Brewing rosehips

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Rosa majalis (Brown) Rosa majalis Herrm (cinnamomea L.) - low chaparral of the family Rosaceae, with unpaired-pinnate leaves and large single or collected for 2-3 fragrant pink flowers.Fruit - a false berry, which develops not from a pestle and fleshy from the receptacle.Inside the sprawling receptacle placed true fruits (seeds).

Homeland rosehip China and India, and then it began to grow in Egypt, Babylon, Greece and other countries.Rosehip enjoyed wide popularity among all the peoples of the world.For example, the Greeks believed rosehips symbol of morality, he planted around the temple of the goddess of love Aphrodite.In Russia, it has long been known for the healing properties of this plant, and now it is widely distributed throughout the European part of Russia, the Urals, Siberia and Kazakhstan.

Rosehip ranks first among the fruit and berry plants on the content of vitamin C. Its fruit is 100 times more of this vitamin than oranges, lemons, tangerines and apples.This is not only its ability to

accumulate, but also lack the enzymes askorbinazy destroying ascorbic acid.Read more about the beneficial properties of rose hips.Many

not only vitamin C in the fruit, but also in leaves and petals (flowering period).By number of vitamin P hips 10 times superior to oranges, lemons, tangerines and apples (4000 mg%).One of the first places takes rosehips and content carotene (provitamin A) -16, ZMG%.

addition to the above in the hips are B vitamins (thymine, riboflavin), folic acid, sugar, organic acids, tannin and pectin, as well as minerals: potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and silicon.

Harvesting of raw materials

Hips collected since the end of August, when they acquire an orange-red color, before the first frost.Frostbitten fruits lose their medicinal properties.When collecting them easy to learn, t. To. They are easily destroyed with minimal pressure.

Harvested fruits are sorted, impurities, including fruits, crushed and damaged during assembly, remove the disease.To avoid the loss of vitamin C rosehips collected immediately dried.

greatest amount of vitamins in the dog-rose is preserved under slow drying in the open air (but not in the sun) or in a well ventilated area.In no event should not be dried in the sun fruits, t. To. In this case, vitamin C is completely destroyed.

Rosehip spread in a thin layer on the board in a cool, shaded, ventilated area.When dried sepals with fruit are not removed, ie. A. Without fruit perishable moldy.Also

rosehips drying is carried out in a dryer at a temperature of 80-90 ° C or in special furnaces Russian lattices, stacked one on another, through the furnace after 1-1.5 hours for 1-1.5 hours.Then they were finally dried at a temperature of 50-60 ° C.

Properly dried rose hips should be shiny or matte surface and retain its red or orange-red color of the fruit.These fruits have no smell, they taste sour-sweet, pressing the fingers are broken up, but are ground into a powder.

After drying, the fruit is cleaned of sepals and packed in paper bags, canvas bags or cans.Store in a dry place, periodically checking to see if there were pests.

storage of dried fruits life - 2 years.

Flowers and leaves of wild rose harvested during the flowering and dried in the open air or in a well ventilated area.The shelf life of such material - 1 year.

hips roots dug in late autumn, clear of the ground, air-dried, crushed and stored in canvas bags for 2 years.

Infusion Infusion

called water extraction of raw herbs.For the preparation of this drug use roots, leaves, flowers and rose hips.

infusion can be prepared by one of two ways: hot and cold.

In the first case, the raw material is crushed, put in a preheated water bath bowl, pour boiling water and infused for a specified Recipe time.Also for the manufacture of a preparation method of hot raw water is poured at room temperature, heated in a water bath for 5-15 minutes, then insist, filtered and topped up with water to the required volume.

In the second case, minced raw pour boiled water at room temperature and infused for 4-12 hours, then filter.

number of raw materials and water, as well as the time and method of preparation is highly dependent on its purpose.

To prepare very convenient to use a thermos.This chopped raw material is poured into a thermos, pour boiling water and infused for the required time.

Broth Broth - a water extraction of raw materials of medicinal plants, which is obtained by boiling the raw materials or heating it in a water bath.This preparation is made from the roots, flowers, leaves, rose hips.

In preparing the raw broth with cold water, heated to boiling and boil at low temperature or in a water bath for 5-20 minutes, then cooled to room temperature, filtered and diluted with boiled water to volume specified in the prescription.Raw water ratio varies in each case.

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