling water.Close, let stand until cool.Shake before use, so that the glass was not just lemonade, and the flesh.

Cream to improve education sperm

1/2 hours. L.grated fresh ginger root;

2 egg yolks.

boil hard boiled eggs (10 minutes), cool, cut and remove the yolk.Ginger grate better once in a saucer, which will prepare the cream, so as not to lose the juice flowing.

Grind spoon yolk and ginger until smooth.

can eat this cream during or after a meal, and you can add it as an additive to salads - it is possible to dilute it with 1 tsp..olive oil (based per serving).

To achieve sustainable impact, it is desirable to eat a single serving 2-3 times a week.It is advisable not to use alcohol in the days when you eat this cream.

Council.Each time is better to prepare a fresh batch of cream - Standing 6 hours, he will lose half of its strength, but the taste remains the same.

Cream to enhance sexual function

The benefits galangal and pistachios

Galangal - herbaceous plant of the ginger family.In Europe many centuries it was called "Russian roots."However, ginger and galangal are not interchangeable, because they have different properties.Externally, galangal root ginger differs from the reddish color.It is widely used in the alcoholic beverage industry for the refining of taste, in baking, with homemade kvass, Sbitnev, Braga, as well as the component parts of myrrh (aromatic oil used vtainstve anointing).Sales galangal can be found in the form of rectangular pieces of root, but more often in powder form - milled dried root.

Pistachio - wood, leaves and nuts of this tree is used in cooking, treatment and joinery already 2500 years.On its east is called the "tree of life".In Persia Pistachio revered as a symbol of wealth.Scientific evidence shows that pistachio nuts have a tonic effect, and is recommended to use in chronic fatigue and to strengthen male power.

Pistachio peel and grind or pound to a powder, add ginger and galangal.This mixture is then rubbed with a base and eat 1 times a day (preferably at dinner) during meals.

As a basis you can use butter or olive oil (1 tbsp. L.), Fatty cream (2 tbsp. L.) Fat sour cream (2-3 tbsp. L.)

You can add this cream as the filling in saladsor as a hot sauce to the main courses (one of my friends that rubs cream on bread, but such a "sandwich" seems too sharp for me).

can accept daily for a week, then take a break for a week or 2 times a week for a month, then too it is better to make a break for 2 weeks, after which the course can be repeated.

Sexual problems women

For women the use of ginger as a seasoning for dishes, a variety of drinks with ginger and especially ginger tea - a great opportunity to normalize weight, as well as always be attractive.

Sexual activity

Ginger increases blood circulation, and it is easily enters the pelvic organs, resulting in increased sexual activity is not only for men but also for women.Therefore, try to add ginger to your diet more often, especially before and during a romantic dinner.


• Pleasant aroma of ginger is good for the men, so you can use cosmetics and perfume with the scent of ginger.

• It is also very useful in salads ginger oil - Regular its use increases the excretion through the skin of specific compounds - pheromones that increase your attractiveness by almost imperceptible sense of smell, but very effective means of activating the feminine in women and men - havemen and aimed at attracting a marriage partner.

Shrimp for the treatment of frigidity

This recipe is preserved intact since ancient times - is still in China, he is considered to be the primary means of frigidity.

Peeled shrimp boil with the salt and cool.Red pepper on the tail and clean the seeds and grind in a blender or through a meat grinder.

Shrimp coat with pepper and put in a bowl, pour the wine and vinegar.Close the bowl and refrigerate.Marinated shrimp will be ready in 24 hours.

Drain the marinade and pull out the right amount of shrimp and serve as a snack or as a component of jewelry feeding dishes.


1. Yellow wine - is an ancient Chinese wine, which is still produced according to ancient recipes of rice or millet.In our stores, it is rare, so if you do not go to China, you can order it in reputable online stores.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.2 tbsp.l.l.1 tbsp.l.2 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.l.l.2 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.1 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.1 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 h. L.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.Shake before use.Take 1 tbsp.l.Take 1 h. L.Take 1 h. L.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.honey.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.Take 1 h. L.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.Drink 1 h. L.Take 1 tbsp.l.2 tbsp.l.l.Take 1 h. L.l.l.l.Take 2 tbsp.l.2 tbsp.l.1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.The course of treatment - 7-10 days.1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.1 h. L.l.Take 1 h. L.1 tbsp.l.l.Take 1 h. L.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.Take 1 tbsp.l.l.