Useful and therapeutic properties of dental amaevicha

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

description.An annual herb of the family celery (Apiaceae), 80-100 cm tall.Taproot woody, subramose, penetrates deep into the ground.Stem erect, branched, round, leafy.Leaves are complex, vaginal, double or trehperistorassechennye.Inflorescence - large cyme 15-20 cm in diameter, small flowers, with an unpleasant odor.Corolla white, five-petal, about 1 mm long.Weight of 1000 seeds (poluplodika) - 0.5-0.6 g Flowers in June - August, fruiting in August-September.

medicinal raw materials: seeds.

Biological features.Ammi tooth - suhostoykoe plant, and only in the initial flowering period requires moisture;excessive moisture during the flowering period of a negative impact on crop yields, causing obsypaniya ovaries, fungal diseases and a significant loss of seeds.For the germination of seeds needed increased soil moisture.Shoots ammi tooth during the spring sowing appear in 10-17 day, and a month later comes the phase sockets.Flowering starts after 90 days and lasts for 40-45 days.Seeds ripen in late August.

This phase lasts until the end of September.The growing season ranges from 150 to 170 days.

Distribution.Under natural conditions, it is distributed mainly in the Mediterranean region.In a small number found in the Caucasus.It is cultivated in the south of Ukraine.

chemical composition.Quantitative and qualitative composition of active substances ammi tooth depends largely on the growth conditions.The whole plant contains derivatives furanohromona and flavonoids.In addition, the fruit contains approximately 20% fatty oils, essential oils available.The main active ingredient ammi tooth - Kellin.

Ex hostname.The fruit ammi tooth has long been used in folk medicine in Egypt and the Middle East as an effective tool in the treatment of kidney stones.The pharmacological activity of this plant is due to amount of biologically active substances antispasmodic.The individual components, for example vispamin exhibit photosensitizing and sedative effect.

USSR from the fruit ammi tooth preparations were made and Kellin avisan.Kellin prescribed for aterosklerotiches Com cardiosclerosis, chronic coronary insufficient

accuracy, spasms of the stomach and intestines, as well as angina and asthma in mezhpristupovye periods.Kellin vikalina part of the preparations, and kelatrina keliverina.Avisan recommended spasm urinary-tract-conducting, for better discharge of urinary stones, renal colic, as well as to facilitate catheterization of the ureters.

Agrotehnika growing.Site selection.Ammi tooth is not very demanding on soil fertility and can be cultivated at any except the low-lying fields are flooded and soils affected by dodder.Good precursors are fallow and grain coming in pairs, prosapnye and legumes, and of medicinal plants - Dalmatian daisy and poppy.

Tillage starts with stubble stubble field after the release of the precursor to a depth of 8-10 cm. After the emergence of weeds produce main plowing to a depth of 20-22 cm, 1-2 times cultivated and harrowed.Before sowing the soil is harrowed again.When heavily compacted soil cultivated field to a depth of 8-10 cm.

fertilization.Mineral fertilizers are applied in the main plowing in a dose of 60 kg of nitrogen, 60 kg phosphorus and 45-60 kg of potassium per 1 ha.If the fertilizer is not made, they are making spring under cultivation at the rate of 30 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium per 1 ha.

reproduction.Ammi tooth propagated by seeds.It is best to sow seeds in early spring stratified (stratified for a month or two before planting).Seeding rate in this case is 5-6 kg / ha, and for planting before winter - 7 kg / ha.Embedment depth for the spring term of 2-3 cm for winter - 1-1.5 cm Row spacing -.. 60-70 cm

Care plantations is a systematic treatment of row spacing and weeding in rows from early spring.A significant effect in growing ammi tooth buketirovanie gives its crops, especially on heavily littered fields.Buketiruyut scheme - bouquet of 30 cm and 30 cm cut-out that does not reduce the yield of the main product.Buketirovanie should be done before the first weeding in the phase of 2-3 true leaves at a plant density of at least 50 seedlings ammi tooth per meter row.

Rolls harvested as grain drying fruit combines with podbornikami, which are regulated ddya cleaning small-seeded crops.The resulting harvest is sorted on the current.The average seed yield with sex is 6-10 t / ha.Cleaning can be carried out and direct harvesting.Despite the fact that the seeds ripen asynchronously (first on the central umbels, and after 20-30 days, and on the side), cleaning is scheduled for a time when the seeds ripen in most umbrellas (in late September - early October).It was at this time the smallest loss of fruit abscission.

drying.After harvesting the fruit is dried and finally purified by winnowing machines.