Useful and therapeutic properties of the watch trifoliate ( shamrock water , trifoli , bobovnik )

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Family Crew - Menyanthaceae

generic name in Greek means "moon flower".Watch The flowers are clearly visible in the dark, brought forth at the edge of the marshes, the traveler warns of the danger: "Stop!Ahead of the swamp! "As the guards on watch, shamrocks stand in the swamp.Hence, the Russian first name.Species definition is translated from Latin means a three-sheeted (trifoliate leaf shape).

Botanical description.Perennial herb with horizontal, branched, thick rhizome bearing ring scars and fine adventitious roots.Rhizome lies shallow and often comes to the surface.At the top it rises and carries regular trifoliate leaves on

dlinnyh- petioles.Floral arrows round, naked, are on top of the brush of pale pink, sometimes almost white flowers, regular shape, with a double perianth.Calyx green, quinquedentate, corolla funnel-shaped with a sharp five-blade contour.Corolla lobes inside densely dlinnobahromchatye and, from the outside - smooth.

stamens 5, attached to the base of the corolla.Pistil 1, wit

h the top unilocular ovary.Fruit - egg-shaped capsule, dehiscing by two valves.

Blooms in late May - early June, fruits ripen in July - August.

Geographical distribution.It grows in grassy and mossy swamps, peat quarries, wet meadows, along the shores of standing waters and oblong form, on the swampy outskirts of wild lakes, oxbows.Often it forms large thickets on the fens and transitional bogs.It occurs almost throughout the territory of the Soviet Union in the forest belt, in addition to the far north, Crimea, Kazakhstan and Central Asia.The main areas of blanks - Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine.

collection and drying.Collect watch the leaves after flowering, cutting off their hands and tearing the stalks, which must not exceed the length of 3 cm. You can not pull out a plant with rhizome, as it will lead to the destruction of thickets.The collected materials are folded loosely in baskets, boxes and quickly delivered to the place of drying.Dried in the attic under a tin roof, barns, and other well-ventilated rooms or in the dryer at a temperature of 45-60 °.Drying is uneven.Thin lamina dries faster than the petioles and stems.Drying is continued until the last long and are dry, but leaves the individual dry and crumble.If the dried raw rake in a bunch and leave for a few days, it will attract moisture, the leaves will become elastic.Now they can be sorted, casting blackened stalks and separate, pack and send to consumers.

medicinal raw materials.Ready raw material - Watch List - Folium Menyanthidis consists of thin hairless, usually wrinkled, partially broken lines, ternate leaves green.Separate leaves short-petiolate, obovate or elliptical,

entire or with a slightly wavy edge, 6-8 cm long, 3-5 cm wide. Petiole residue does not exceed the length of 3 cm.

Odor absent, the taste is very bitter.

Art.GF 281 X admits a moisture no more than 14%;Ash not more than 10%;leaves, have lost their normal color, no more than 5%;Leaf petioles to 3 cm long is not more than 8%;individual stems are not more than 3%;Organic impurities are not more than 1%;mineral - not more than 0.5%.

chemical composition.Leaves watches contain bitter glycosides meniantin and meliatin, tannins, carboxylic acid Loganina, triterpene saponins, flavonoids (quercetin, kaempferol, rutin, giperozid, kaempferol-3-rhamnoside), alkaloids Genz-ning and dezoksiloganin, choline, organic compounds with a significant numberiodine and 3% of tannins, vitamin C.

Action and use.Bitter glycosides watch as all the bitterness, exert their effects in the oral cavity.They excite the mucous membrane receptors and reflex excitability increase digestive center, what has caused the increase in function of the secretory glands of the gastrointestinal tract, causing digestion improves.Flavonoids have a choleretic effect.

Assign as appetizing agent for exhaustion after a serious illness, operations, gastritis with low acidity and other stomach diseases in the form of infusion ('10 raw material per 200 ml of water and 1 tablespoon for 5-10 minutes before a meal).