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August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

paradise Banana (Musa paradiciaca L.) - a perennial herb of the family of the banana, with a short stem, which runs strong leaves up to 2 m in length, the leaves are covered with brown spots.The fruits are collected in bunches.Homeland - South-East Asia, where it was in ancient times in Africa, South and Central America, where he bred many varieties of this plant.It is believed that a banana - one of the first plants cultivated by man.Many species and varieties of plants cultivated in almost all tropical countries.

Bananas contain up to 25% sugar, starch, malic acid, enzymes, promoting absorption of hydrocarbons, as well as cellulose and pectin, improving digestion.In the pulp of the fruit of a lot of potassium salts that promote the excretion of fluid swelling.Bananas contain magnesium, which is under stress from cells washed out of stress hormones.

Ways to use
magnesium and stress Lack of interconnected, so doctors and recommended for people who lead a busy lifestyle, to include in the diet of b

ananas.Magnesium is contained in bananas can help to remove or reduce anxiety and improve sleep.In fruit pulp contains physiologically active substances that help people with intestinal diseases and stomach ulcer, with low acidity.

Bananas help with diarrhea, enteritis and ulcerative colitis, liver disease.The limitation of the consumption of bananas can be increased acidity of gastric juice, and they should be limited to people suffering from obesity and diabetes, t. To. The glycemic index of ripe bananas is quite high and is equal to 65. At the same time, unripe fruits are useful to diabetics, the greenbananas glycemic index of less than half - only 30.

In folk medicine, the countries where it is prevalent plant used not only fruit, but the juice from the stems, roots, and the "legs" of the fruit.

So, in India ripe fruits are recommended for digestive disorders, with nephritis, hypertension, heart disease.The juice from the stalks are used for dysentery and cholera, as well as a sedative for hysteria and epilepsy.The roots are used against worms, blood disease.Leaves - help for burns.In China, petioles "legs" of fruits used in exile pork tapeworm.

Bananas - an excellent remedy for cough.To prepare it take ripe bananas and pass them through a sieve, then put grated plantains in a pan of hot water in proportion: two bananas for one glass of water with sugar (1 teaspoon), heated again and drink the mixture.

And Italians praise bananas because of their excellent pulp reduces inflammation of the vocal cords.

Bananas - a valuable food product.In the countries of its distribution bananas replace bread, potatoes, meat and many other foods.Bananas are eaten both fresh and in processed form.Of the fruit pulp make flour, jam, coffee substitute, liqueurs, cream, stuffing for pastry, ice cream.
Bananas 1.5% - the protein content in the product, 0.5% - fat content of 21% - the content of carbohydrates, 1.7% - fat content, 96 kcal .- The energy value of 100 grams of product.