Terms of storage of medicinal plants

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Dried medicinal raw materials are stored in conditions that exclude moisture and the destruction of existing substances

plants.Medicinal raw materials should be stored in clean, dry, well-ventilated, non-infected pests indoors.The storage place should be protected from direct sunlight.The optimum temperature conditions in areas - from 10 to 18 ° C and humidity of about 13%.All raw materials are to be divided into groups: general store raw materials;essential-oil;toxic and potent plant.They must be stored separately from other plants;fruits and seeds.

dried grass should be kept separate from the roots, and those in turn - on the fruit.The flowers and leaves can be mixed.Strong-smelling plants containing essential oils and other volatile substances are stored separately from the medicinal plant, which has no odor.Keep a raw material better in dark glass jars with tight-fitting lids.Suitable for this tin, nickel jars, clay and metal dishes or boxes, wooden packaging in the form of boxes, the bottom of wh

ich is lined with natural cotton fabric.

Grass is advisable to keep in paper or cloth bags.

storage life of flowers, leaves, buds and herbs - from 1 to 2 years;fruit - from 2 to 3 years, roots, rhizomes and bark - not more than 3 years.For longer storage of medicinal raw material loses its activity.

Preparation of dosage forms of plants at home.

Infusion - an aqueous solution of biologically active substances, which do not boil, and insist.Herbs pour boiling water and kept in a warm condition for at least 30 minutes.infusion is typically prepared as follows: 1:.. 10, ie, 1 part by weight of vegetable raw materials taking 10 parts by volume of water.The main drawback of infusion - the impossibility of long-term (no more than 1-2 days) storage.

Broth - aqueous extract of plant material obtained by boiling.Standard recipe: 1 tbsp.a spoonful of minced raw material is poured into an enamel bowl, pour boiled water, kept at a moderate heat for 5-40 minutes.The broth can be refrigerated

keep no more than 3 days.Re-boil the broth is undesirable.

Tincture (tincture) - dosage form, prepared from plant material, which is filled with 70%, less a 40% medical alcohol.Ratio of 1: 5, which means 20 g herb is poured 100 ml of alcohol.Stored at room temperature tincture in a dark place in a well-sealed container.

juices prepared by passing plant material through the press, grinder or a juicer.Natural juice should be consumed immediately after cooking.

powder - well dried medicinal herbs, finely ground in a metal, porcelain or wooden bowl of flour to the state.

Oil-cake obtained after squeezing the juice from plant material.

herbal oils (solution) - chopped medicinal raw materials pour vegetable oil and kept in a dark place, stirring occasionally.After 1-2 weeks the oil solution is filtered.

Ointment - a dosage form which is prepared by mixing powder of medicinal herbs or roots of plants with a fatty base petrolatum, animal fat or butter.The ratio is 1: 4.