Treatment of vegetables , fruits and juices

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

According to the World Health Organization in the diet of healthy eating adult must be present at least 40 kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries.It is preferable to use them in their raw form.Vegetables, berries and fruits contain a large amount of useful biologically active substances - vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements, various carbohydrates, organic acids, volatile, flavonoids, tannins, essential oils, are actively involved in metabolic processes.Their presence allows the vegetables, fruits and berries to actively protect our body from a variety of diseases.

It is desirable that the diet was attended by at least at least 5 types of vegetables and 3 types of fruit.The weighted average as a set of products, in addition to potatoes, should include 400 grams of vegetables and 100 grams of fresh fruits.

healing properties of plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, berries, spices and nuts shall be determined by the presence of antioxidants and substances that enhance the immune system

of our body.Antioxidants prevent the development of many chronic diseases.

This powerful inner strength that helps us to "liberate" - that is translated from the Latin word "immunity" - from the effects of adverse factors affecting our body and cause all sorts of diseases.

value of plant products is that they tend to have low caloric: an average of 100 g of edible portion vegetables from 20 to 40 kcal, fruits and berries - from 30 to 50 kcal (except for a high-calorie potato, peas, bananas, grapes, dates, sea buckthorn).Due to low caloric very helpful unloading fruit and vegetable diet.

list of the best antioxidants head cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, and among the leading vegetable artichokes, red-brown potatoes and legumes.

At the same time we must remember that long term use of mono-diet can contribute to the emergence of side effects, so be sure before starting any course of treatment, consult your doctor.