Grapefruit useful properties

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Grapefruit - heat-loving evergreen tree of the family Rutaceae, the highest of citrus -. 10-12 m is cultivated in tropical climates, in our country - in the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus region.

Origin grapefruit still not clear.To date, the plant in the wild found.Some researchers believe that it is a hybrid of shaddock (other names: "sheddok", "broom") and sweet orange that arose spontaneously in the New World, the West Indies.For others, it is derived from the seeds sheddoka previously crossed with sweet orange.However, nobody has been able to reproduce it artificially.Second name grapefruit - shaddock aciniform - due to the fact that the fruits grow in clusters on predominantly 3-12 pieces in hand.Hence the English name that means in translation "grape fruit" - and not because of the taste.Fruits are usually large (up to 500 g) are coated with a fairly thick skinned from light to deep orange.Regardless of the color of all the fruits grapefruit differ svoebraznym, slightly bitter taste and arom


first Europeans grapefruit trees were met on the island of Barbados in 1750, then in Jamaica in 1814.Homeland Cultural grapefruit is considered to be India and Central America (West Indies).In the XIX century there was a plant in Florida, and 100 years later Citrus took the leading position in the global fruit market.In Russia, the grapefruit is cultivated since 1911.

In the 60-ies of XX century Russian growers involved in breeding and ranosozrevayuschih malosemennyh grapefruit and pummelos on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.The best result of this work has had a hybrid shaddock with tangerine.The fruits of this hybrid is very large (sometimes up to 350-500 g) and juicy, taste sweet and sour.The rind is very thin and is well separated from the pulp.

grapefruit grows mainly in Africa and South America.Since 1991, he cultivated in the South Caucasus.

Grapefruit has a distinctive aroma and a rather pleasant sweet-bitter taste.

grapefruit remarkable unique combination of minerals, vitamins, lectins, essential oils, carbohydrates.By the number of sugars superior to other varieties of oranges, and the content of vitamin C, and they do not give way on storage duration.

Fruits grapefruit contain citric acid, pectin and dyes, sugar, essential oils, potassium, calcium, some trace elements;he is rich in fiber.The fruit pulp is also found ascorbic acid (40-50 mg per 100 g), B vitamins, B2, D and F, carotene (provitamin A);glycoside naringin, which gives the fruit a bitter taste.The crust component 30-40% by weight of the fruit contains from 10 to 20% of pectic substances, essential oil, other biologically active compounds - for example, glycosides.Glycosides regulate physiological processes in different areas of the body - in the digestive, circulatory system, may affect the secretion of important substances -.. For example, bile, etc.

Calorie and chemical composition

Below is the content of nutrients (calories,protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 g of edible portion.
Nutritional value
Calories 35 kcal Protein 0.7 g

Fat 0.2 g Carbohydrates 6.5 g

Dietary Fiber 1.8 g
Organic acid 1.5 g Water 88.8 g

mono-disaccharides and 6.5 g Ash 0.5 g

Vitamins Vitamin PP 0,2 mg
beta-carotene 0.02 mg
Vitamin A (RE) 3 mg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 0.05 mg
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 0.03 mg
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic)
0.03 mg Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 0.04 mg
Vitamin B9 (folic) 3
mcg Vitamin C is 45 mg
Vitamin E (TE) 0
3 mg Vitamin PP (niacin equivalent) 0.3 mg

Macronutrients Calcium 23 mg Magnesium 10 mg

Sodium 13 mg Potassium 184 mg

Phosphorus 18 mg
Iron 0.5 mg
Energy valuegrapefruit is 35 kcal.
1 Each = 130 g (45.5 kcal)


doctors force a grapefruit was known in ancient times: its juice, rind and pulp used as an effective remedy in case of poisoning, to disinfect wounds, to strengthen the gums.

Ripening in December, the fruit of grapefruit perfectly retain their full value until July.Known to his high dietary and medicinal qualities - improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, normalization of liver function, recovery of the body.Grapefruit - a worthy colleague of lemon, but perhaps even a few ahead of him, as has a pleasant taste: only need to know that all the bitterness is in the partitions between segments, which should be removed.

In atherosclerosis, hypertension, fatigue take 0.25 glasses of juice for 20-30 minutes before meals and at Besson Nice 0.5 cups at night.

take the juice with pulp, in the absence of appetite, disturbance of the digestion process.

has a low energy value, so it is useful to include in your diet for those who want to lose weight.

Grapefruit beneficial effect on the state of the pancreas, stimulates the appetite, stimulates the digestive system, has a gentle diuretic.It contains a lot of potassium, so its use is indicated for such diabetes complications such as coronary disease, atherosclerosis.Grapefruit is an excellent dietary tool for diabetics.

With the purpose of treatment using the fruits of grapefruit, possessing anti-sclerotic, tonic effect, increase diuresis.They improve appetite and normalize digestion, lower blood pressure, promote restoration of forces in fatigue.Good action is the fruit of grapefruit have chronic fatigue and uric acid kidney stones.

The food fruit grapefruit are widely used.They are dried, cooked jams, juices, drinks, used for the preparation of liquors and wines.Obtained from cortex fruit essential oil, pectin.

Fresh juice usually drink 150-300 grams three times a day before meals, with honey or sugar.Diabetes patients - without sugar!

It is very important that the fruits grapefruit unpretentious in transport: they are able to fully maintain their beneficial properties during prolonged storage.In a cool place can be stored until August-September next year, while grapefruits do not lose their flavor and vitamin qualities.

oil and grapefruit juice is used in confectionery and alcoholic beverage industry (including preparing jam, juices, cordials).Grapefruit juice and fruit pulp stimulate the metabolism, stimulate appetite and improve digestion.Grapefruit is recommended in some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the work of not only the colon, but the liver and gall bladder.Drunk on an empty stomach a glass of this drink will help all of the abdominal organs to quickly tune in to "working mode", prevent constipation.

Grapefruit perfectly excrete excess fluid, facilitating purification of toxins.Pectin, which contains the fruit, help to strengthen the blood vessels, the capillaries.Glycosides have anti-sclerotic properties.A whole complex of biologically active substances of grapefruit helps to lower blood pressure.

Besides fresh grapefruit juice has on the body in general tonic effect, enhances the immune and nervous systems.The juice is recommended in the recovery period after a cold, after heavy infectious diseases and operations.Healthy it will be useful in times of physical and mental fatigue.You should pay particular attention to the tonic properties of grapefruit those whose life and work are connected with hypokinesia - lack of movement.Drink it is desirable for 20 minutes before a meal (for example, before breakfast) with sugar or with sugar better.

At the same time for insomnia are advised to eat grapefruit just before going to bed - healthy sleep is assured.

Late last (XX) century American scientists became interested and even the composition of the solar fetal bones.The push, as always, served case.Amateur gardeners from Florida noticed that citrus seeds defy the ravages of putrefying bacteria and fungi.During the study, researchers found: bones have powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity due to the increased content of vitamin C and bioflavonoids (vitamin P).Flavonoids stimulate tissue respiration, contribute to the accumulation of ascorbic acid in them, boosting the body's natural resistance to infectious and colds.Vitamin C and flavonoids in close alliance may kill or retard the development of nearly 800 types of bacteria and viruses (eg, Streptococcus, Chlamydia, Giardia, herpes virus, influenza), as well as more than 100 species of fungi, including those affecting the nail plate.

Grapefruit oil is used in the treatment of pulmonary disease, arrhythmia, arthritis, hepatitis, asthenic syndrome.Treats high blood pressure, helps prevent atherosclerosis.Grapefruit oil gives patients after a serious operation or debilitating diseases.It stimulates the appetite, stimulates the will to live.

Methods of application: oil burner - 2-3 drops;saunas, baths - 5-10 drops;massage - 10 drops to 10-15 g of transport oil;2-3 drops of grapefruit oil 1 piece of sugar 2-3 times a day.

Grapefruit promotes the formation of gastric juice and improves the functioning of the gall bladder, has a beneficial effect on digestion.

Fruits grapefruit have a tonic effect on the body, so they are recommended to debilitated patients after physical exhaustion.Useful grapefruit patients with hypertension, as well as for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Nutritionist Dr. D. Cerda conducted a number of studies have demonstrated a link between the use of grapefruit and blood cholesterol levels.People with high blood cholesterol for one month on a daily basis to eat two ripe grapefruit.The results were startling - cholesterol declined by as much as 8%."Eat for grapefruit for breakfast and dinner, and a cardiologist would not be necessary" - this is the saying that was invented by Dr. Cerda

stroke, heart attack, you can prevent or alleviate its effects, if every morning on an empty stomach to drink 1 tablespoon of fresh cranberry juice and grapefruit.and also in the evening before going to bed. It will strengthen the weakened vessels.

The clinical studies have also shown that grapefruit can increase the action of insulin administered to diabetics.

Essence fruit grapefruit is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics for the manufacture of a variety of colognes, eau de toilette, lotions, tonics, creams ...

for cosmetic procedures are used not only juice and pulp, and peel the fruit is believed that grapefruit juice -.. the most efficient and sparing agent for bleaching freckles and spots on the skin of the face for oily and normal skin are recommendedmask with the addition of juice and rubbing extract of grapefruit peel.It is useful to use such masks and to strengthen and nourish the skin of the neck.

Taste of subtropical fruit, of course, peculiar.One does not like his bitterness, and the other is for it and appreciate it.Grapefruit - fruit dietary and healing.It is used in dietary nutrition.

Of course, first of all, these fruits are eaten fresh.Food grapefruit are low in calories, which makes it possible to diversify the table during a diet.The taste characteristics of this citrus appreciate not only nutritionists, and gourmets.Fruity and spicy salads become fragrant, spicy taste with the addition of grapefruit fruit.Slices of citrus, roasted in the grill - great fragrant garnish to venison.

They are better than other citrus fruits can withstand long-term storage, and not lose their flavor.The cool fruit can be stored for the winter and summer.Used fruits in canning and confectionery industry, from them prepare jams, juices and liqueurs.

Grapefruit wine

Stuffed grapefruit

cocktail of grapefruit

ground ginger

Marinated grapefruit


Dessert salad with cream


Beef with grapefruit

Salad "Secret of Aphrodite"


organic acids can cause irritationshells, so that the fruit can not be used for people with gastritis, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.Also, the acid can erode tooth enamel, so after drinking grapefruit need to rinse your mouth.
Due to the presence in the composition of grapefruit specific substance - furanocoumarin, which stimulates the blood concentration, these fruits are contraindicated for people with liver disease.
Simultaneous use of grapefruit and oral contraceptives reduce the contraceptive effect.
harm grapefruit can become quite real for women in the period of life called menopause.Doctors believe that at this time of the abuse of grapefruit may lead to the development of cancer.
grapefruit interacts with certain medications (antidepressants, tranquilizers, analgesics, antihypertensives, protivoateroskleroticheskim), so that when data is received drugs or give up eating grapefruit or make the big break between taking tablets and citrus.
You can not take both grapefruit juice and drugs that reduce blood pressure.You may experience side effects such as heart palpitations, facial flushing and dizziness.
Grapefruit and substances that can be found in its structure, either completely neutralizes the properties of medicines, thereby undermining the entire effect on their reception, or else have the ability to increase the concentration of the effective drug in several hundred times !!!And, it is much more dangerous and more serious and threatening overdose symptomatic medications, with a rather severe consequences for human health and the body in general.Only this citrus is so unpredictable and inexplicable by science and medicine.

In order to reduce the potential damage of the fruit, but use all its useful properties, nutritionists recommend eating the fruit no more than once per week by adding it as an ingredient in fruit salad, and of course, being in good health and nottaking medicines (if the physician does not recommend otherwise).

Here is such a fruit, a hybrid of this paradise ... So, think for yourself, decide for yourself ...