Red caviar useful properties

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Red caviar is obtained from several species of fish, which are combined under the name of salmon or "salmon".Taste have approximately the same and no longer depends on the type of fish, the quality of the workpiece.But the size of eggs is different.If you read on the bank, which is inside the pink salmon caviar, you get the classic taste and medium-sized eggs.If the bank says that it Kets caviar, you know that inside are the largest of all the pea red calf.If the label write sockeye roe, the caviar there is a small but tasty too.

known that we are presented with caviar fish - chum, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, trout and coho.As beneficial properties and composition of all the eggs are almost identical, differing only in size, appearance and taste.For example, chinook salmon caviar fish is the largest (diameter about 7 mm) and has a bright red color and bitter taste.Unfortunately, to get acquainted with the flavor of these giant eggs does not happen to us, due to the fact that the king salmon has long

been listed as endangered.

In second place is the size of chum salmon roe, which is the correct form of a sphere and a bright amber color.Earlier this caviar wore the title of the "royal", although it does not taste like much, but it is used mainly for decoration of dishes.

most versatile red caviar, which is in demand in the majority of consumers can undoubtedly be called caviar salmon - one of the most prolific fish species including salmon.Dark orange eggs of these fish reach 5 mm, the shell - not very dense.

sockeye salmon Red caviar does not differ in taste from salmon caviar, but the size is somewhat smaller (4 mm), and find it difficult due to the massive destruction of this species of fish.

have such a noble fish like trout caviar the smallest, which is a diameter of 2-3 mm.It is noteworthy that the color of its shell varies from pale yellow to deep orange.By the way, in recent years it is red trout roe mass enters the consumer market.

Do not forget also about a fish coho salmon, eggs which are not particularly in demand because of the small size and bitter taste.She even called the red, but actually has a burgundy color.

Use red caviar

favor of red caviar is easily explained, since the berry - it is nothing like an egg of fish, which contains all necessary that the inherent nature in order to fully develop the embryo.However, to obtain maximum benefit, this product does not necessarily exist in large numbers.A safe dose at which caviar use does not harm will result, according to about 2-3 sandwiches with caviar or 5 teaspoons per meal.

Eating caviar in reasonable doses - a great preventative tool to enhance immunity.In addition, the use of the gift of the sea has beneficial effects on vision and helps strengthen bones.Useful properties of red caviar substantiated ability to improve blood circulation, thus significantly reducing the risk of blood clots, and hence occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product Calories
red caviar - 245 calories.
Calorie sandwich with red caviar -110 kcal.
saturated fatty acids 2.4 g
Ash 7.4 g Cholesterol 310 mg

Water 46.9 g

Vitamins Vitamin PP (niacin equivalent) (PP) 7,8 mg
Vitamin E (TE) (E(TE))
3 mg Vitamin C (C) 2,4
mg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) (B2) 0,42
mg Vitamin B1 (thiamine) (B1) 0,55 mg
Vitamin A (RE) (A(SE)) 450 mcg Vitamin
PP (PP) 1,5
mg Vitamin A (A) 0,45 mg Minerals

Molybdenum (Mo) 4 mcg
Fluorine (F) 430 mcg
Iron (Fe)1.8 mg
Phosphorus (P) 490 mg
Potassium (K) 90 mg
Sodium (Na) mg 2284
Magnesium (mg) 129 mg
Calcium (Ca) mg 90

properties caviar:
1.protein: in the calf of his 32 g of 100, and it is not absorbed as meat - long lying in the stomach, and very quickly, within an hour.And besides, this protein also "elite varieties" becauseIt consists of a full spectrum of essential and nonessential amino acids (ie, scarce).So after eating caviar in exchange substances include various "sleeping" areas.Man perceives this as a burst of energy;
2. Iodine: This trace mineral is important for the prevention of thyroid disease;
3. Polyunsaturated fatty acids: they derive from the body fats, which lead to the development of atherosclerosis - a disease of old age.This disease develops in virtually all people, but some faster, others - slower.If you frequently eat caviar, the appearance of atherosclerosis can be delayed;
4. Vitamin A: on the effect similar to vitamin C (helps remove toxins immunity, strengthens blood vessels, improves eyesight), but, unlike him, is able to accumulate.Therefore, roe is useful to anyone who wants to strengthen his immune system, quickly recover from illness and strengthen the vision;5. Vitamin D: takes participate in the formation and strengthening of bones.It is especially useful for pregnant women and nursing mothers to prevent rickets in children;
6. Vitamin E: it is called sex hormone because it normalizes metabolism in the gonads, and in addition, rejuvenates and detoxifies cells from adipose tissue.Therefore, vitamin E is useful in sexual weakness.

harm caviar

Despite the universal adoration and numerous beneficial properties of red caviar, we should mention a few important points that you should consider using this food product.Thus, the sodium, which is in the red caviar, retains fluid in the body, which leads to disruption of the metabolic processes.

Pronouncing these two magic words - red caviar - we first imagine a sandwich with fragrant white bread and soft butter, is not it?And it does not want to think about that at a sufficiently high calorific value of red caviar in this form we use is quite heavy (although very tasty) food for the stomach.Oh, and do not forget: in order not to face the possible harm of red caviar, it has to be, above all, excellent quality.
Falsified red caviar can contain dangerous preservative - methenamine (E239), it is added to eggs, to prolong its shelf life.Urotropin not so bad himself as a product of its decay - formaldehyde.In an acidic environment, and under the action of enzymes, methenamine decomposes to form toxic substances.Already after a couple of months of storage E-239 it is completely transformed into a high-speed cellular poison - formaldehyde (formalin).Accumulating, it can affect the nervous system, liver, kidneys, and adversely affects the health of the eye.

Manufacturers claim that the amount of hexamine in red caviar does not exceed 1 gram per kilogram, and if you do not eat it with spoons, this concentration of the harmful substances are not capable of causing harm to the body.

How to distinguish real from artificial eggs?Artificial

Production eggs can make algae, alginic acid, salts, dyes, preservatives, food additives.The easiest way to distinguish between eggs to taste.Artificial variant is more salty, as opposed to natural.These eggs burst in the mouth and felt salty moisture on the tongue.Natural smell of fish roe, but in moderation, and gives much artificial flavoring.
There is another way.For the experiment, you need to take very hot water (hot water), throw it a few eggs.Artificial eggs is dissolved in water, and natural can be a bit pale.