Rules of medicinal raw materials drying

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Drying - one of the main methods of plant material of the workpiece.It consists in the process of liberation of herbal raw materials from moisture with a view to a longer storage.Right considered drying at 40-60 º C. The undesired enzyme action is suspended, as well as the development of harmful micro-organisms - bacteria and molds.There are 2 methods of drying of medicinal plant raw materials: natural and artificial.

natural drying natural warmth - the simplest and most affordable way on the condition of warm weather.Practiced solar-air and air-cured.

Solar-air drying is carried out under the open sky in the dry hot weather.In the sun to dry the ground is useful organs that contain tannins and devoid of dyes.Air solar drying is also used for fruit and berries.Flowers and grass, especially growing in the shade or partial shade, can not be dried in the sun, because the direct rays of the collapse chlorophyll (green pigment) and colorants.

for drying raw material spread in a thin layer on the floor,

covered with natural linen bedding, put under the direct rays of the sun from time to time laid out parts of the plants gently stirred.At night or in wet weather cover raw canvas or plastic wrap, open it only after the dew dries.

air-cured does not allow direct sunlight and is held on the veranda under a canopy or in a well-ventilated dark room - the barn, on a clean attic under the iron or slate roof, where on hot days the temperature rises to 40-50 ° C.Raw provyalit possible to dim the sun, and then move into the shadows for the final drying.

artificial drying heating is carried out in special kilns using special heaters, in which the hot dry air of the supply pipes rising from the bottom up, by removing moisture the plant through the exhaust pipe.The advantage of this method is that the crude drug dried quickly, and the process can be carried out at any time of year.In rainy weather, and late fall are good results given oven, electric or Russian (if available) oven.

During drying, the plants are losing a lot of water, which causes them to shrink.You can not have poisonous plants close to the non-toxic and odorless - alongside those that have a characteristic strong aroma.