General rules for collecting, drying and storage of medicinal plants

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

rules worked out a reasonable collection of herbs for thousands of years.Plant collectors have been faithfully abide by special techniques.They are, firstly, allows you to collect, so "that the grass was not hurt", and secondly, it was forbidden to tear all the grass, it was only possible by "taking a bit much."

At the moment builders herbs has its own rules, and taboos.Thus, it is forbidden to tear those medicinal plants that are included in the Red Book of Russia and labeled it the word "protected".Collect the following only those parts of plants that are considered medicinal.Do not tear the grass in wet weather - in rain or fog.Optimally good time - morning, when the herbs dry out already from the morning dew.It takes only plants growing in ecologically clean regions.The soil should not have been contaminated by waste and garbage, you can not tear the plants at landfills to collect them in the city or near highways.Depreciate dirty and dusty plants, since it is desirable to wash the roots only.For me

dical purposes, collect the following plant parts: flowers (inflorescence), leaves, fruits, seeds, buds, bark, grass (stems with leaves and flowers), roots and rhizomes.Doing reserves stems and other aerial parts, cutting tools should be used, rather than pull the whole plant.The roots are dug using a spade.

In Russia, collection of medicinal plants are usually timed to the day Agrafena - Globe (6 July new style) and is followed by the day of Ivan Kupala Day (July 7).It was a time of mass flowering grasses and.

Medicinal plants contain the maximum number of active substances are usually in the period from the start of flowering to fruit formation.Time collection of individual parts of the plant following.

leaves are harvested by hand for the duration of flowering plants.They should be young, fully developed, damaged by diseases and pests.

The flowers are harvested during the flowering plants, they should be fresh, it is desirable to have just blossoming.

Fruits and seeds - in the period of full maturity, in a cool, dry weather.

kidneys - in the early spring when they are swollen, but not yet "hatch" leaves.

The bark is harvested in the spring, during the copious sap flow, but sometimes may be blank at the beginning of the summer.Cut off from its young branches, when she easily separated.

roots and rhizomes are harvested in early spring, but it is preferable pozdneosennie fees.Usually they dig when they become powerful and fully developed.The accumulation of active substances existing in underground parts of plants, generally coincides with the formation of reserve nutrients, ie. E. Fall.