Prunes Diet

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Prunes - is the fruit of a plum in a dried form.It has a sweet and sour flavor pleasant shade.Prunes - dried fruit awesome!Suffice it to include it in your diet at least 3 times a week - and you decide many problems: the overweight and digestion, and with a lack of vitamins and minerals.
turns prunes able to deliver us from 3-4 kilograms in just a few days of its use in food due to its unique properties.

Prunes - it has long been known remedy for weight loss and health improvement.And the thing contained in it unique dietary fibers that promote the normalization of bowel activity.As a consequence of the body removes harmful toxins, toxins and the body begins to get rid of the extra kilos.

Prune is one of the most effective antidepressants for losing weight.If losing weight is difficult for you, not only physically, but also emotionally safely eat prunes, without worrying for your figure and mood!On the beneficial properties of prunes look here.

Eating prunes you get rid of the constant feeling of hu

nger is stalking you, it is very important for weight loss, saturating the body with energy and preventing break due to constant psychological pressure.

Additionally, prunes contain a sufficiently large number of calories, and therefore helps to not feel hunger pangs during the slimming process.

How to use prunes slimming ?

There are two popular methods of using this unique dried fruits for getting rid of accumulated kilos.

first option - a three-day mono-diet, during which must be made within three days to eat every three hours, 4-5 berries.In addition, you can drink the water in any amount (this will increase the effect of diet because fiber swells in the stomach and starts to work like a brush, sweeping up everything in its path).The total weight loss at a rapid diet is up to four kilograms.

second option provides more long-term use of prunes for weight loss, but not in pure form, as well as specially prepared infusion.

To this 300 grams of dried fruit you must pour 2 liters of water, and possibly to add a couple of tablespoons of buckthorn bark.The mixture cook on low heat for about an hour, then pour into it 100 grams of rose hips and boil for another 45 minutes.Give broth brew for 8-10 hours, strain and drink every day before going to bed for 1/3 cup.The course of therapy in this case - at least one month.

diet with prunes 4 days

proposed diet lasts four days, while for the time being, you can not lose weight strictly limiting the power of 3-5 kg.
first day

Breakfast: figs, dried apricots (any choice of 2-3 pcs.), Boiled egg, a glass of black coffee without sweeteners, 3-4 pieces of prunes.
Lunch: soup without the addition of potatoes, grain or rye bread (a slice), 8 pieces of prunes, green tea is not sweet.
Dinner: lean fish, boiled egg, tea and grapefruit.

second day

Black coffee, a slice of cheese durum, 3 prunes things.
Lenten soup, a slice of rye bread, 80 grams of boiled beef, green or black tea without sucrose, dried apricots - 3 pieces.
Fresh vegetable salad and tea.8 pieces of prunes.

Day Three

Sandwich of corn bread, lean ham and cheese, prunes five pieces, black coffee.
Vegetable soup, rye bread, tomato, two dried plums, stewed fruit.
With a strong sense of hunger, you can make a snack: an apple and two prunes.
Slice grain bread, milk and 250 grams of dried plums 8.

fourth day

oat meal on the water or milk fat, 3 fruit dried fruit, black coffee with no sugar added.
not containing potato soup, rye bread, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, low-fat cottage cheese, fruit compote.
sandwich with ham and cheese, the infusion of raisins, dried apricots, eight pieces.

diet yogurt and prunes

Kefir with the addition of prunes gives a great effect on weight loss.On this "dish" you can spend a day or two in a row without any harm to his health.To do this, mix the ingredients in a blender at a ratio of 8 - 10 pieces of prunes (pitted) per liter of yogurt.

In order to slow but steady weight loss, you can replace daily meals in the evening drinking kefir with prunes.
Prunes as a sugar substitute

We all love sweets.Chop the prunes pieces and add to the blender and baked desserts instead of sugar.

for bowel cleansing
From time to time I use prunes for bowel cleansing.
For this procedure, you need to stock up on:

figs (dry) - 100 g
prunes - 100 g
dried apricots - 100 g
hay (grass) - 100 g Nuts

grind in a meat grinder.A grass steamed in 1.5 liters of boiling water for 3 hours.After 3 hours, the grass combine with dried fruit and leave for another hour at 5 - 6 in a warm place.Then the whole mixture can be kept in the fridge put.

Take the night before eating one tablespoon.

Nutrient mixture

During the diet is always terribly want sweet, and many do not stand up and frustrated.Therefore it is necessary to resort to various tricks and try to trick the brain.Eat prunes during the weight loss is necessary not only to deceive the brain, but also to make up for supply missing nutrients which the body loses during a diet.

Peremel in a meat grinder prunes with nuts and add the honey.Nuts can use any.You can also dream up and add to the mixture any more dried fruits (of your choice).

Tablespoon a perfectly yummy interrupt the hunger and will not be broken during dieting.As well as nourish the body with essential nutrients.

effective diet
quite easy to carry, because it is.It does not require severe restrictions.Within a month (can be longer) need to pour 1.5 liters of boiling water the night 10 stuff prunes, dried apricots 15 and half teaspoon of cinnamon.Drink the infusion during the day instead of tea.And so every day.Prunes helps cleanse the body and establish the bowels.The more superfluous kg, the better the result.

Prunes Diet with buckthorn


Prunes - 300g;
buckthorn bark - 50g;
Rosehip - 100g (can be replaced with 250ml of finished syrup);
water - 8 glasses.

water put on the fire, poured into it prunes and buckthorn, after boiling, cook them on low heat for 25 minutes, once added to the composition rosehips and boil for another 45 minutes.Then the pan is covered with a warm cloth and leave to infuse overnight.In the morning filter and storing them in a cool place.To drink the drink of 100 ml daily, preferably in 21 hours.This time is necessary to observe because morning usually will urge the toilet.It is desirable that this happened early in the morning rather than driving to work.If the chair is too thin, and in the gut discomfort, this recipe is not for you.

Prunes diet with hay


Prunes - 400g;
Apricots - 100g;
Raisins - 100g;
Rosehip - 100g (can substitute ready syrup - 100g);
figs - 200g;
Senna -50g (chopped herbs);

Preparation This recipe is very simple: all the dried fruits rinse under running water, dry and lightly to scroll through a meat grinder together with the hay.Add honey to taste, mix and store the drug in the bottom of the refrigerator.This hearty and healthy diet composition can be used as a tool for handling days.During such discharges need to drink a lot of water - up to one and a half liters, to slag be displayed together with the liquid, and not stagnate in the body.

Prunes with senna

Prunes - 400g;
Apricots - 400g;
Honey - 200g (preferably liquid);
Alexandria sheet - 1 pack.

dried fruit mince together with senna, add honey and mix well.Take 1 h. L.for dinner, washed down with warm boiled water.

Prunes Diet Chicken

If you really want to pamper yourself, you can eat a salad that will not harm during a diet.For him, we need the following products:
boiled chicken breast - 300g;
Prunes - 200g;
Walnuts - 100g;
Garlic - 2 cloves;
Parsley, dill - to taste;
Lemon - 1 pc;
Salt and light mayonnaise - to taste.
boiled breast cut into strips desirable.Prunes rinse well, also good to steam, remove seeds and cut into strips also.Walnuts potoloch tolkushkoy, green chop.Garlic can be chopped, can be crushed.Then, all the products mix, squeeze the juice from the lemon and sprinkle them a salad, top to impose mayonnaise - salad is ready.As decoration, you can use prunes.We remember - what it is, the better.For those who are not on a diet, you can put more of walnuts and they also decorate the salad.

Prunes Diet: medical opinion

In terms of nutrition in eating dried fruit is not anything harmful.Prunes useful, helps to combat vitamin deficiency, fill fiber deficit, which is experiencing the vast majority of today's inhabitants of the planet, it also helps to cleanse the intestines.

But, nevertheless, you need to use it wisely.The best option, doctors say, will fasting days on prunes and regularly adding it to salads or use as an alternative to sweet desserts.

With regard to the proposed mono-diet, it should be used with caution, as too strong cleaning effect often makes it impossible to stay in these days in public places.Yes, and a three-day absence in the protein food is not the most favorable impact on the condition of the body.

But the infusion of prunes and rose hips can really be an excellent prevention of excess weight, get rid of edema and normalize the water-salt metabolism.But to use it all the time is not necessary - enough will receive two monthly courses throughout the year.

use prunes slimming - a good option not only for weight loss, but also as its prevention.Also, it will help avoid depression and easier to move even the most strict diet.


Before taking prunes, in diabetes, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.
take a great interest dried fruit not recommended for people with diseases of the stomach and liver.
And also prone to indigestion, you can not take it in large quantities and often.Nursing mothers
prunes contraindicated, as it can cause gastric disorders in infants.