Celeriac useful properties

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celery (Apium graveolens L.) - biennial plant family umbrella.In the first year of life forms rosette of leaves and roots, in the second - flower stem and seeds.

In the culture of the three species are common: root, stemmed and leaf (the latter two varieties of root crops do not form).Stemmed celery bred for thickened petioles and leaf - for the tender leaves.Leaf celery is often called the "shear".

root forms a round brown roots 8-12 cm in diameter and weighing 400-600 g They are well preserved until spring, small tubers can be used for distillation of green in winter.

have petiolar coloring celery stalks greenish-yellow or dark green.Leaf celery forms a powerful rosette of leaves.

autumn and winter, it can be used for forcing green.Homeland Cultural celery is Mediterranean coast, where it is found close to it a wild appearance.Widespread in the fields and gardens in Europe was in the XVIII century.Currently it cultivated in Asia and Africa.Dilute it in Russia and Latvia.

Calorie and composition

According to the content of nutrients is one of the first places among the vegetables and calorie per 100 g of the product is only 13 kcal., In the leaves about 80% of ascorbic acid, 7 mg% carotene, 50 mg% of vitamin B40-100 mg% of vitamin B and vitamin PP.The celery

found vitamin U (desired ulcer patient), contains other components: asparagine, tyrosine, sugar, mannitol, pectin.

It is rich in calcium salts, magnesium, iron and especially potassium, has a diuretic effect (in the leaves and stalks him in 11 times more than in root vegetables) 100 g of celery contains the following amounts of vitamins (mg%): Carotene - 0.015, vitaminE - 2,600 vitamin K - 0,100 vitamin C - 0,036 vitamin C - 0,070 vitamin PP - 0,900 vitamin C - 8,250 vitamin C - 8,250.100 g celery amount of mineral substances (mg) reaches the following values: sodium - 77.7, potassium - 321.0, magnesium - 9.3, calcium - 68.0 iron - 68.0, phosphorus - 80.0,iodine 2.63.

Celery leaves of dark green color, the plant develops up to 100 delicate leaves.From domestic varieties best for growing on the windows, balconies, porches, loggias should be called Apple, Gribovsky, Delicatessen, snow globe and others.

Medicinal raw materials are roots and grass.

plant blossoms in the second year, forming a high spike - umbrella.The flowers are small, inconspicuous.

♦ Placement - on light boxes.Until germination the temperature should be between 20 - 25 ° C.After germination temperature is reduced to 14 - 15 ° C.

♦ Planting and care.Sowing the seeds of celery held for 60 - 80 days before transplanting to a permanent place.Seedlings of celery, usually at the end of January, planted in small boxes or clay pots.The scheme of planting 10 - 15 cm between rows and 3 - 5 cm between plants.

soil for planting celery should be rich in nutrients with high humus content.All agricultural machinery celery growing in room conditions similar to cultivate parsley.

♦ Pests and diseases - an umbrella mole, cumin moth damage inflorescence and immature seeds.Carrot psylla bleeds the leaves, so that they curl and die.Of the diseases causing considerable damage to celery white rot, black rot (Alternaria).

♦ Reproduction - seeds.

in the garden usually grown celeriac, although he has a long growing season.At first it sown in boxes (in February) or plant seedlings.There is also a wide stemmed celery petioles without roots, cultivated in France and England, as well as leaf celery.Celery likes all types of heavy soil nutrient.The soil can not be pereudobryat nitrogen, in order to root crops do not form undesirable nitrates.Celery leaves are used as a spice, and the root - like vegetable.The leaves can be dried and.


Identify the beneficial properties of any kind of celery is not easy.They do not have numbers and edges!Just look substances that are included in the celery, and all will become clear.

Celery - a valuable food plant, has a beneficial effect on human health.It rejuvenates the body, increases vitality, helps to get rid of obesity and neurosis.Fresh juice or infusion of celery stimulates the appetite and improves digestion.The value of celery is that it contributes to the normalization of impaired water-salt metabolism, especially in obesity and rheumatism.Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, promotes deep and restful sleep.It helps and celery in diseases of the kidneys and bladder, prevents the formation of stones.Celery and effective as a means of stimulating the secretion of sex hormones.In folk medicine, celery used against infertility and impotence.

Celery significantly stimulates the kidneys, increases blood flow to the genitals, stimulates appetite, affects the body as a whole is positive.It can be used, and patients with diabetes.

from salt deposits.

it is useful in gout, allergic urticaria and dermatitis: 1-2 teaspoons freshly squeezed juice root advised to take 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

When skin diseases and treatment - purulent wounds and ulcers applied externally fresh chopped celery leaves or ointment.For washing lotions and make an infusion of the roots.

1. A large number of minerals and vitamins contribute to the fact that:

• celery recognized as an excellent antiseptic, a powerful immunomodulator;it can increase the body's resistance against colds and infectious diseases;
• celery lowers blood levels of stress hormones;
• Celery helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

2. Potassium - for people who are unable to balance the fluid in the body, acts as an excellent stabilizer due to mild diuretic action.

3. Sodium - the enemy of calcium excess in the body, which tend to be deposited in the form of salts in the joints, walls of blood vessels and cause not only discomfort during flexion, and pain.

4. Magnesium - an invaluable assistant to those who are predisposed to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alcoholism.

5. Essential oils - a good barrier in the fight against cancer.

6. Iron - nourishing blood, hemoglobin is the controller.

7. A unique set of proteins, vitamins, acids and minerals - a friend and companion to people who seek to preserve youth and beauty for years to come.

Celery - one of the few vegetable plants, which is used from inches to roots, both in fresh and in dried form.
The most popular, of course, have leaves, stems and roots of celery fresh.They are much softer, juicier and more tender than the corresponding part of fresh parsley.However, in the dried form in the percentage of nutrients celery not reduced.
chemical composition of plants, rich in vitamins and minerals, making it a popular choice in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, such as in folk and traditional medicine.
Useful oil, which is so rich in celery seeds, widely used in perfumery.
Best of all, if your table all year round is celery.Because the most useful properties, no doubt, has a plant in its raw form.
Celery leaves provide invaluable support to the heart muscle, are used in the treatment of gout and rheumatism.Celery effect on blood formation processes, water-salt metabolism, so it is very useful for the elderly.Diuretic properties of plants make it a success in the treatment of urinary tract diseases.
Wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties of celery have been applied in folk medicine for the treatment of purulent wounds and ulcers.

Application celery least popular:
He has a positive effect on cleansing the body and strengthening the immune system.
Many women love him for a rejuvenating effect.
celery root involved in the prevention of a vast number of diseases associated with the activity of the kidneys and liver and nervous system.
Celery root normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.
roots of celery are part of modern diets, helping the body to get rid of obesity.
recovered on celery is simply impossible: a combination of low calorie and high proportion of fiber, which is part of the plant, prevents hunger.

Celery juice is not inferior to the usefulness of the roots and leaves.It is used in combination with other agents:
for the treatment of urolithiasis,
to improve the secretion of gastric juice,
relief of allergic reactions,
for removing toxins from the body, which helps to maintain the body in good shape throughout the day, improve mental and physical performance.

celery Especially popular enjoys among the male population as a natural aphrodisiac, restores libido, and helps treat many diseases that lead to a reduction or loss of potency.

Essential oils are part of the celery seeds, make them popular in the treatment of diseases associated with hepatic and renal failure, enhancing the sexual function of the body, used as part of sleeping pills, painkillers, prevention, wound healing agents.

Celery has long been used in folk medicine.

Peeled juicy stalks of celery eaten raw with salt.Use for juicing.

juice obtained from fresh chopped root by squeezing:. 1-2 tsp drink 2-3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

Infusion : 8-10 g of chopped fruits insist on a glass of cold water for 2 hours;infusion drink for 1 day or 34 g of root for 1 liter of water, leave for 8 hours;for 1.2 h. spoon 3 times a day.

gadgets: half a cup of juice (or cake of pounded leaves of fresh celery juice) to mix a half cup of vinegar and half a teaspoon salt;.mix it all and put a rag soaked in the liquid, often changing, the sick (sore) places.

Infusion of celery root is used as a diuretic, as well as constipation.

Use it and in renal disease, gout.

In folk medicine, believe that is particularly effective to make the pressed juice of the celery root.Use it to be 1 - 2 teaspoon three times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

dry hot weather is tolerated more easily if the morning drink a glass of fresh celery juice and the same day, between meals.It normalizes body temperature, and we feel great.

mixture of celery juice with other juices is very useful and gives almost a phenomenal result in the case of vitamin deficiency and other ailments.

When neurological disorders resulting reborn of (degeneration of nerve membranes), the use of carrots and celery juice helps their recovery.

If received food does not have enough sulfur, iron and calcium, or even a large number of these elements, but they are devoid of vitality, the inorganic form, that can be caused by such conditions as asthma, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, and so on. D.

It increases vitality, improves appetite, diuretic and laxative effect.It is best to drink obese people with metabolic disorders and fatigue.Juice contains vitamin C, B1, B2, PP.It is usually sufficient for the prevention of one or two teaspoons juice 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals, up to 100 ml per day.Are popular combinations: carrots, beets, celery (8: 3: 5), carrots, cabbage, celery (1: 4: 5), carrots, celery, radish (8: 5: 3).

Use in cooking

celery leaves are more odorous than parsley, so eating it is put to a lesser extent.A lot of use of celery in the Balkans, the US, British, and the French kitchen.Plant celery seeds, leaves, dried and ground - are part of the spice for soups, sauces, they are sprinkled with fried meat on a skewer.Dried milled tops of celery mixed with salt and used for dosalivaniya dishes.Fresh celery tops added as a spice in soups, sauces, stuffing, pies, cakes, hotpot.Celery is also used in soups, root vegetable salad and cooked mashed potatoes, stewed it as a side dish, fried, like schnitzel.

breadth of applications it is truly unlimited!Here are the main ways to use celery:
Many culinary delights include in its membership the greens and roots of celery.
seeds are used in many ethnic cuisines as a seasoning.

Back in the Middle Ages, celery was known as a vegetable and spice plant.Celery has a strong aroma, sweet and bitter spicy taste.Use dried herbs and celery seeds.As spice it is added to vegetable soups, side dishes, sauces, as well as in the preparation of various types of meat.Fresh leaves are added in canning of various vegetables.

very popular and the celery as a vegetable.In many world cuisines its root stuffed, fried, make him meatballs, stewed, cooked souffles and casseroles, make him spawn.

cutlets celery



Walnut Salad "Waldorf".

Salad "Port Said" (Egypt)


Salad "Grace" (Australia)

Salad of celery and oranges

Salad of celery and

mushroom fungi

Celery salad with pumpkin


Celery saladand apples

celery and apples cut into strips, to connect with rings marinated peppers, season with sugar, sprinkle with lemon juice.2 tablespoons of mayonnaise mixed with 1 cup of sour cream and pour over the cooked celery and apples.At 0.5 kg of apples take 0.5 kg of celery.

julep of celery juice

Celery juice carrot juice '50 '30 '10 Lemon juice Mint Syrup '20

All components are mixed and cooled before use.Especially useful this drink with loss of physical strength and for smokers, as it has anti-smoking properties.


Over the years, the use of celery found no that someone wrote or said about contraindications associated with its use.However, studying the properties of the plant and learning the results of his actions, it can not be abused people with high acidity of gastric juice, as well as women who are prone to uterine bleeding.