Useful properties of walnuts

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Walnut is perhaps the most unique and the brightest representative of the plant community, plant where all the parts have high biologically active properties.Walnut contributes significantly to the green pantry, which contributes to highly effective treatment of the human body from many ailments.It is a long time and in many countries of the world is known as an excellent therapeutic agent.

many centuries ago, the famous Avicenna stated that the nut is an effective drug for the treatment of several diseases.In his writings, he recommended walnut for restoring power suffered from exhaustion, and for example, chopped nuts and honey are suitable for the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.More about the benefits you can see here.

Oriental medicine believes that the nut strengthens the brain, heart and liver.According to the treatises of the ancient Tajik medicine combined use of walnut kernels with the milk, in addition to the positive impact on health, it is a highly effective means to ne

utralize and eliminate harmful substances from the body.His prescribed indigestion.

Mature nuts contain vitamins: A, B 1 , B2, B12, B15, C, K, E, PP, carotene, tannins, sitosterony, quinones, linoleic, linolenic acid, gallotaniny, juglone, essential oils, volatile, a small amount of gallic acid and elagovoy.They are rich in mineral elements: 390-600 mg of phosphorus, potassium, 600-1300, 150-250 magnesium, calcium, 85-180, 50-100 gray, iron, 5-25, 5-10 aluminum, manganese 2-15, zinc 2.5-6 mg, much less of iodine, cobalt, copper, strontium, chromium, fluorine, nickel.The cotyledons

nut and concentrated all the main amino acids: glutathione, cystine, lysine, gistadin, arginine, glutamic acid and asparagenovaya, alanine, proline, valine.

amino acids contained in the nucleus, positively affect the formation of the skeletal system, bones, blood, heart, skin and hair.In

nuts, unlike other fruit, berry and vegetable plants containing all necessary to sustain life substances: 30-77% fat, 10-20% protein and 5-15% carbohydrates.The amount of nutrients in nuts reaches 94-95%.

wonder nuts food since ancient times considered heroes.Although proteins are equivalent proteins nut meat and milk, the digestibility of them is different.Meat allocates uric acid in the body, i.e.material for the deposition of salts and various obstructions, milk, in turn, requires a liver lysine for processing of milk sugar and fat.Contained in the nuclei of lysine promotes early digestion of proteins, nuts without unnecessary expenditure of energy.

priests in ancient Babylon forbade the common people to eat nuts, and the ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote that walnuts are endowed with a special vitality.

Nuts can provide our bodies with all necessary vitamins and minerals, not to mention the proteins, fats and carbohydrates, they are different from other fruits and vegetables.X

Swiss doctor Bircher M. Berger considered nuts, almost the most useful food.This is a natural live foods rich sun energy.In principle, you can eat some nuts.

known American doctor D. Gale argues that 4-5 walnuts a day is enough to protect themselves from the increased radiation.

Hippocrates advised to consume nuts in diseases of the stomach, brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

known psychologist Vladimir Levi calls walnut "for the brain Day" as its regular intake improves memory.

In Greek mythology, in the legend of the origin of walnut, states that Kariya, daughter Lacaune king Dion, beloved of Dionysus, was turned to them in a walnut tree, and later, when the girls were taken dance around the sacred tree in honor of the goddess Artemis (patronessthis tree), someone scared them.They threw themselves under his protection and turned into nuts.The word "Karia" the ancient Greeks meant "hazel", but more often identified with this name walnut.

«Tree of Life» - so often styled walnut, because for a long time he fed, recuperating and treating human.

The Bible says, "Do it on the banks of the stream on both sides shall grow all trees ... their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing" (Ezekiel 47:12).Without a doubt, this refers to a walnut, because it comes from those places, which are known as the birthplace of the most widespread on earth religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

body to benefit from this wonderful fruit, you need to eat at one time 3-4 nuts, no more than 10 nuts a day.

According to ancient Tajik medicine, "the excessive use of walnut causes irritation, inflammation of the tonsils, a rash in the mouth, especially in people with the hot kind."

mixture of walnut kernels, cheese, raisins strengthens the heart muscle, nervous system, beneficial effects on the liver.

In ancient times, walnuts are considered the first vehicle, a warning poisoning strongest poisons.What should eat on an empty stomach in the morning, two walnut with two wine berries, leaves and salt.

In Chinese medicine, the core of ripe nuts used in nephrolithiasis in England - in diabetes and sclerosis, in Tajikistan - in diseases of the stomach, which is mixed with the crushed core raisins and figs.Russian healers recommended for ulcerative colitis, being on the diet for 3-4 months, 2-3 to eat nuts daily.The improvement comes after a month, and after four months of stable recovery.In Ukraine, chewed nuts applied as a patch to abscesses and nogteedu.

3-4 nut with honey is not only a good meal but also a remedy for headaches, insomnia, multiple sclerosis.However, a large number of , more than 5 pieces at one time can cause headache and vasospasm.

Nuts are high in fiber, and therefore increases peristalsis of the stomach.Preparations of the cores are used for mercury poisoning.Nut consumption helps us to gain vitamins and spend them for the entire year, to replenish our body with iodine, especially at a time when they are aggravated chronic diseases.

Nuts are the most valuable and fundamental building blocks for the formation and functioning of the brain cells, bone, and nerve cells.

In the book "Recipes Vanga" famous Bulgarian healer gives the following recipe: ignited in the oven for 3 with a nut shell until they acquire a dark brown color.After cooling, pound them and add to the weight of the spoon of cod liver oil.Well lubricated damaged by eczema in a few times.

Nuts reduced manpower, splitting pyruvic acid.They are recommended for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, with great physical and mental stress, with significant weight loss, recovering from a serious illness, nursing mothers, patients with neurological diseases, gout, with impaired circulation, with Graves' disease, diabetes and kidney disease,as well as people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.If the nuts fresh poorly absorbed, they should fry.When the consumption of nuts important thing to consider, is that they are well and quickly absorbed only with careful chewing.Only in this case, high therapeutic effect is achieved.

Kernels for a long time known as a good anthelmintic, as well as liver and urinary organs.With daily use, they have a tonic effect on the nervous system, contribute to the removal of fatigue, strengthen the heart muscle - at one time, you can eat up to 30-50 grams of walnuts.At the Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus, there is a belief - 2-3 nuts a day - and in the elderly is not necessary to resort to the aid of glasses.

mixture of walnuts with buckwheat groats in a ratio of 1: 5 to grind into flour, from the evening of one and a half tablespoons of the mixture pour kefir 2 cm every morning to eat the prepared and seize 1 grated apple..During the day, 30 minutes before a meal, use one tablespoon mixture.The treatment of diabetes - 5 months.

The kernels contain a large amount of magnesium, which has a calming effect on the brain person who is in an excited state.Nut consumption at the time of stress contributes to stress relief, the person relaxes and is able to talk.Scientific studies show that magnesium deficiency leads to our brain generative condition that eventually causes irritability, forgetfulness, dizziness and frequent.The fruits of a nut in a nut halva is used as a reinforcing agent for anemia and after diseases.

When impotence help crushed walnut kernels, mixed with honey in equal proportions.Take this drug for 2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day 30 minutes after eating, drinking milk.The course of treatment should be at least 20-30 days.

for regulation of the heart, as well as to strengthen the entire body is recommended to mix in equal proportions - walnuts, raisins, figs, dried apricots.Take 1 tablespoon daily, and the resulting mixture was stored in the refrigerator.

present in the acid mixture can increase the body's resistance to radiation exposure, as well as to improve the stability of healthy cells with respect to the X-rays of high voltage.Not casually nuts are required in the diet together with astronauts prunes, and in the form of paste and cream.Tsiolkovsky's prediction has come true, which say of nuts as a food astronauts.Indispensable nuts in childhood nourishing diet, together with fruits and vegetables.The world-famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl, making travel around the globe, include in your diet kernels.

Clinical observation of the three groups of patients (high, low and normal gastric acidity) found useful, a normalizing effect of walnuts on gastric secretion.For example, a ten-consumption by patients with high acidity of gastric contents nuclei led to a decrease it to normal.One-time use of nuts also dramatically reduces the acidity.Admission nuts patients with low acidity led to an increase it to normal.Almost all patients tolerate nuts that reduce pain and dyspeptic symptoms.

Due to the high content of kernels of fat-soluble substances - tokoferelov required for fertilization and maintenance of normal births, nuts are recommended for the prevention and treatment of infertility.

One of the recipes of traditional medicine says: "For the treatment of hypertension and iron-deficiency anemia should eat 100 grams of nuts every day with 60 grams of honey, or without it for 45 days."Useful nuts and coronary heart disease.

Nuts eaten with dry figs and rue, severe poisoning poison literally rescued from death.Pounded with rue and honey nuts resolves the tumor and help for nervous spasms.Powdered nuts applied to the human navel with abdominal pain, which helps to eliminate pain.When nursing patients undergoing prolonged surgery, severe illness, suffering and exhausted people asthenia, Academician Nikolai Amosov offers the following recipe: Take walnuts, raisins and honey in equal proportions, to three cups of this mixture add the juice of one large lemon.The resulting mixture was mixed thoroughly and stored in a refrigerator.Take it should be before meals for 2-3 teaspoons several times a day.Similarly, the drug is a balm "Hazel".After cooking 100 grams of aloe wash, chop, add water (1: 3) and to insist 1,5 hours.The resulting infusion is well to press, strain and mix with 500 grams of chopped nuts, 300 grams of honey.Balm placed in a glass bottle closed tight lid.

Store in a cool dark place.Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 10 minutes before eating.

useful and palatable among medical preparations walnut, although less common, is a nut milk: 20 grams kernels crushed, pour 100 grams of warm boiled water, shake well, filter and add 1-2 teaspoons of honey.Take dessert spoon 5-6 times a day for 30 minutes before eating .Healing of gastric ulcers is fast and efficient.

Recent studies have shown that patients in the first six weeks were offered to eat at the Cretan diet, and then stick to a diet that includes a number of nuts to 35% of it meets the needs of the organism in unsaturated fatty acids.As expected, both the diet contributed to a decrease in patients with cholesterol levels.However, the "nut" diet was more effective: in its application rate of cholesterol decreased by 40% and the risk of myocardial infarction - 11%.

According LYSklyarevskii, decoctions of the leaves and the pericarp is a good tonic and blood cleansing remedy, especially when diathesis.

Besides the often used the drug - alcohol brew husk remaining after the purification of the walnut, it is possible to prepare a similar drug on a sugar syrup.For this purpose prepares 10-20 percent sugar syrup, which is boiled for 10-12 minutes, and hot-filled into glass complementing 2.3-liter cans pericarp.Close kapron lids.Insist 2 days, and we filter on the third day.The resulting infusion boil for 10-15 minutes on low heat and pour into sterilized hot 2-3-liter jars, hermetically sealed them, are turning down the necks and cool.Patients assigned 30-50 ml orally 2-3 times a day before meals with gastritis, diarrhea, enterocolitis and colitis, accompanied by diarrhea.

In folk medicine for the treatment of impotence, multiple sclerosis, Cardiosclerosis, atherosclerosis following drug use: pour the crushed nuts with honey in equal proportions.Drink 2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day 30 minutes after eating, drinking milk.The course of treatment - 20-30 days.

For asthma treatment aloe leaves stand in a dark place for 12 days.Run them through a meat grinder and pour boiling water in a ratio of 1: 3, to insist 1,5 hours.Then squeeze the juice and 100 grams of juice mixed with 0.5 kg of chopped nuts.To this mixture was added 300 grams of honey.The resulting mixture should be stirred several times during the day.Take 1 tablespoon of the infusion 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

To get rid of the smell of garlic and onions need to eat 2-3 walnut.Mixtures of nuts infusion with propolis tincture should treat eczema ears, itching in the ears, and in patients prone to allergic diseases of = for antibiotics and other medications.Fresh crushed core and poultices walnut oil, used in the treatment of bruises, traces of impact and location of injuries.Nuts - the best medicine, there are concentrated enzymes life.

To stop nosebleeds need to use the following means: fry, stirring constantly, an equal amount of nuts and sesame .Grind to a powder and take it one teaspoon every night before bed.You can add a little honey this drug.

There is a popular belief: fingering in the pocket of 3-4 nut and compressing them, thus we promote enlightenment brain.Rolling in the palm nut is the means calming the nervous system, it is familiar to people since ancient times.It is based on the therapeutic effect of hand activity.It turns out that the work of the hands contributes to mental calm and prevents the development of fatigue in the brain centers because the nerve endings fingertips directly connected to the brain.A rush of blood to the hands favorable psycho-emotional stability and physical health.

Nuts are recommended to patients with anemia, as they contain salts of cobalt and iron due to the detected in the nuclei of walnut rare trace elements - cobalt, biological feature is due to the active participation in the processes of tissue respiration, immunogenesis and protein metabolism.This rare earth element provides intensive iron absorption in the intestine, its transition of hemoglobin and rapid maturation of young red blood cells, and therefore increasing the current value of nuts in our diet.