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August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Mussels - bivalves, filter feeders, very nutritious.Growing mussels in large families in the coastal rocks and you can meet them in almost all corners of the world's oceans.

Useful properties of these molluscs is difficult to overestimate, their chemical composition is so unique and can have a beneficial effect on the body, that people began to attempt to breed mussels artificially more than 800 years ago.Today mussels are bred on special farms, and from there they go on sale and at the processing plant of seafood.

Calorie and chemical composition

Below is the content of nutrients (calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 grams of edible portion.
Nutritional value
Calories 77 kcal Protein 11.5 g

Fat 2 g Carbohydrates 3.3 g

82 g saturated fatty acids 0.4 g Cholesterol 40 mg

Ash 1.6 g
Vitamin PP 1,6 mg
Vitamin A 0,06 mg
Vitamin A (RE) 60 mcg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 0.1 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
0.14 mg Vitamin C 1 mg of Vitamin
E (TE) 0.9 mg
Vitamin PP (niacin equivalent) 3.7 mg

Macronutrients Calcium 50 mg
Magnesium 30 mg Sodium 290 mg

Potassium 310 mg Phosphorus 210 mg

Sulfur 115 mg
Iron 3.2 mg
energy value is 77 kcal Mussels.


The mussels, as well as other seafood, contains about 20 polyunsaturated fatty amino acids, which play an important role in the prevention and treatment of a variety of serious diseases.These substances reduce cholesterol levels, reduces the likelihood of thrombus formation, prevents cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis, ischemia, infarction and so on.Useful amino improve fat metabolism in the body, thereby helping to reduce the body mass index.Due polyunsaturated acids, the mussels are used as effective prophylactic, prevents cerebral pathologies such as Alzheimer disease, etc.

This mollusc can be a panacea for those who have a predisposition to such severe and insidious disease like arthritis.Also, frequent consumption of mussels will help strengthen the immune system, to bring the body of harmful substances (including those that are accumulated when staying in the area with high radioactive background), restore skin, hair and nails attractive appearance, speed up the metabolism (and, consequently,help to lose weight), to improve the quality of the blood.

It should also be noted that after numerous studies, scientists have confirmed one more assumption: it turns out, bivalves can quite successfully resist cancer, preventing the emergence of a human malignant tumors.
Like all seafood, mussels increase the attraction and therefore recommended for use in cases where the couple had problems of a sexual nature.

Mussels in cooking

Drink mussels in a different form: boiled, canned, fried, etc.They can cook soups and main dishes, salads, and great snacks.With the popularity of our cereals and potatoes, they also go perfectly.The most common way of eating mussels - boiled: they simply boil until the shells flaps will not open, pour the lemon juice and eat.As such, the taste of the mussels is revealed most fully.

recipe soup of mussels with vegetables

You will need: 100g mussels, for 30g of potatoes and beans, carrot and 20g of butter, 15g at the root of parsley and onion, herbs, spices, and salt.

How to cook soup with mussels.Cook the mussels until they unfold, with a small amount of water.Separate the meat from the shells, cut and fry with vegetables, cut into medium-sized arbitrarily.Three water soaked beans, boil until tender.Broth bring to a boil, put the potatoes, boil for 10-15min, put the beans with the broth, vegetables, roasted mussels, soup boil until cooked, add spices and salt, crushed garlic to taste acuity.

The most popular appetizers of mussels include salads.The number of these recipes is huge - the mussels are perfectly combined with a lot of products.

Recipe Salad of mussels with cucumbers and apples

You will need: 2 pickled cucumber, 1 lemon and apple, ½ cans for canned mussels 1 tablespoonmayonnaise.

mussel salad with apples
Cut middle-sized apple cubes, put the mussels, chopped cucumber, grated lemon zest, salt the, sprinkle with lemon juice and mayonnaise, stir and serve salad as an appetizer.

salad recipe with vegetables and mussels

You will need: 1,2 kg mussels, olives 10-15, 4-5 sprigs of parsley, 4 tomatoes, 2 onions, 2 tbspvegetable oil, black pepper, lemon juice, salt.

Salad of mussels and vegetables
Rinse the mussels with a brush under running water, cook in boiling water.Separate the meat from the shells and mix it with sliced ​​tomatoes, parsley, onions, olives, pour the lemon juice, pepper and salt.

for filling any salad with mussels suitable olive or other vegetable oil, mayonnaise, sour cream and other traditional filling.
salad recipe mussels with rice

You will need: 600g mussels, 150g of dry rice, 1 egg, 2-3 tablespoonsvegetable oil, 1 tsp3% vinegar, tomatoes, bay leaf, dill, parsley, black pepper, salt.

salad with mussels and rice

Boil rice.Pour the mussels in cold water or milk, put the laurel, black pepper, salt and boil over medium heat for 20 minutes.Cool clams, separate the meat from the shells and cut.Stir in prepared foods, fill with oil, vinegar, pepper and salt.Make a salad tomato, egg and greens.

Marinated mussels

One of the most delicious dishes that can be cooked mussels - they just marinate.They obtained well, very tasty and cheaper stores.They can add and salad, and a slice of toast put, and just eat.We offer two versions of cooking.In the first case indicated otherwise than by vinegar marinade - with spices, white wine and lemon, in the second - with vinegar.And so, and so delicious.

Ingredients (Option 1): 0,5 kg mussels, vegetable oil - 2-3 table.lodges.,?lemon (juice), 150ml of dry wine (white), 1 zubochek garlic, 1 tsp.lodges.honey and prepared mustard, salt, pepper, 1 Lavrushka, a few sprigs of fresh dill and cilantro.

method for preparing

If using mussels frozen, defrost.
Prepare the sauce with spices, which are boiled mussels.To do this, boil the wine, put the garlic in it (no need to chop), bay leaf, pepper, lower the mussels and boil in about four minutes (the time to pinpoint a moment of boiling).Tilt in a colander.
Make the marinade.Finely chop the herbs, add the lemon juice, oil, pepper, mustard, salt.Mustard can take any example, French or spicy.
still warm mussels with leaf and garlic clove lavrushki shift in the marinade and let stand in the refrigerator for five hours.Marinate more comfortable in a glass jar or a deep bowl.By the way, just as you can marinate and shrimp.

Ingredients (Option 2): 0.5 kg of mussels, part-time cup of water, 1 table.lodges vinegar (9%), table 1.5-2.lodges.sugar, salt to taste.


Shellfish unfreeze.Water with salt, boil and boil in her mussels three or four minutes.
Make the marinade.On the palate, it should turn out sweet and sour.In a boiling water to dissolve the salt and sugar, pour the vinegar.In the hot marinade put mussels.An hour later, they are ready for use.You can put them in jars, which add a little vegetable oil.

Baked mussels

Baked mussels are not only delicious, but also look beautiful, especially if they are baked and fed directly into the sink.This dish is suitable for a festive table for a romantic evening.We offer two versions of cooking: in the first version seafood baked in shells with cheese, in the second - in the usual form of sauce.

Ingredients (Option 1): 0,5 kg mussels in shells, 2 tomatoes, 2 zubochka garlic, 50g butter, spices, 150g of cheese.

method for preparing

Mussels wash well, clean leaf and boil for ten to fifteen minutes.In the water you can add a bay leaf, spices if desired, and salt.During cooking, all the shutters to be opened.Those that remained closed, do not eat.Cooled shellfish divided into halves and carefully separate the meat, which should be put back into the shell.

Garlic crushed tomatoes not grated or blender.In each half to put a piece of meat, butter, a spoonful of tomato mixture, rub the cheese on top and bake for 20 minutes (180 ° C).

Ingredients (Option 2): 0.5 kg of mussels, pepper, cheese - 100g.Sauce: soft processed cheese - 100-150g, 200ml cream, 25g butter, 1 egg yolk, 1 table.boxes of flour, 3 garlic zubochka.

method for preparing

Mussels defrost, boil for three minutes in salted water, adding peppercorns (5-6 pcs.).

Prepare the sauce.Garlic crushed and put the remaining sauce ingredients.Stir better whisk or blender to avoid lumps.

Put mussels in a pan or form, pour the sauce.Sprinkle with shredded cheese and bake for 20-25 minutes (200C).

Mussels fried

Fried mussels - a simple dish to prepare, but elegant taste.For frying and cooking oil will, and melted butter.Nutritionists recommend a cream, which contains not less than 25% of vegetable fats.But it must be melted down at the beginning.Otherwise, in a frying pan harmful carcinogens can form when burning.

Ingredients: 0.5 kg of mussels, vegetable oil, 2 onions, salt, hot pepper, seasoning for seafood (or olive grass).

method for preparing

Onions chop into cubes and fry until golden.Add the mussels and cook stirring constantly five to seven minutes over medium heat.Season with salt, sprinkle with pepper, seasoning and remove from heat.Let it brew for a little under the hood.It can be served with rice, potatoes or as a separate dish.

Prepare meals of mussels for lunch and dinner on a regular basis, and a feeling of lightness will not take long.It is this - the most important seafood plus: having excellent taste, they are perfectly saturated with the body, but left with the feeling of lightness.Such products should be included in the diet of each striving for health and human longevity, that's why people eat mussels for more than 60 thousand years!


Since mussels serve as sea water filter, they passed through all the harmful substances and poisons in them remain.Print these poisons is almost impossible, therefore, not advisable to eat mussels in very large quantities, to avoid poisoning.
in no case can not eat mussels for people prone to allergic reactions and suffer from poor blood clotting.Allergies to these seafood is very rare, but it happens.If this happens, of course, you should immediately consult a doctor.