Useful and therapeutic properties of a spreading zheltushnik

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Synonyms: zheltushnik gray, Bog, broom, girchak.

description.The two-year herbaceous plant of the cabbage family (Brassicaceae) up to 80 cm, pubescent with short gray-green hairs.The root of a small rod.Stem erect, branched.Leaves rosette, oblong, denticulate, narrowed to the petiole.Stem leaves sessile, alternate, linear-oblong, entire.The flowers are small, yellow, regular shape, gathered in a loose panicle erect 15-25 cm long.Fruit - pod, turned away from the stem,

up to 7 cm long, four-sided, thin, gray-whitish due to the pressed hairs, the seeds are small, oblong, yellowish-brown.Weight of 1000 seeds - 0.25-0.3 g Flowering in May-July.The whole plant is poisonous.

medicinal raw materials: grows on dry hills, rocky slopes.Most often it occurs in small groups or scattered.Tangle usually not formed.

Distribution.It occurs on the territory of Ukraine, except for the Carpathians.Cultivated.

chemical composition.All parts of the plant contain glycosides heart action, digitalis glyco

sides similar, but with less cumulative properties and shorter duration of action.In the zheltushnik glycosides significantly greater than digitalis, adonis and lily of the valley.Grass seeds and contain glycosides and erizimin erizimozid (in seeds and flowers of 2-6%, the leaves - 1-1.5%, stem - 0.5-0.7%), organic acids (citric, tartaric, malic).In addition, the seeds are found other cardiac glycosides action, as well as fatty oil, which consists of linoleic, oleic and palmitic acid.

Application.The pharmacological activity of the plant depends on the content in it glycosides grass - erizimina and erizimozida.Clinical and pharmacological studies have shown the importance of a spreading zheltushnik as an active means of a heart.The nature of drugs from him approaching strofanu, differing from it in that there are faster but less continuously, rapidly cleared from the heart muscle.In addition, preparations are expectorant and diuretic, calming effect on

the central nervous system, are appointed in acute and chronic failure of the cardiovascular system, circulatory disorders, hypertension, angina pectoris, kardiosklerosis, for all pulmonary and thoracic diseases, includinghoarseness and dropsy.Although plants and drugs are not cumulated in the body, but because of their high biological activity, assign them to be careful.

Agrotehnika growing.Site selection.Under zheltushnik can take chernozem, light sandy, loamy soil, and others, do not swim and do not form a crust.The best precursors are clean or engaged couples, as well as the winter crops, which are fertilized by couples.

Tillage.In the fall of the main plowing it is recommended soon after the harvest of early crops.In early spring harrowing retain moisture in the soil and seal it with a strong cultured followed by harrowing.

fertilization.Zheltushnik demanding to fertilizers.Very high yield of the grass he gives in acidic soils with mineral fertilizers together with humus, with the addition of lime 15-20 t / ha.With such a feeding ground harvest almost doubled.

zheltushnik Propagated by sowing seeds.Sowing can be in three terms: in early spring, summer (around August), as well as for winter.But the best results are obtained by planting early spring.Seed sowing method with aisles of 45-60 cm;depth of embedding seed - 1-2 cm seeding rate - 4-6 kg / ha.For podzimnego seeding rate increased to 7 kg / ha (without embedding sow the seeds).Enjoy drills with disc or hoe.

Care plantations.During the growing season it is recommended 2-3 times weed weeds in rows 3-4 and conduct mechanized processing of row spacing.In the second year of life in early spring transition plantation vspushivayut and fed, as well as 1-2 times weeding.

Harvesting is done during flowering, when accumulated the maximum number of glycosides in plants.The grass is mowed at a height of 10-15 cm from the soil surface.

drying.Cut grass first dried in small piles and then transported to dryness on the current indoor or in the dryer, where the raw material is dried at a temperature of about 40-60 ° C.You can dry the grass and under a tin roof with proper ventilation.

Packaging.Grass is packed with a press in bags or bales of 20-60 kg.

Storage.Store raw materials in dry, shaded, well-ventilated area.

Growing seeds.Seeds harvested at the dough stage of ripeness to avoid significant losses from fraying.