rosehip oil use

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Laboratory oil

Outwardly at cracks and abrasions nipples of nursing women, with bedsores (necrosis of tissue caused by prolonged pressure on them by lying down without moving), trophic ulcers (slow-healing skin defects)shin, dermatosis (skin diseases), Ozen (stinking cold);enema for ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the colon).
rosehip oil contains unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, carotenoids, tocopherols and other fat-soluble vitamins.

rosehip oil has a tonic effect, stimulates the non-specific resistance of the organism, enhances tissue regeneration and synthesis of hormones that reduce the permeability of blood vessels, has anti-inflammatory, imunostimuliruyuschee and choleretic effect, which is caused by the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids.

protivorubtsovoe used as a remedy for all types: hypertrophic, hyperchromatic, kelloidyh, as well as in old scars.It helps with skin irritation caused by friction.

Helps in the treatment of

eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis;It helps with skin problems caused by radiotherapy (inflammation, darkening of the skin, actinic dermatitis).It is used for gingivitis, stomatitis, as well as cracked nipples, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, dermatitis;the perfect remedy for cracked skin.It restores the skin after burns.

applied topically for bedsores, trophic ulcers of the lower leg, dermatoses, Ozen, in ulcerative colitis (enemas).

rosehip oil has a tonic effect, stimulates the non-specific resistance of the organism, enhances tissue regeneration and synthesis of hormones, reduces vascular permeability is involved in carbohydrate and mineral metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating properties against humoral and cellular immunity.
high content of ascorbic acid makes the use of rose hips contraindicated in gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

high content of vitamin K, which increases blood clotting, making use of rosehip contraindicated thrombophlebitis, heart failure, endocarditis and 3 degrees.

Long-term use at high doses rosehip drugs can cause depression of insular apparatus of the pancreas, and withdrawal syndrome.
Side effects
Allergic reactions are possible.
Dosing and Administration
can be used in pure form, but is more often used as an additive in mixtures, not more than 10%.Good mixed with walnut base oils, such as hazelnut, and this mixture is used as the base.

outwardly.The wetted gauze is applied to the affected skin.When

Awzen moistened pads and introduce them into the nasal cavity 2 times a day.

the treatment of ulcerative colitis rosehip oil is introduced by means of an enema of 50 ml daily or every other day.

When dermatoses together with local drug treatment is taken orally 1 teaspoon 2 times a day.

the treatment of ulcerative colitis rosehip oil is introduced by means of an enema of 50 ml daily or every other day.

to treat dry eczema to provide greater effect on 10 ml rosehip oil, add 5 drops of lavender oil.

Two or three drops of rose hip oil, applied in the evening to cleansed face from cosmetics, to help prevent the formation of new wrinkles and smooth out existing wrinkles are shallow, and the skin will provide all the necessary nutrients.It is advised to put under the eyes
The best use of this oil - under the eyes and around the mouth.But it should be treated very carefully.In small amounts, apply to the desired position, or by adding to the oil-based, to create a mixture of massage.

scars and stretch marks - massage twice a day, the first results can be displayed in 4 weeks, significant improvements can be expected in 3-6 months.
possible manifestations of individual hypersensitivity to the drug.In this case, you should stop using the product.
pathological effects on the human body in the interaction of rosehip oil with other medicinal products were found.

taking the drug does not affect the reaction rate when driving and other mechanisms.
precautions when taking
not be used in pure form for oily skin and a tendency to acne, because the skin that is prone to acne, the oil can cause them increase.

the treatment of scars use rosehip oil is desirable, after wound dragged on, not recommended for use on open wounds.

Storage: In the dark place at a temperature no higher than 20 ° C.
Shelf life
24 months.

oil at home

To prepare rosehip oil, you must have the petals and the fruit of this plant, as well as sunflower or olive oil.

Use only fresh fruits, to prepare wild rose oil, because in the fresh fruit contains the highest amount of vitamin C and other nutrients.The best time to collect the harvest of wild rose - the end of August and beginning of September.The maturity of the fruit is determined by their skin.If the skin is soft and red, you are ready for harvest.Avoid using overripe berries.

Harvested fruits Wash and dry it in the oven or in the sun.If you dry the fruits of the sun, you'll need a few days, at the time, how to use the oven, you can handle for 8-10 hours.

dried berries have to grind in a coffee grinder to a powder.It can be used and whole berries, but the concentration of nutrients in this case will be much lower.

resulting powder is mixed with sunflower or olive oil, keeping the proportion of 1 to 3. Seat cover pot with the contents and put it in a cool dark place for 10-14 days.

After this time, the present oil boil over medium heat.Cool it, then strain and pour into a container.It is desirable that it was a piece of plate made of dark glass.

oil can be stored in a cool and dark place for several months.
In the same way you can prepare and wild rose oil from the petals.The effectiveness of this oil is not a bit lower than that of its fruit, besides the oil from the flowers of wild rose has a wonderful flavor.And the pitch do not require a long drying.The recipe of oils from rosehip flowers exactly like butter recipe from his fruits.


For home beauty salon will need to purchase a cosmetic oil rose hips, which is sold for mere pennies at any pharmacy.Explore several options of its application to choose what you will do at home is convenient.

1. Wiping pure

Moisten a cotton wool in the oil and wipe the face.It is recommended to do every day.

2. Adding in cosmetics.

Add a few drops of oil in the usual skin cream, lotion or a mask.In a teaspoon of funds - 3-4 drops.

3. Base aromatics

rosehip oil is the base of many medicinal aromatic blends for skin care.It goes well with esters rose, ylang-ylang, orange, lavender, patchouli, bergamot, neroli, chamomile.For example, mix a tablespoon of rosehip oil and wheat germ, and add to them 2 drops of essential oils of patchouli and geranium.

4. Massage means

Moisten fingertips in oil and pat "drive" into the skin, followed by a facial massage will be particularly useful.

5. Applications

for wounds and microcracks small pieces of tissue paper in oil to moisten and apply for 15 minutes to the damaged area.Can do 2-3 times a day.

6. yolk mask for dry skin

teaspoon of oil grind with two yolks.Hold on the skin for 10 minutes.

7. Oatmeal mask

Pour 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with boiling milk, cool, mix with one teaspoon of rosehip oil.

8. Vitamin cream for aging skin

The basis is better to take the usual "Children cream" (40 g), add aloe juice (one teaspoon), liquid vitamin B2 (10 drops), olive oil (20 drops) and oilfrom the hips (10 drops).

9. Oil Eye

in a tablespoon of rosehip oil to add vitamins A and E in liquid form (three drops).Apply morning and evening.

10. Application inside

It is known to improve the skin condition, it is necessary to treat the body from the inside.Therefore, to prolong youth and beauty is not superfluous to twice a day to drink a teaspoon of this tool.

Healing, rejuvenating, moisturizing, oil of rose hips for the face - you need a cosmetic in the fight against aging and dryness.It will quickly and gently work on tissues and cells, with each day transforming your skin and making it ever more radiant and beautiful.

Hair masks
1. Before applying this mask, it is worth remembering that it is not suitable for oily hair.It is used to restore dry hair and supply, as it is often used by dry dandruff.
This is a very simple and effective means for the hair will help restore and strengthen hair and return them to shine and beauty.

rosehip oil should be rubbed into the scalp and lasted about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water using shampoo.Also, another equally good option - is to add a wild rose in shampoo or hair conditioner.

For better effect, above the mask can be a variety of other beneficial ingredients.For example, after you rosehip oil rubbed into the scalp, the hair, apply themselves to the yogurt, and the hair wrap polythene and wrap a warm towel.After 40 minutes, rinse with warm water with a small amount of shampoo.
Rosehip hair mask

To make a mask from the hips to the hair you will need about 20 hips pour boiling water and put on a steam bath.In a steam bath rose hips should be about half an hour, then the broth to cool down.After cooling the broth is drained and added to it a tablespoon of lemon juice and the same amount of honey.Consistency should be thick mask, for that to your discretion, add a little flour and stir well.

2. The mask applied to unwashed hair for 20 minutes, then wash your hair with warm water using shampoo.Hair does not need to wrap with plastic or cloth, mask and so good effect on hair.Reviews, as well as about rosehip oil for hair and of broth from the hips to the hair - positive.To actually achieve noticeable results, you need to make regular poppies from the hips.
broth hips hair

For hair care, you can make a mask on the basis of broth from the hips, they are very well nourish and tone the hair.You will need two tablespoons of the broth from the berries mixed with a spoon of lemon juice and the same amount of oat flour.This mask is applied for 20 minutes before washing your hair, on the expiration of the specified time rinse and wash hair with shampoo.

also helps not only well decoction of rose hips, and broth hips leaves.It contains a complex of vitamins and biologically active substances.What will strengthen your hair, give them health and beautiful appearance.
3. Oil perfectly combines with the basic shampoos and balms hair.Add it all a little bit, and you will see how will shine and improves the elasticity of your hair.Stimulating the growth of hair mask on the basis of rosehip oil.All the following ingredients to mix.Rubbed into the hair roots to 1.5 hours.After rinse thoroughly.

rosehip oil - 1 teaspoon of onion juice
- 1 tablespoon liquid
Honey - 1 teaspoon
holosas (pharmaceutical preparation) based on hips - 1 tablespoon

4. Very interesting on the structure mask.The main purpose of it - it is a struggle with the secant and brittle hair.

Beer - 0,5
cup Egg yolk - 1 piece
Oil rose hips - 2 tablespoons

All need to mix and hold on the hair for 20-25 minutes before shampooing.

rosehip Thanks to the healing properties of rose hips, it is used for the prevention of premature graying.Primarily it stimulates hair growth and healing properties of rosehip protect pigment cells from damage.You have to stock up on fruits of wild rose in the winter, because in the winter time your hair is most in need of special care.To prepare wild rose, its fruits to dry in the shade and stored in a rag bag, throughout the winter, you can use it not only for the hair, but also for the recovery of the body.

In various diseases

First of all, rosehip oil - is an excellent natural cholagogue.Its useful to use with cholecystitis, hepatitis and other diseases associated with the deterioration of secretion process.

it positively affects the secretion of gastric juice, and therefore, it is recommended in various forms of gastritis.

believed that with regular use rose hip oil is a decrease the level of cholesterol in the blood.This is, firstly, is the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and secondly, helps to combat obesity.

rosehip oil is also useful in patients suffering from atherosclerosis, as it strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, while contributing to the resorption of existing ones.

In addition, as he rose, and preparations started on the basis thereof, is used as a means of fortifying and multivitamin in infectious diseases, vitamin deficiency, bleeding, burns and frostbite.In the latter two cases, rosehip oil can be used both internally and externally due to its unique ability to accelerate the healing of wounds, thermal burns, and even radiation injuries.

About wound healing properties of the oil should also be remembered in cases of stomatitis and gingivitis.It will not only contribute to a more rapid recovery, but also increases the protective properties of the oral mucosa.

rosehip oil is often recommended as nose drops in rhinitis, pharyngitis and other diseases of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.In some cases, instead of instillation, the nose is inserted for a few minutes gauze sponges soaked Dog rose oil, and then this procedure is repeated up to 5 times a day.

Nursing mothers rose hip oil can help with the problem of cracked nipples.

addition pronounced healing effect on the body, rosehip oil is an effective anti-depressant.His include in your daily diet to combat neurological disorders, for getting rid of uncertainty in their own abilities and in general to raise the mental attitude.