Millet useful properties

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Millet - the name of the cereal obtained from millet, one of the oldest cultivated plants. Common millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) - an annual plant of the family grass with leafy stem from the root, leaves with a hairy vagina, spreading panicles, filmy weevil.

Millet - one of the oldest cultures.In China it is cultivated for many centuries BC.Before the spread of the culture of rice, millet was considered the main crop and the main dish on the table.In those days it was used for food, not only in China but also in India, Asia Minor, the Balkans, as well as in ancient Greece and Rome.Distributed millet culture was in Europe, until it is not pushed out of potato crops and grain crops.In Russia, millet cultivated in arid regions of the Volga, Central Black Earth region.


In millet 81% starch, 12% protein, 3.5% fat, 1% fiber, vitamin B, minerals.It is greater than in other cereals, the potassium salts.Good taste, high nutritional value, as well as potassium in Millet make it necessary to suppl

y the people with cardiovascular disease, patients with atherosclerosis, as well as people suffering from constipation.

Millet - an indispensable food for people suffering from digestive diseases (pancreatitis), liver disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, allergy.
This cereal is a grain product that is recommended to use for people operating heavy mental work and physical activity.Contained in the product extremely slowly digestible carbohydrates, which prevents sharp increase the level of sugar present in the blood.Many doctors recommend to include in the diet of people who are trying to reduce weight and those who suffer from diabetes.

Fight weight reduction millet porridge is particularly useful, as it provides the body saturation.It can be combined with vegetables that have low levels of calories, such as pumpkin or carrot, this dish will enrich the body with valuable substances, and thus the feeling of hunger will not be back soon.It will contain from 250 to 300 kcal.
In millet contains B vitamins (B2 and B5), which beneficially affect the skin and hair.If the grits are regularly included in the diet, it is possible to get rid of various problems with the hair, in particular with the occurrence of dandruff.
In addition, these vitamins play an important role in muscle recovery, so the millet is recommended to include in the diet of athletes and ordinary sports fans.This is a common problem, as constipation associated with use of a small fiber, also solved by introducing into the diet of millet porridge.Sometimes advised to pursue her fasting days, but usually the person is enough for breakfast or dinner porridge to adjust your digestion.In addition, Pshenko - a real "favorite" cardiologists.This is one of the few grains that are rich in potassium and magnesium, trace elements, the use of which is an indispensable element supporting cardiac rehabilitation program.

Dishes from millet poorly digested stomach with low acidity.Porridge from millet useful to those who are prone to obesity, because of it not store fat, because fat millet uses to digest itself.Millet is a good effect on blood pressure in hypertension are advised to eat it in the morning for breakfast.Millet porridge able to excrete antibiotics, so it is good to eat during treatment with these drugs.

Despite a number of useful components, the use of wheat in large quantities is contraindicated for people with low acidity of the stomach and suffering from colon inflammation.It can be attributed to the fact that this cereal to the harmful properties contains substances that prevent iodine absorbed by the thyroid gland, so if hypothyroidism is not advisable to use this type of porridge.Attention!Large quantities of millet porridge are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Our grandparents knew how to cook millet variety of delicious and healthy dishes: tykovnik, Krupenik pancakes.Kashi of millet made with cream cheese, prunes, pumpkin


millet porridge with prunes

millet porridge with cream cheese


millet porridge with pumpkin

Porridge "Amber" (millet with apples)

boyar porridge (millet with raisins)