Useful and therapeutic properties cyanosis blue

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Synonyms: cyanosis azure, cyanosis azure.

description.A perennial herb of the family polemoniaceae (Polemoniaceae) up to 1 m. Rhizome thick, short, horizontal, with many fine roots.Stems ribbed, hollow, erect.Leaves alternate, odd-pinnate, lower - petiolate, upper - sessile.Flowers in paniculate inflorescences, have a pleasant smell.Corolla bright blue, light blue, dark purple, rarely white, cup quinquepartite, fruit - trehgnezdnaya, many-seeded capsule ovoid or spherical shape.Seeds are dark brown.

1000 seeds is about 1.5 g Flowering in June-July, the seeds ripen in August-September.

medicinal raw materials: rhizomes with roots.

Biological features.Cyanosis - water-loving and very sensitive to drought and high temperature plant, especially in the initial period of growth, but is resistant to low temperatures.

locus.It grows in damp meadows, forest edges, on the banks of rivers, among the thickets.

Distribution.In Ukraine, widespread in forested areas in the forest, except Pokuttya and Hem, in the

north-eastern part of the steppe.It is grown in culture from 1948

chemical composition.Rhizomes with the roots of cyanosis contain triterpene saponins (20-30%), resins, organic acids, traces of essential oils, fats and starch.

Application.Herbal medicines cyanosis blue facilitate and enhance expectoration, reduce the catarrhal phenomena, calm the central nervous system, increases blood clotting.Efficiency expectorant action cyanosis senega not inferior, and the effectiveness of Seda-tive action exceeds medicinal valerian and Leonurus 8-10 times.The use of drugs cyanosis as an expectorant indicated for chronic and acute bronchitis, with lobar pneumonia in the stage of lysis and pulmonary tuberculosis, which is accompanied by a painful cough.As a sedative and anticonvulsant cyanosis used for insomnia, nervous and mental shocks, epilepsy and tetany.In conjunction with the dried flowers

dirty cyanosis application is recommended for stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

Agrotehnika growing.Site selection.Under cyanosis recommended allocate areas with fertile, Struts.tour, with deep groundwater u0 light textured soils - the best low-lying, but not aspic.Salty and acidic soils with high standing water is not suitable.The best precursors are clean or engaged couple, winter and row crops, which are on the fertilizer.

soil treatment is carried out depending on the precursor release field, mainly as for the other row crops.

fertilization.In the autumn under the main autumn plowing it is recommended to apply at 40-60 t / ha of manure or compost, and when this is not possible, their rate reduced by half, but is made of mineral fertilizers (40 t / ha of active ingredient).In addition, during sowing in rows make granular superphosphate (8-10 kg / ha of active ingredient).

Reproduction cyanosis carried out seeds.The method of sowing the ordinary with aisles of 45-60 cm. Sow early spring and before winter.Norma sowing seeds in the spring of 8-10 kg / ha at planting depth of 2-3 cm, and before winter - 10-12 kg / ha without termination.

Care plantations is to systematically fluffing row spacing and weeding of weeds in rows 3-4 times during the growing season.In the second year of life fertilized plantation in early spring at the rate of 30 kg / ha of active ingredient of mineral fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).At the same time carry out the fight against pests and diseases.

Harvesting is carried out at the end of the growing season of potato or single-hull plow.Harvested roots clear of the ground and the remains of stems, thick rhizomes cut lengthwise into pieces and quickly wash special washing machines.

drying.Washed roots vyalyat and finally dried in a dryer at a temperature of 50-60 ° C, and then left in a heap for 1-2 days in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Packaging.After drying, the roots are compressed and then packed in bales or bags of 50 kg.

Storage is carried out in a dry and well-ventilated place.

Quality requirements.Raw materials must meet the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia XI (FS-74, pp. 362-363).

Growing seeds.For seed production plantations emit best for growth of grass plots, where the harvest is collected reaper equipped stacker.On small plots seeds are harvested by hand, shaking them.Begin cleaning when pobureyut boxes.