Useful and therapeutic properties of plantain bloshnogo

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Synonyms: flea grass bloshitsa, bloshnogo seed bloshnik.

description.An annual herb of the family plantaginaceae (Plantaginaceae) up to 40 cm. Root fusiform, small.The stem on the top and in the inflorescences-Stranded lezistoopushenny, very branched.Leaves are small, 20-30 mm long, 3-5 mm wide, entire, linear, opposite.Inflorescence - egg-shaped heads on long stalks.The flowers are small, pinkish-brown with a whisk.Fruit - capsule 3-4 mm long.Seeds red-brownish, shiny, smooth, 2-3 mm long.Flowers in June - August.Seeds ripen asynchronously from August to September.Weight of 1000 seeds - 0.4-0.5 g

medicinal raw materials: seeds and fresh grass.

Biological features.Plantain bloshnogo different short growing season, so it can be cultivated in areas with moderate and moderately warm climate.This undemanding plant.Seeds for moistening strongly osliznyayutsya.

locus.Most often it grows on dry slopes.

Distribution.Plantain bloshnogo wild grows on dry slopes in the South Caucasus.In Ukraine (in Sumy and P

oltava regions) bloshnogo plantain are cultivated as a medicinal plant.

chemical composition.Psyllium seeds contain a considerable amount of mucus, proteins, fatty oils, mineral salts and iridoid glycosides aukubin.The grass plantain, except mucus, there aukubin, flavonoids and other substances.

Application.The seeds of plantain bloshnogo (whole or crushed) is used as a laxative when

tions of chronic constipation.The laxative effect is caused by mucous substances: when wet, especially in the alkaline environment of the intestine, there is a significant swelling of the seed, which increases the volume of the intestinal contents and enhances motility due to mechanical irritation of mucous membranes.Furthermore, the presence of large amounts in the seeds causes their overlying mucus, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties and ability to adsorb bacteria.Experimentally proved that plantain bloshnogo accelerates blood clotting process.On this basis, the use of broth and mucus from psyllium is recommended for ulcerative lesions of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and chronic inflammatory diseases, bleeding complications.Locally, in the form of a poultice of crushed seeds, soaked in hot water, plantain bloshnogo use in inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, skin diseases (ulcers, swelling), for the treatment of cracked nipples in nursing mothers (poultices applied to cracks after each feeding).Pharmacy drug "juice of plantain", consisting of a mixture of equal volumes of juice freshly harvested leaves of plantain and grasses plantain bloshnogo, appointed interior with anatsidnyh gastritis and chronic colitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (in normal acidity) and externally to heal wounds, cuts.In combination with antibiotics and sulfanilamide preparations juice from fresh leaves of plantain bloshnogo used in chronic dysentery.

Agrotehnika growing.Site selection.Most suitable for plantain bloshnogo are light black earth, fertile sandy loam and loamy soils.In the field it is recommended to sow the crop rotation after winter cereals, legumes and root crops, reaching fertilizer.

Tillage.The main autumn tillage is done in exactly the same way as for other row crops.Presowing cultivation is carried out at a depth of 5-6 cm with a simultaneous harrowing and easy compacting roller.

fertilization.In order to ensure soil fertility is recommended under the predecessor to make organiches

Kie, and under the main autumn plowing - mineral (50-70 kg / ha of active compound) fertilizer.

reproduction.Plantain bloshnogo propagated by seeds.Seeding rate - 5-6 kg / ha, with inter-row spacing of 45-60 cm, and the embedding depth -. 2-3 cm After the precursors (row crops) in the areas clean of weeds, it can wreak Drill a continuous manner at a rate of 10-12 kg seed/ ha.Harvest seeds Asyl higher than when in wide.

Care plantations.After germination spend the first loosening of row spacing, and the formation of the second pair of true leaves - harrowed.Then, as needed, treated aisle and weed weeds in the rows.

Harvesting plantain leaves bloshnogo intended for juice produced in mass flowering period.Plantain collect harvester equipped with stacker, and immediately transported to the place of processing - for currents under a canopy.Seeds harvested at full maturity period in inflorescences lower tiers when they have not showered;immature seeds of the middle and upper tiers ripen during drying.

drying.Drying should be in clear dry weather, because even with little moisture the seeds become sticky and threshing are difficult and sometimes even impossible.Because of this, the collected mass should be spread for drying a thin layer (8-10 cm) and systematically flip.The dried grass threshed on threshing, seeds purified by winnowing.With proper farming techniques the average seed yield of 8-9 t / ha.

Packaging.Seeds are packed in bags of 30 kg.

Storage.In a dry and well-ventilated place.

Quality requirements.Ready seeds plantain bloshnogo should be reddish-brown, shiny, smooth, oval, fine, length of 3 mm, a width of 1 mm

.Allowed: moisture not more than 13%, immature seeds - 3%, organic impurities - 1%, mineral -

2%.For seeding selected largest mature seeds germination with not less than 80%.

Grass must meet the requirements of the FS 42-567-72.