Protecting drug raw materials

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

reserves of medicinal raw materials in our country are enormous but not unlimited, they can not be taken until the end, not caring about future generations on Earth.

vigorous activity of people, aimed at draining swamps, development of new lands, giant pace of industrial development, the rapid growth of cities and other activities directly or indirectly cause the depletion of natural resources.Some plant species is now found in much smaller quantities than before.To save these species as well as rare plants, endangered, they are included in the Red Book.Among the wild species of flora of the USSR, in need of protection, there are a lot of herbs: arnica, colchicum, yellow gentian, Adonis spring, belladonna, Dioscorea Caucasian, ginseng, zaytsegub intoxicating, devil's high, RHAPONTICUM CARTHAMOIDES, Platanthera bifolia, hellebore, foxglovewoolly and grandiflora, spring primroses, snowdrops, peony "Marin root", rhodiola rosea, Scopoli karnioliyskaya, licorice, orchids and others.For this reason, some pl

ants are excluded from the range of medicines.

Some rare medicinal plants introduced into the culture, and harvesting raw material of these plants in natural conditions of their growth is not produced.In the coming years the number of these species grow, grow, and the area to be used for the culture of medicinal plants.

Thirty years of experience in the cultivation of medicinal plants in Mogilev (VI Popov, 1961, 1988) showed that in the conditions of Belarus can be cultivated medicinal marshmallow, hawthorn, elfwort, oregano, rhineberry, marigold, lily of the valley, RHAPONTICUM CARTHAMOIDES,Chinese magnolia, lemon balm, peppermint, comfrey officinale, spring primroses, rue fragrant, cyanosis blue, licorice and Ural, fennel, sage officinalis, spikes, and many other nicknames.

But not all forms of culture more amenable.Seeds adonis spring, for example, sprout only after 10-12 years, and the plants develop slowly.Therefore, the most important rules of harvesting medicinal raw materials must be observed strictly.

With a view to the protection and rational use of available resources in our country, a number of targeted measures.Collection of medicinal raw materials is now allowed to persons who have a certificate of the established sample, and on the lands of the state forest - Forest ticket issued by organizations managing forestry.These persons must receive instruction on the rules of collection and conservation of medicinal plants, as well as to comply with safety regulations.

collection of rare species of medicinal plants, including the lands of the state forest fund, only under a license issued by the procuring entity.Collection of rare species of medicinal plants is allowed only after the registration of their stocks.Collection of medicinal plants

prohibited in the territory nature reserves and protected areas in the territory is allowed in accordance with the regime established here.

Co collectors of medicinal raw materials procurement organizations enter into contracts, in some states, not only the amount of work, but also the obligation to comply with garbage regulations governing harvesting and drying of medicinal raw materials, but the rational use and conservation of natural medicinal raw materials, ensuring their reproduction.

For many regions of our country are made up, and for the other components of large-scale maps, designated for blanks and containing information on the raw materials of biological reserves.However, the biological resources are not equal!operational.In connection with the need to guarantee the blanks that need to be made taking into account the recovery thickets, operating reserves are typically 1/10 of the biological to the aerial organs and 1 / 50- 1/100 underground.

When harvesting annual plants should be left on the 10 square meters.m at least 3-5 well-developed specimens for seed multiplication.When harvesting of underground organs of perennial plants need to shake well the available seeds, rhizomes of the cut into pieces and planted them on the ground dug plants.This is not to dig up all the plants, one third or half of them have to leave.Repeated harvesting of raw materials in the same place must be done in 2-5 years, depending on the biological characteristics of plants.

zagotavlivaya aerial organs of plants, especially perennial, in most cases they can pluck hands.But it is better to use knives, scissors, hammer, shears, not to uproot.In no case can not chop off their hoe.From this curtain (a group of individuals, and overgrown roots growing near one another) suffer greatly.

Getting medicinal raw material collection, before it is necessary to outline a plan of action to restore the thickets (reproduction of plants) and collecting raw materials, strictly abide by it.