Ginger pickled

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dishes with ginger not only tasty and fragrant, but also good for health.If there is no time to prepare infusions or other preparation with this spice, you can simply add it to the food.

In cooking, use both fresh root and dry ginger powder.He put in dishes of meat and poultry to improve the taste and smell, as well as in the hot fish dishes, which gives a unique flavor of ginger.

With this spice prepared sauces: Worcestershire salad, sauce for lamb chops, sweet and sour sauce to meat, spicy seasoning of chutney tomato etc.

Pickled ginger with soy sauce or wasabi - a mandatory part of table..feeding sushi and sashimi.Spice flavored marinades, intended for soaking products;with her pickled cucumbers, melons and other fruits.

Ginger root gives soups (bean, potato, fruit, broth of poultry and meat) thin and refined taste.It can be added to sauces for a variety of rice dishes.In a mixture with salt ginger is used to add flavor to cheeses, vegetables, grilled meat, boiled chicken.

If we add a small pi

ece of dry root in the milk while it is boiling, it will be better absorbed by the body.

ginger added to tea, wine, vodka, punches, liqueurs (Benedictine).This spice is a member of such popular winter drinks like lattes, tea and coffee cocktails.

Can not do without ginger root pastry bakery and confectionery products.They are flavored pastry, cakes, treat, cookies, cakes, fillings for chocolates, jam (eg melon).And in the East candied ginger it has long been considered a great delicacy.In some European and Asian countries, this spice is added to the pear and pumpkin compote, honey drinks.

for sale can be found not only candied, but also bathed in chocolate ginger, as well as for the preparation of an extract of ginger beer (it is added in the light varieties of the drink).Since ginger root goes well with a variety of other spices, he is a member of curry mixes.

Store ginger should be tightly packed, otherwise its wonderful spicy scent quickly evaporate.

Pickled ginger is used in the composition of snacks, added as a component to the side dishes, as well as a seasoning for sushi.When cleaning the body, you can use it as an additional tool to include in your diet as an antiseptic and fortifying agent.

You can buy it:

If you have the opportunity to buy fresh ginger root, you can marinate it yourself.

pickled ginger recipes

1. method for preparing

2. Fresh ginger root - 500 g;rice vinegar (sushi 2.5%) -200 ml;sugar - 4 tbsp.spoons;vodka (or sake) - 2 tbsp.spoons;wine (dry pink grape) - 4 tbsp.spoon.

method for preparing

Serve sushi or fish.

3. Ingredients:

method for preparing

Carefully clean the ginger and cut into thin slices.Put them in a pan of boiling water and giving for 5 minutes.Drain the water and strain.After the slices cooled, roll them into the salt.

Mix sugar and rice vinegar, stirring, bring to a boil and boil for 30 seconds.Cool.

Fold rolled in salt sliced ​​ginger in a jar and pour sweet vinegar.Close the jar and store in refrigerator.A day pickled ginger is ready.

4. Without salt, sugar and heating

Pre-soak for 3 hours 1/4 cup raisins.Finely chop the young ginger, put the slices in a glass (for our prescription need a glass of ginger slices).Grate beets (1/4 cup).Raisins and beets pour water (1/2 cup) and grind in a blender.The resulting puree to press through a fine sieve into a glass container, add to ginger, apple cider vinegar (1/2 cup) corn and coriander (1/2 teaspoon).Mix well, cover and refrigerate for 3-4 days.

cucumbers, pickled ginger

method for preparing