Useful and therapeutic properties of mallow

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Synonyms: black hollyhock, Alcea.

description.A perennial herb of the family Malvaceae (Malvaceae) with branched long root.Stems single, three or five pieces in a bush, height 1.8-2.0 m;branches short, 20-30 cm long. The leaves are rounded-cordate, crenate, yellowish-green, pubescent below, with finely toothed edges.Flowers are single, meeting at the top of the stem in a spike-like inflorescences.Neopadayuschaya Calyx five-lobed, slightly arched, black and red.The fruit - achene.It blooms from July to late autumn.

medicinal raw materials: flowers.

Biological features.Seeds of black mallow, unlike marshmallow have a maximum germination rate in the first year of life.With each subsequent year of germination decreases.For example, the first year of germination was 89% for the fourth - 54%, and the fifth - 40.5%.

Distribution.In the wild rose stem-growing in Greece and Turkey.Homeland it is considered the Balkans.In some Western European countries, it occurs as an escape.

most favorable area of ​​cultur

e Hollyhock is the south of Ukraine.Cultivate some of her raznovid

of which differ in color and mahr0.EAST flowers: white, yellow, red, pink, purple,null, SPECIAL black and red, etc.

chemical composition..Flowers mallow contain dubil.nye and dyes, as well as mucus.A lot of mucus there and in the roots.

Application.The medicinal and industrial purposes are the most valuable form with dark red and black flowers.The flowers of black mallow is used in medicine as an emollient in diseases of the an industrial raw material, they are widely used in wine-making (especially in France and Germany) for coloring of red wines.In addition, mallow and bred as an ornamental plant.

Agrotehnika growing.the cultivation of black mallow Agricultural practices are basically the same as for the Althea drug.

reproduction.Sowing mallow can be done in the fall, but this is best done in early spring, around the middle of April, at the rate of 7-9 kg / ha in specially prepared beds.Within 10-14 days, there are friendly shoots.Once on the plant will be two or three of the first leaf, with its dive between rows 18 cm, and the same distance from each other are planted in a bed.Around the middle of May next year, the plants are planted to a permanent place at the area of ​​food 70x30 cm.

plantations care is weeding and thinning seedlings.

Harvesting.Mallow flowers are harvested from early July to late September in the morning after the dew falling off.The flowers are harvested for medicinal purposes with a cup and some petals are used to color wine.

Plantation black mallow provide products for four years.It is well acclimatized plants that require broad implementation in production.This nemahrovye bushes are the most productive.