Pineapple Diet

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

early as 1981 with the pineapple was able to extract a miracle enzyme bromelain.That he is obliged pineapple its many medicinal properties, including - the ability to burn fat.Everyone rushed to eat pineapple in its pure form and add it to a variety of dishes: salads, pastries and especially to fatty meat.But further research is somewhat corrected the prevailing opinion of the tropical fruit.Pineapple really helps to digest food faster and prevents the accumulation of excess weight.Here it is all due to the fact that bromelain breaks down proteins, and only them.But on the fat fruit affects a very small extent.But do not rush to be upset: protein foods (meat, fish, legumes) actually faster and easier to digest if you finish the meal pineapple juice or a piece of fresh fruit.


pineapple 100 g pineapple contains only 85 grams of water, 48 calories, 11 g carbohydrates, 0.4 g protein and 0 grams of fat.In half a glass of freshly squeezed pineapple juice contains 41 calories.Even in pineapple, as

well as any other fruit, there is a useful fiber.

There is one recipe
quick weight loss within 3 days when you can eat only pineapple and manages to throw up to 5 kg of excess, but it is for those with reduced acidity and they are not threatened izzhega and sit on pineapple pleasure tasty andhelpful and really do not have hunger in three days anyway pineapple bored.

You can use an option pineapple diet or try to imagine such a simple and effective recipe for weight loss with pineapple: the fetus is necessary to cut off the top, peel the flesh from the kink through a meat grinder and add 0.5 liters of vodka.The mixture was put on one or two weeks in the refrigerator.Then take a tablespoon three times a day for 10-15 minutes before or during a meal, as well as at night.One portion of this tincture will last for three weeks.But not just to maintain weight, but also to lose weight, you should stick to a healthy diet.You can also take a daily vitamin drink for weight loss and prevention of colds.To do this, grind in blender 100 g of pineapple and add a little lemon juice.

discharge pineapple day

discharge day pineapples - a one day a week, for which you eat 1 kg of bright fruit, divided into 3-4 portions.Normal is for that day to lose 0.5-1 kg of excess weight.

three-day diet pineapple

This diet is very simple to lose weight.3 Prepare pineapple, as well as your favorite berries, fruits and vegetables (except bananas and potatoes), and we eat them for 3 days, divided equally into 3-4 servings per day.You also need to drink plenty of pure water, so you will clean your body.

Pineapple-protein diet

Besides fasting days and diet can be short isprlbovat pineapple-protein diet, designed for two weeks.At this time there except pineapples can also be meat, mushrooms, savory vegetables and fruits.

exemplary diet pineapple diet and menu for the day:
1. 600-700 g of pineapple;
2. 200-300 grams of meat or mushroom;
3. vegetables or fruit.

Meat should be lean (rabbit, veal, turkey).Suitable as pork tenderloin but without the fat.

marinate meat before cooking it in the pineapple juice to fruit enzymes that make the meat soft.

You must completely remove any fat, and to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates.For 2 weeks of this diet, you will get rid of 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight.

Slimming useful only fresh pineapple or fresh.Under the influence of high temperatures bromelain breaks down and loses its properties.Another important clarification: eat pineapple diet is necessary along with a rigid core, which, in fact, it contains bromelain and.Well, you need only to choose ripe fruit quality: with a pleasant and sweet smell, a yellowish crust with no dark spots.And to keep a tropical fruit should be at or below 7 C.
Some researchers have made a sensational conclusion: bromelain, not only does not help weight loss, but on the contrary, contributes to weight gain!The fact that less than half of the fat consumed is not split, and happily goes down the drain.If bromelain promote recycling exits that disintegrate in the stomach fats into glycerol and fatty acids, and then absorbed into the bloodstream.As a result, bromelain add to our daily diet of 140-310 calories of pure fat.So the choice is yours!