Medicinal cocktails juice

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Natural juices get to flowing fruits, berries, vegetables, and occasionally leaves, grass and other plant parts through the juicer, grinder or a special press.Use the juice with pulp is better because they have more fiber, roughage needed for digestion.

All fruit juices - an excellent tool for prevention of diseases of the circulatory system.However, vegetable juices such drinks stimulates metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins from the body and usually have degidraticheskimi properties, which is especially useful for nursing mothers.

course of treatment juices - 1.5 months.Take they should be 2-3 hours before a meal, and it is desirable that the daily dose should not exceed 0.5 liters.

Curative are not only monosoki - drinks, squeezed from a single plant species, but also cocktails, ie a mixture of juices...Juice squeezed from one type of vegetable, fruit or berries, contain almost all nutrients and biologically active substances.The main thing, do not add them to the sugar or other substances not to

lose vitamins.Mixtures of different juices to help with a variety of ailments and illnesses.

salts of iron, which a lot of juice, are involved in the creation of the main elements of the blood - hemoglobin.

It is advisable to use fresh drinks, t. E. Immediately after extraction.Even short-term storage in the refrigerator accelerates the fermentation and spoilage of healing agents.

As a tonic, improves metabolism, apply a mixture of beet juice, taken in equal proportions with carrot and redechnym.It helps she and anemia.

When neurological disorders is useful to drink a cocktail prepared in a blender of 230 ml of carrot juice and 30 grams of parsley.The second option: equal parts mixture of potato and carrot juices.

migraine prepared in a blender mixture of 250 ml of carrot juice and 30 grams of spinach greens.

At constant headaches is necessary to prepare a cocktail of 230 ml of carrot juice, 140 ml and 50 g of apple green spinach.

When insomnia need to drink a mixture of 280 ml of carrot juice and 40 g of green celery.

In cardiovascular diseases should more regularly include in the menu cooked in a blender mixture of 200 ml of carrot juice and a small amount of green celery, parsley, spinach in equal amounts.

In diseases of gastrointestinal tract usually necessary to drink a cocktail consisting of beet and cucumber juices, taken by 85 ml and added to a mixture of 280 ml of carrot juice.

Gastric ulcer is useful mixture of 220 ml of carrot juice, 110 ml of cabbage and 50 g chopped celery greens.

When colitis is possible to prepare a drink made from apple and carrot juice, taken in equal proportions, for example, 250 ml.

In asthma, arthritis and allergies helps mixture consisting of 200 ml of carrot juice, 150 ml of beetroot juice, 150 ml of cucumber juice.

When arthritis and arthrosis in the morning should be regularly drinking a mixture of equal parts (eg 50 ml) of grapefruit juice, carrot and apple.Alternatively, 75 ml of the birch, grapefruit and apple juice.

In general sclerosis will drink prepared from 250 ml of carrot juice, 80 ml and 40 ml cabbage beet juice.

When diabetes is very useful cocktail, mixed with an equal amount of juice Brussels sprouts, carrots, potatoes.In one portion can take 50 ml of each juice.

dieters are recommended ratio of 1: 1 mixture of the following fruit juice: orange and cherry,

orange and blackcurrant, orange and blackberry, apricot and cherry, cherry and peach, apple and black currant.

In rheumatoid arthritis, and to prevent it is recommended to take a drink, mixed with 150 ml of carrot juice, 50 ml and 100 ml of beetroot juice potato.

When sinusitis should drink a cocktail prepared with 250 ml of carrot juice, 50 ml and 50 ml beet cucumber juice.

from hay fever prepare a cocktail of 50 ml of beetroot and carrot juice 150 ml, 150 ml of cucumber juice.

When constipation help the mixture of 200 ml of carrot juice, 100 ml of apple and 100 ml of cucumber juice.

from hemorrhoids will help the mixture of 200 ml of carrot juice and 150 ml apple juice.

When acne is useful cooked in a blender mixture consisting of 250 ml of carrot juice and 50 grams of spinach.