Prunes useful properties

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Prunes - dried fruit is Hungarian - plum home (Prunus domestica L.), which represents tree of the Rosaceae family, height of 8 m, which occurred as a result of cross-breeding blackthorn and cherry plum.

The fruit depending on the variety is different in shape, color, size, taste and aroma.The most common Hungarian and greengage, from Hungarian fruit oval, while the greengage - round.After this cherry stone fruit is very popular in many countries, there are more than two thousand varieties of plums.

Even in ancient times it appeared in the Caucasus, whence came to Central Asia and the Mediterranean countries, and then in various regions of Russia.During the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich several plum trees brought from Western Europe to Moscow.Currently, plum grows everywhere, except in the northern areas.Plum fruits are rich of biologically active compounds and can therefore be used as food and medical purposes.

plum fruits contain up to 16% sugars consisting of a water-soluble sugars (glucose, sucr

ose and fructose), pectin, organic acids.Vitamin C in the drains from 2 mg to 25% depending on the variety, P-active substances in the pulp drains with light - 100-200 mg%, with darker colored - up to 1000-1200 mg%.The amount of carotene in the fruit, painted in yellow and orange color - 2.5 mg% of other varieties - 0.1-0.5 mg%.The fruits of some vitamin B, B as the potassium salt and up to 2 mg% iron.In folk medicine since ancient times plum used as a mild laxative, sour-sweet varieties stopped vomiting and relieve nausea, quench thirst.

Useful properties

Prunes (dried fruits Hungarian) recommend in atherosclerosis and diseases of the gall bladder, hypertension and kidney disease.Infusions and stewed prunes have a mild laxative effect.With this dried fruit can cure constipation - only 5-6 berries per day, and the problem is solved.

Prunes has antibacterial properties, so it is recommended to take in infectious diseases and other ailments.Useful prunes in any discomfort in the stomach.In addition, prunes has choleretic and diuretic effect, and effectively cleanses the body.

Prunes increases immunity and the overall resistance of the organism environmentally hazardous external influences, thanks to its member antioxidants.It is very important that the prune absorbs free radicals that destroy the body.Because of this explains its anti-aging properties and utility of its use as an excellent tool for the prevention of cancer.

However, it should be noted that obesity and diabetes prunes is not recommended because it is six times the caloric content of fresh plums.

Here are nutrients content (calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 grams of edible portion of prunes.
Nutritional value Calorie
230-256 kcal Protein 2.3 g

Fat 0.7 g Carbohydrates 57.5 g

Dietary Fiber 9g
Organic acid 3.5 g Water 25 g

unsaturated fatty acids 0.1Mr.
mono- and di-saccharides 56,9 g Starch 0.6 g

2 g saturated fatty acids 0.1 g

Vitamins Vitamin PP 1,5 mg
beta-carotene 0.06 mg
Vitamin A (OM) 10 mcg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
0.02 mg vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 0.1 mg of Vitamin C

3 mg Vitamin E (TE) 1.8 mg
Vitamin PP (niacin equivalent) 1.7 mg
Calcium 80 mg
Magnesium 102 mg
Sodium 10 mg
Potassium 864 mg
Phosphorus 83 mg

Iron 3 mg

Plum juice with pulp improves appetite and digestion, and is a source of vitamins in the winter, because the stores allproperties of fresh fruit.

Leaves Plum has long been used as a wound-healing agent.In cosmetics, used the flesh of plums for acne, eczema face.

In the food consumed in the fresh plums, and processed form.Of these, do compotes, jam, jam, fruit liqueurs, confectionery: filling for chocolates, candy, candy.


Sawn tarts

first method. second way


first method. temperature second method.

Pickled plums


Cheese Plum

Prunes you can prepare yourself: this fruit are blanched (1-8 minutes in boiling water), then cooled in the water and laid out in a single layer on the grill, screens, etc..d.and put in the oven or a special dryer.They were dried for 3-4 hours at a temperature of about 50 ° C, and after cooling again at 65-70 ° C.In the dried plum juice when compressed is not squeezed out.

prunes can cook delicious desserts, such as prunes stuffed with kernels of walnuts, sour cream.

Our grandparents cooked prunes Sambuc


Salad of plums and apples