Oats for weight loss

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Oats for weight loss use is very useful, especially in diets that do not severely limit the daily diet.
And here is the recipe for weight loss.This recipe refers to a mono-diet.Within 7-10 days lyuby have allowed oat products, but it is highly desirable that they are on water.Oatmeal can either cook or add water and infuse for 12 hours.

This diet improves the general condition of the skin, removes toxins, reduces the amount of bad cholesterol, helps the stomach.If you find it difficult to maintain such a strict diet, then instead of water, sometimes you can use milk, and breakfast porridge to add a small amount of dried fruit.Throughout the diet should be more fluid.Plain water is 1.5-2 liters per day between meals.

Calorie oatmeal eliminates the feeling of hunger for a long time.As a result of this diet, you will lose 3 to 5 kg per week.pre-cleaning is recommended to enhance the effect.
For example, for 10 days to carry out the purification using rice.To this end, the evening is filled with one lite

r of cold water 4 tablespoons of rice.In the morning on a slow fire to boil rice kiseleobraznogo state, which takes about an hour.Kissel drunk, and then can not be for five hours nothing to eat or drink.If the habit is so strong thirst, what to do, a little water will have to afford.

preliminary purification can be carried out instead of rice jelly eating oatmeal broth.

not only for weight loss, but also for general health and strengthen the body and improve the tone is good oat diet.Well, as a means for weight loss, oatmeal diet really can work wonders.It is necessary to overcome itself, withstand limit, increase your daily activity, and you can forget what it means to live with excess weight, and begin to enjoy life!
Oats contains a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins to replace some products.You can eat oatmeal with dried fruit for breakfast, it is one of the most useful.If you want to lose weight, you need to tune in to a healthy diet with a low glycemic index.
Oats contain amino acids that are similar to human muscles, so they are well absorbed, making the prevention of the body and help to keep the nervous system is normal.

Oats has eleven percent of the fiber, it is called beta-glucan, which has properties:

-ponizhaet selection
gastric -nalazhivaet the gastrointestinal tract
- lowers blood sugar
- contains toned entire body
- controlsexchange
fat - decreases the amount of insulin produced

and all these positive properties in the same crops that you can buy anywhere and take in order to not only lose weight but also to keep the whole body healthy.

Broth oats slimming

We need to take 2 cups of oats (you can buy it on the market, which sells animal feed).
Oats should be thoroughly washed under running water (cold) and pour 1 liter of water.It is better to do it at night, because the press will have 12 hours.
morning infusion bring to a boil in an enamel pan, reduce the heat and "torment" under the lid closed and a half to two hours.It is important to monitor the water and refilled slowly.
Strain oats rub through a sieve, mixed with liquid, bring to a boil and steamed for another half hour.
cooled oat broth diet is poured into a jar and store in the refrigerator.To improve the flavor in the broth, you can add a spoonful of honey and a few drops of lemon.

How to take:

course duration of each determines for himself.Average - 10 to 30 days.Drink the broth in the form of heat for half a cup before meals.The duration of the adoption of the broth depends on how much you want to lose weight.In any case, the harm will not bring the oats.

Infusion of oats for weight loss and for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Oats powder - 2 tbsp.lodges.
Boiling water - 0.5 liters

Whole grain oats, rinse, dry on a napkin and a coffee grinder to grind on.Put in a thermos and pour boiling water.Let stand for about three hours.Take on an empty stomach with 150 ml.

decoction of oats slimming

oats - 1 cup
Purified Water - 1 liter

This decoction prepared quite simply.In the evening, wash grass, fill it with water and leave it until morning.In the morning all this bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and tormented about a half hour.Then, remove the broth from the heat and give cool.After that, kill all in a blender, bring to a boil and let stand for about forty minutes.All broth ready.To drink a decoction of oats should be three times a day, one hour before meals.

Broth with sprouted grains oats slimming

sprouted oats - 1 cup
Water - 3 cups

To prepare it, you need to put in a crude oats wet gauze and leave for a few days until it germinates.Then sprouting oats, add water, bring to a boil and simmer very low heat for about two hours.The prepared broth cool and strain.Drink it should be fasting for forty minutes before a meal for two weeks.To be most effective for decoctions and infusions for weight loss, you should connect another low-calorie diet and, while excluding from the diet of fatty, sweet and bakery products.

Oatmeal broth for rejuvenation

Purified water - 3 liters
Oats not peeled - 3 cups

in a given amount of water put grass, bring to a boil and tormented for half an hour on low heat.Then it all pour into a thermos and leave to infuse for a day.Filter, add 1 lies.honey and again bring to a boil.Accept 100 ml.for 20 min.before meals.You can add a little lemon juice.The recommended course of ten days - in the spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Cleansing oatmeal cocktail

It is prepared by adding to the broth oat variety of fresh juices, the proportion of 1: 1.For a taste, you can add a little lemon juice and 1 hour. The lodges.honey.
Contraindications to the use of whole-grain oats

♦ Food intolerance
♦ Ulcerative colitis
♦ Diverticulitis
♦ Osteoporosis
♦ irritable bowel
♦ Intestinal obstruction

If you use a decoction of oats on a regular basis, especially when combined with exercise and proper diet,the problem of excess weight loss and desired extra Zhirkov waist happen quickly and without health problems.