Chicory diet

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Common chicory (Cichorium intyhus L.) - is a perennial plant of the family Asteraceae. So what's the chicory can help in losing weight? Benefits of Chicory diet that substances contained in it help to improve the body's metabolism, it helps rid the toxins.And also because of the presence of chicory inulin, there is blunting hunger, and of course we'll eat less, without causing feelings of defoliation and as a result our body will get fewer calories.

Chicory valuable plant among leafy vegetables.In the wild chicory grows almost everywhere: on the edges of roads, fields and vacant lots.This low plant (30-120 cm) with a straight branched stems, sharp-toothed leaves lanceolate, sitting in their sinuses beams beautiful blue inflorescences-baskets.plant root thickened, like a radish.

Chicory was widespread among the population of ancient Egypt and Rome as a vegetable.In Western Europe, this plant came later, but in the Middle Ages, it was commonly known.The first information on the use of chicory in Rus

sia dates to the beginning of the XIX century.In Western Europe and America escaroles widely developed in the culture.In our country, it has almost no spread.There are a few commercial plantations, which are the main suppliers of the roots.

roots contain up to 60% inulin, sugar, proteins, pectin, fat, choline, intibin glycoside (root gives a bitter taste), other resinous substance.The milky juice of the leaves and stems contain a bitter substance lactucin in flowers - glycoside tsikoriin.

From the roots can obtain fructose and alcohol, but their main function - natural coffee substitute or take him.

For tender and tasty green salad specially grown varieties of chicory.

Ways to use

herbs and roots of chicory used in medicine many people, and for medical purposes using wild chicory, which contains more bitter substances.

most common drugs of chicory is used as the bitterness to excite the appetite and improve the performance of the stomach and intestines, especially in gastritis, enteritis, colitis.Water infusions and decoctions have bile and diuretic effect, they are used to treat liver disease (jaundice, cirrhosis), gallbladder and kidney.

good diuretic effect noted in the treatment of a decoction of the roots or grass with roots in patients with edema of cardiac origin.

Chicory is considered a means of improving the metabolism.Its infusion appointed interior for skin diseases (skin rashes, acne, boils).Stronger infusions or decoctions are used externally as a wash and lotions for the treatment of chronic purulent wounds, ulcers, eczema.For external use infusions and decoctions, along with anti-inflammatory action of the plants are shown and antimicrobial properties of its volatile production.

in Central Asia for a long time pustular skin diseases, chronic ulcers treated ash chicory.There

and iceberg lettuce, chicory.This is the same root, chicory, but it is grown as a salad vygonochnyh when forcing in the winter it forms elongated and small heads of cabbage.First grown chicory root.In autumn dig up its roots, and stored until the winter, and in winter are planted in greenhouses.After landing chicory pour, and then poured on top of the ground or the sand layer 20 cm. After 3-4 weeks underground grow bleached kochanchiki elongated, their leaves are succulent and tender taste.This is a chicory salad.In its raw form it is eaten with vegetable oil, salt, vinegar.And yet it is delicious steamed or sautéed with mayonnaise, meat, butter.Learn more about the benefits of chicory look here.


Preparations of chicory helps to normalize the metabolism and reduce weight.In order to begin the process of losing weight you need to drink a decoction of chicory 3 - 4 times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals.After all, as you know, chicory has a bitter aftertaste, that affects our taste buds and have decreased appetite.

Infusion of herbs chicory

tea chicory

bath infusion of chicory for weight loss


Recipes with chicory

salad witloof and endive


salad of chicory and cucumber


Saladof boiled witloof

salad of endive with mandarin

salad of endive with lemon juice


salad of endive with vegetables and squid

salad of chicory with cheese sauce

salad radichchio

salad radichchio with cranberries and mozzarella


salad radichchio with fennel and oranges

salad radichchio and avocado


salad witloof with oranges, prunes and almonds


salad of endive with tomatoes

salad of endive with orange

salad of chicory withtomatoes and garlic

salad of chicory with fruit and cheese

sea salt

salad of chicory with crabs


vinaigrette with chicory

snack stewed chicory

Trout marinated with endive

Witloof with artichokes stewed in white wine

Witloof baked with apples and beef

Salad chicory chicory

clean cut at the base of the core, which gives the bitter taste of the salad.Cut the chicory into thin strips and tomatoes, pour vegetable oil, salt to taste and season with sugar, lemon or citric acid.One portion of this salad will need 350 g of chicory, 3-4 tablespoons of sunflower oil, lemon or citric acid or vinegar, 100 g tomatoes, salt, sugar.This salad can make a "coat" for the split herring.

chicory salad with green peas

Chicory clean cut at the base of the core.Cut the chicory into thin slices, add peas and young fresh grated apples.The mixture was put on a glass dish and garnish with radish circles.To make this salad requires 200 g of chicory, 3 ^ 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 100 grams of green peas, 100 g apples, salt, sugar, lemon, citric acid or vinegar.If the taste of bitterness in chicory expressed sharply, it is necessary to hold it in warm water for 15-20 minutes.Fresh leaves of chicory can be added to any salad of fresh vegetables.

chicory mayonnaise

Prepare mayonnaise: rub the yolks, add the vinegar or citric acid.According to pour a drop of oil, rubbing in the same direction.After thickening yolk oil can pour a thin stream until tender and rub mayonnaise.Prepared chicory clean, cored, cut into thin strips and mix with mayonnaise, put in a salad bowl and garnish with sprigs of parsley.To make this salapa need 350 g chicory, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, mayonnaise, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil, lemon or citric acid, salt, sugar.

salad in Lille

mushrooms Cut out of the ground chicory conical heart-blame.Two of the heads of chicory, divide the leaves, and the remaining two chop.Cut the chicory mix with spinach (chard), mushrooms and walnuts.Whisk mayonnaise, lemon zest and juice of 1 lemon, sour cream and applesauce.Connect a third filling with salad and toss.Serve salad on individual plates and garnish with chicory leaves.Serve remaining dressing separately.