Quail eggs benefits

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Useful properties of quail eggs have become known to people many centuries ago, quail eggs are mentioned in Egyptian papyri, and in recipes of Chinese traditional medicine.
Once the Japanese were taken from China party quail.The Japanese are interested in the properties and the use of quail eggs and meat used in Chinese folk medicine.

More and more people today are thinking about a healthy lifestyle, which is an essential guarantee of a properly selected diet meals.Most food products can not provide the necessary level of nutrients.In this regard, a huge variety of popular dietary supplements, vitamin and mineral supplements, and other medications.However, there is a unique natural nutritional value of its products - quail eggs, the benefits of which can not be overemphasized reception, which can compensate and maintain normal levels of essential nutrients.Quail eggs are a concentrated set of necessary human biological substances.This is a real health vial.
quail are not ill with salmonellosis
Japanese experience was used by Russian doctors after the Chernobyl accident in the preparation of menus for children, taken from the tragedy of the zone.During this course it was not observed absolutely no adverse allergic reactions, even in children with bronchial asthma.
As a result, the children returned to normal appetite, fatigue disappeared and the pain in the heart, reduced complaints of dizziness and nosebleeds.Now
quail eggs are used effectively in children's nutrition.Due to the high body temperature (42 degrees), quail are resistant to infectious diseases, in particular, they never get sick with salmonellosis.Consequently, quail eggs, unlike chicken egg can be eaten raw and receive all complex nutrients that the heat treatment is significantly destroyed.

The quail eggs by weight equal to one chicken, contains 2.5 times more vitamin B1 and B2, five times more potassium in 4,5 times - iron.Also in quail eggs longer vitamin A, phosphorus, niacin, copper, cobalt, and other limiting amino acids (in detail here).Quail eggs do not cause diathesis and other allergic reactions have tonic properties.Doctors recommend them to enter into the diet of baby food with artificial feeding.
Research physicians have shown that the shell of quail eggs, consisting of 90% calcium carbonate, easily absorbed by the body, and in addition, contains all essential minerals, including copper, fluorine, sulfur, silicon, zinc and others (27 elements).The composition of eggshell quail eggs strikingly coincides with the composition of bones and a human tooth, and, moreover, stimulates the bone marrow hematopoietic function, benefits the entire body ...
If your child has diathesis, the quail eggs - what you need.By the way, the children who refuse to have eggs, come to a complete delight from the quail eggs.Children who use quail eggs, reducing the need for calcium.They are less tired, become more mobile, they have no problems with cooking lessons.
Quail eggs exceed chicken eggs on the content of useful substances.
Natural Cosmetics from quail eggs
Tyrosine, which is part of quail eggs, allows you to maintain a healthy complexion.Therefore, the European perfume industry in many of the expensive brands of creams and shampoos included components of quail eggs, connoisseur of natural cosmetics see quail eggs rejuvenating secrets and share recipes do not get tired of cosmetic masks.

whether quail eggs are useful in the composition of natural cosmetics?The answer is simple - yes!A healthy complexion is achieved through contained in quail eggs useful tyrosine.
Quail eggs as Viagra
Bulgarian specialists have found that the effectiveness of quail eggs surpass Viagra pills.Bulgarians have even invented a cocktail named "Youth".Action from the use of magic potion on the potency is simply stunning.The reason for the effect is that the quail eggs contain many useful minerals including phosphorus, iron rich minerals, vitamins A, B1 and B2.
And in Germany the men taken on an empty stomach otkushivat four raw quail eggs and drink a tablespoon of vodka, infused partitions walnuts.Those Germans who eat breakfast for so many years, is very proud of their potency.
remedy for many ailments
Quail eggs strengthen the immune system, normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system.
Persistent acute respiratory infections in children - a problem for many families.Parents faithfully perform the treatment, but the child is a day or two to appear in the school or kindergarten as it catches up with the disease again.
essential foundation of repeated and long-term illnesses, as a rule, is also lowered immunity.Parents whose children belong to the group of sickly, should address the prevention of child tormenting disease.For example, reception of quail eggs can reduce the incidence of acute respiratory diseases in sickly children 5 times.And even if the child is still sick, the disease will flow much easier.
treatment with quail eggs is known around the world.With their help, you can get rid of many diseases and ailments: stomach diseases, particularly ulcers, headaches, anemia, asthma, pneumonia, low or high blood pressure, anemia, dysfunction of the digestive, nervous disorders, allergies, eye diseases, etc. In addition..they increase resistance to radiation and good output radionuclides.They effectively increase the potency, soften toxemia in women, facilitate the course of pregnancy.Bodybuilders using quail eggs can boost the protein content, as there can be in very large quantities.
most love their children.They are attracted by small size of quail eggs, their unusually bright colors and a small mass.They are completely sterile, so they can safely be used in infant formulas.They are very nutritious, tasty and do not cause allergies, diathesis and other side effects.In Japan, children in day give 1-2 eggs.This improves memory, strengthens the nerves, increases the vision and the baby is less sick and more rapidly evolving.

Kids quail eggs also extremely helpful.Especially in the case of danger, mental retardation, fatigue, the need to withdraw from the body of radionuclides and toxins.That is why in Japan the students for lunch relies 2-3 quail eggs.As a result, the child is much easier to remember and firmly absorb new material.

This harm quail eggs does not cause any.Plus, they are stored for a long time because of the content of lysozyme - an amino acid that counteracts the formation of harmful microorganisms.

quail eggs are useful in that on farms and factories can not use medicines for disease prevention and prevention of avian outbreaks.That is not to use antibiotics which ultimately proved to be a human body.

In addition, under the influence of heat treatment the nutritional value and health benefits of quail eggs are reduced significantly.Eating raw eggs, you can get much more benefit.

In one quail egg 25% of the daily rate of cholesterol, about 2% of the daily protein standards.The use of quail eggs for the body - in high amounts of vitamins A and group B. Eggs contain zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, they have a lot of iron.

for its high nutritional value of quail eggs should be eaten with the reinforced physical exertion.They help in the event of excess weight.Because you can eat 1-2 eggs, remaining in a given amount of daily calories at the same time get a lot of useful substances.

In the quail eggs significantly less cholesterol, so they are allowed even in cases when you should abstain from drinking, cholesterol-containing foods.The content of protein, polyunsaturated fats and folic acid supports normal levels of hormones in the female body.The undoubted benefits of quail eggs to the female body allows us to recommend their use in pregnancy.

Adults can have daily 5-6 eggs.Older people can also eat quail eggs, because there is no cholesterol in them.It is better to use them before eating, raw, washed down with juice or water.Receiving should be regular for 3-4 months.Somewhere in two weeks you will notice a positive improvement in the body.If you can not physically drink raw eggs, you can involve them in cereal, soups or puree.Also, one can make a fried egg.But note that after 15 minutes of processing the vitamins are destroyed.

has medicinal properties of quail eggs and shells.It 9/10 of calcium carbonate, which is rapidly absorbed, and 27 trace elements, among which -.. Fluorine, manganese, sulfur, silicon, molybdenum, etc., the content of molybdenum and silicon is particularly valuable because the other foods that we eat,they are very few, but they are necessary for the proper course of all biochemical processes.

Taking food eggshells, you can not be afraid of bacterial contamination and other negative effects.Do not be afraid of urolithiasis, deposits on the joints and bones, as any excess excreted.The most useful is the treatment is considered to very young children, in whom there is bone formation.It also reduces the brittle hair and nails, eliminates bleeding, constipation, insomnia, irritability.

Regularly eating quail eggs, it is possible without drugs to increase the immune system and restore health without any harm.
The benefits of quail eggs heard many.Although certainly have the product there are dietary properties, which in some cases may be harmful to health.

Quail eggs are small and weigh about five times smaller than chicken eggs.Weight quail egg equals 10-12 grams, while the chicken egg weighs about 60 grams.Quail eggs are not white or brown, like chicken, and speckled.

An important feature is the ability to quail eggs safe for human health to eat them raw.The fact that the natural temperature of + 42C quail.As is known, Salmonella dying already at 40C.However, many other microorganisms too.
Interestingly, the use of quail eggs combined with their neutral taste.Besides fun spots on the shell draw the child's attention.So problems with how to get the child to eat unusual egg, does not arise.A child of preschool age is enough day to eat 1-2 quail eggs.Schoolboy - 2 or 3 eggs.

Quail eggs a beneficial effect in the case of asthma, significantly easing the patient's condition.Every day is recommended to eat one quail egg.After a month, you can take a break and then continue to receive the testicles.the patient's condition improved the following six months, six months later.

The use of quail eggs in the speedy elimination of the consequences of a wide variety of poisoning.If you start to drink one quail egg every hour, a few hours later the patient's condition improved significantly.

Quail eggs are shown in the case of allergies.It is necessary to drink at least one egg a day, and then all the symptoms disappear within the next few days.

should eat quail eggs for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and thyroid gland.Eggs are also useful in the case of disorders of the nervous system, heart diseases.

wonder that is useful not only egg, but its shell.As its composition close to that of human bone and teeth.Therefore, the shell of quail eggs is useful to have in the case of brittle nails, hair, insomnia, irritability, constipation.

The most common shells are ground and mixed with lemon juice.Then take a day on a teaspoon in the afternoon or just before sleep - so it is best to absorb calcium.Boiled quail eggs can be eaten straight from the shell.
When pregnancy
Quail eggs: Benefits for pregnant women is that their acceptance facilitates the course of pregnancy, alleviating morning sickness and pregnancy failure.It is also known to use the shell of quail eggs in the use of pregnant women or older people.
The benefits of quail eggs, and even says that oncologists prescribe it for food to their patients for the prevention of mastitis.By lifting the immunity achieved a great effect in the prevention of cancer.

Harm Than helpful quail egg is already clearly marked, but it proved that it brings harm:

allergic reactions (especially in young children);
in case of problems with the liver, quail eggs can not be abused;
high calorie eggs with immoderate use leads to the deposition of excess weight.

should not eat them, but if your body is difficult to digest protein for medical reasons.Some types of kidney and liver completely exclude the protein diet diseases before entering the eggs in your diet, talk with your doctor.Of course, harmful abuse of quail eggs.On some sites, you can find the information that doctors recommend to eat 320 eggs for the rejuvenation of the body and support its natural functions.However, this does not mean that this number should be eaten as soon as possible.If you do this, the body has absorbed a large part of the product, and you will get indigestion.Only if you are completely sure that the eggs are not contaminated with salmonella, quail eggs can be eaten raw.Also need to monitor the shelf life - is that in the supermarket sold eggs "over" 20 days, with the inscription on the packaging that they can be stored for more than 60 days.This information is relevant only if "all my life" eggs stored at temperatures up to 10 degrees, so try to choose the freshest product, and everything will be fine.

should be careful in some cases with the use of quail eggs.The protein quail eggs contained ovomucoid.In some cases, the allergy can occur on it.should be especially careful when taking the baby quail eggs.Adult body can easily cope with the allergen.A child's body can cause harm instead of good.

Do not give the quail eggs a child up to a year.And in case of infant allergies to fish or dairy products include quail eggs in the diet until the age of five.

Precautions should eat quail eggs, if you know that your body poorly absorbs the protein.Particular caution should be exercised in the case of diseases of the liver and kidneys, when completely ruled protein foods.It is better to consult a doctor.

Do not abuse the amount of quail eggs.In some cases, eating quail eggs easily get an upset stomach.