Cedar oil

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Cedar (Cedrus atlantica Manetti - Pinaceae)

By Cedrus, or true cedar are four species of evergreen coniferous trees, hardy and durable.Rodina S. Atlantica is, or Atlas cedar, - Morocco, the Atlas Mountains;S. lebanon, cedar of Lebanon, Syria and grows in the south-east of Turkey;C. libani var.brevifolia - Cyprus and S. deodora, Himalayan cedar, - in the western part of the Himalayas.Pine needles grow beams;yellow, male flowers bloom in early summer, the female - male flowers after pollination.Cones ripen for two years, after which they are throwing the seeds fall to the ground.The bark is reddish-brown color.

Since cedar is known to live a long time, then put them in the cemetery.Until now, on the slopes of Mount Lebanon cedar grove huge noise.It is from these trees King Solomon is said to have built his temple.The first Lebanese cedar was planted in England in 1646 in the Thames Valley, and it is still live.The first Atlas cedar was planted in England in 1845 on the border with Wales, and now he stan

ds there.In the south of France - in Provence on Mount Ventoux - noisy forest of Atlas cedar, planted in 1862

Cedars most other trees mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of fertility and abundance.The ancient Egyptians used wood and cedar oil in embalming.Later, Dioscorides and Galen (I and II cent. BC. E.) Told about some tree kedriume (as they called it), the resin is used to protect the body from decay.In 1698, Nicolas Lemaire wrote about the healing nature of the resinous material, arguing that it disinfects the bladder and lungs.Past studies later confirmed that he was right.French doctors and Michel Gilbert wrote in 1925 about the good results obtained from the use of oil for the treatment of patients with chronic bronchitis, as well as its strengthening and stimulating properties.

Siberian stone pine (Pinus sibirica)

Siberian stone pine from the pine family - tree, reaching 45 meters in height and up to 2 m in diameter, with a mighty broad crown.Needles gear, bluish, up to 13 cm long, cones up to 12 cm in length and up to 8 cm in width, in which about 100 pieces of nuts (seeds), covered with a smooth woody shell, walnut kernel oily and tasty.

Distributed in the north-east of the European part of Russia, in Western and most of Eastern Siberia.

Fruits (nuts) Siberian cedar have exceptionally high nutritional value.Nuts Proteins consist of easily digested albumin and globulins, their digestibility is much higher than the walnut proteins, peanuts and almonds.

70% of the eighteen amino acids are indispensable, indicating the high value of the physiological proteins.According to the content of tryptophan, lysine, methionine, cystine nuts casein proteins are superior to cow's milk proteins, and other equivalent them.Cedar oil contains large amounts of zhiroras-soluble vitamins (tocopherols), essential fatty acids, which have antioxidant activity.It should be noted that the content of tocopherols is walnut oil exceeds 1.5 times and 5 times peanut.According to the content of essential fatty acids it exceeds 3 times peanut, soybean and sunflower - 1.5.By the number of phosphate-phosphorus, very important for the human body, it also surpasses all oil nuts.Nuts

cedar contain such vital chemical elements such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper and others.They also contain starch, vitamins C and E, and other physiologically active substances.The needles to 350 mg% ascorbic acid and up to 1.5% essential oil.

Ways to use

Cedar - an ancient medicinal plant, Avicenna recommended for the treatment of the core and the husks of pine nuts.Nuclei with honey he advised to use as a tonic and cleanser, as well as stones and ulcers.

Currently used tincture of nuts, which are recommended for removal of salts in osteochondrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, gout.For this purpose, you need to crush 200 g of nuts with the skin (shell), add 0.5 liters of vodka, insist 18 days in the dark, shaking occasionally.Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day (this is the full course of treatment).

This recipe also helps to seal in the chest.

Hemorrhoids use the infusion of shell pine nuts for the following recipe: Pour 1/2 cup of the shell 200 g of boiling water, let stand for 15-20 minutes in a tightly sealed container and filter.Take 100 g, 2 times a day before meals.

popularized at the end of pine nuts as a rejuvenating and restoring virility means of XVIII century in Russia.A Modern aromatherapy considers essential oil of cedar typically masculine fragrance: women perceive it as an erotic stimulant.

cedar essential oil is part of the special shampoo for oily hair.

cedar oil in the aromatic bulb helps to fall asleep;You can get rid of insomnia, causing a drop of cedar oil on the pillow.

to ward off pesky flies and mosquitoes, are advised to light a lamp in the room aromatic, adding water essential oil of cedar for it (at least 20 drops).

nuts and needles use against scurvy.Needles -Components restorative baths.Milk from the nucleoli is used to treat nervous disorders, pulmonary tuberculosis, kidney disease, urinary bladder.

Oleoresin cedar (resin) was used, and is used to treat wounds, burns.From it is prepared cedar balsam, turpentine and camphor.

kernels eaten raw, red-hot.Nuclei obtained from oil and cake and meal remaining after pressing, contain a lot of protein.

bagasse is used for cooking halva, cakes, pies.

essential oil

description. For medical purposes use only cedar oil extracted from the Atlas cedar, which grows in Morocco.At the end of the 1980s.Moroccans annually produce 6-7 tons of oil.

oil obtained by distillation of wood, like a syrup, yellowish and very balsamic, turpentine smell, but taste sweeter and more pleasant, reminiscent of sandalwood.

main components: turpentine hydrocarbons bit tsedrola (crystallized in the allocation) and sesquiterpenes, especially cadinene.

Caution. In the market there are also other varieties of cedar oil, which is significantly different from the produced in Morocco, so look at both.Cedar oil is produced in the USA is derived from juniper, J. flaccida, mexicano and virginiana.Essential oils of these trees are rich in EDC-rolom.In the latter revealed a high content of thujone, and it is added in saffron butter (very very dangerous on their own).Essential oils made in the USA are mainly used in the perfume industry: they give the spirits, colognes and soaps a nice woody flavor.For medical purposes use only oil from a true cedar, which grows in Morocco.

Last cedar oil prescribed for internal use.However, violations of the stomach have been reported, accompanied by severe heartburn, thirst and nausea.Never take the oil inside.Sometimes it can be pure or diluted (if necessary) to use for outdoor use.


therapeutic purposes. During the last 100 years have repeatedly noted a beneficial effect in the treatment of cedar eczema, skin rash and some skin diseases in dermatology and appreciate its healing properties.

When eczema and rashes prepare the composition: 8 drops of cedar oil to 20 ml (4 teaspoons) of oil from wheat germ.Apply the mixture 3-4 times a day.

cedar oil as a stimulant was added to the oil, which was triturated body or a means for men.Add 4-5 drops in cold cream and the resulting compositions rubs after shaving.

Since oil is among the means, stimulating sexual desire, the men rubbed them.However, it has a bad odor, so it should be mixed into the oil, such as lavender and rosemary, with a pleasant smell.

In cosmetics and perfumes. Cedar oil heals the skin of the head with hair loss, hair loss and dandruff.In France, it is a part of shampoos and lotions for baldness.Cedar oil is sure to help with hair loss (male and female) as a result of illness, stress and pregnancy.

Mix 35 ml (2 large tablespoons) of grape oil, 5 ml (1 tsp) Best, unalloyed olive oil, 5 drops of oil of wheat germ, and 20 drops of cedar.A few hours before washing hair shampoo lightly rub this compound into the skin of the scalp.Add 15 drops of cedar oil in a bottle of shampoo soft medium size.

If you have blonde hair, keep in mind that from the oil they usually darken.

In other industries. The first aromatic mixtures and bags from moths used pine essential oils, wood, wood chips or powder.When smoked many expensive types of fish are also used cedar.