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Orange sweet Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeclc) -. And belongs to the family Rutaceae is an evergreen tree with spherical crown, ovate, leathery leaves and fragrant white flowers.The fruits are spherical, with a dense orange peel and sweet, slightly sour pulp.

first reliable mention of the sweet orange appeared about 2200 years BC.In those days he was well known in his homeland in southern China.Hence, perhaps, the orange came to India, and then the Arabs brought him to Egypt and Syria.In Europe oranges appeared only in the XV century, that seems to be associated with the campaigns of the Crusaders.The fruits of sweet orange found enthusiastic fans in Europe.Residents of Italy, France, the Netherlands started to build a special closed glass room for their growing -oranzherei.This name was given because of the oranges strengthened the name "Orange" (distorted name given by the Arabs to the fruit of sour orange).

In Russia, the first greenhouses appeared in 1714, when Menshikov Palace built near St. Petersb

urg, called Oranienbaum.But the name "Orange" has not caught on in Russia is gradually spreading its present name "orange", which is derived from the German, translated means "Chinese apple."The first planting of oranges in the open field appeared in Adjara in the XIX century.However, failure to adapt to the local climate trees died in the freezing winter.It took many years of breeding work, appeared before varieties suited to our conditions.

In fruit pulp contains 2.2-2.4% glucose, fructose 2.2-2.8%, 2.9-3.5% sucrose, organic acids (citric, etc.), Pectin, manysalts (including potassium 197 mg%), colorants, volatile and vitamin C (60 mg%), B and B1, vitamin A. in oranges protein content 0.9%, fat 0.2%, carbohydrates 8.1%, fiber 2.2%, energy content of 100 grams of product Kcal 43.The glycemic index of orange is 35, so that it can be used for diabetics

Ways to use

complex vitamins can be used oranges and juice from them as an effective means of prevention and treatment of hypo-and avitaminosis.Thanks to a strong volatile, killing some disease-causing microbes, orange juice can be used in some cases for the treatment of infected wounds and ulcers.In addition, it is good thirst quencher in feverish conditions.But the main value of oranges in their diet is very useful properties.Sour-sweet pulp, fresh or canned juice stimulate appetite and help improve digestion.People suffering from chronic constipation, recommend eating oranges or drink juice in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime.But eat oranges should not be in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis with acidity of gastric juice and exacerbations of inflammatory bowel disease.In these cases use is permissible only a small amount of juice, diluted by half with water.Since oranges there is a significant amount of potassium, ascorbic acid and other B vitamins, it is advisable to have them in hypertension, atherosclerosis, liver disease, obesity, gout.

migraine Mix 150 g of grated horseradish on a fine grater, half a kilo of oranges (without seeds), 300 grams of sugar and add 1 liter of red wine.Boil this mixture in a sealed container in a water bath for 1 hour.Cool, strain and take 1/2 cup 2 hours after a meal.

In everyday life can be successfully used aromatic properties of orange peel to protect clothes from moths.For this storage locations put clothes dried orange peel more.Even more effective against moth is orange peel in conjunction with a carnation.

contained in the orange peel acid detrimental effect on various bacteria.Have antibiotic properties similar acids isolated from other citrus juice.These natural antibiotics are very effective and can be applied in medicine, cosmetics and food industry.A few drops of orange acid per 1 liter of milk protect it from damage during several weeks.

fruit pulp is very tasty, it eaten raw.From oranges prepare jams, candied fruits, they are used for flavoring confectionery.Orange essential oil extracted from the peel, goes for the manufacture of fruit drinks, alcoholic beverage production, as well as in the dairy industry and perfumes.Particularly widespread preparation of orange juice - one of the most common and useful fruit juices.