Useful and therapeutic properties of comfrey

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

family Boraginaceae - Boraginaceae

generic name derives from the Greek sump-hyo - splicing, connecting, as the plant has long been used for fractures, hence the other popular name of the plant "larkspur".Species definition is translated from Latin means "pharmacy" and is given for use in medicine.

Botanical description.Perennial herb with a short vertical rhizome, which runs thick adventitious roots in black.Stems erect, often solitary, in the upper part branched, 50-100 cm tall. Leafy part of the stem leaves winged by decurrent.Leaves are alternate, rough, bottom with prominent veins, forming a reticulate venation;lower - oblong-ovate, forming on the top of the tip at the base narrowed into a winged petiole;top - smaller, lanceolate, sessile.

Flowers in curls.Calyx with five deep cuts remain in fruit.Whisk in 2,5- 3 times longer than the calyx, in the beginning of flowering violet or purple, but by flowering becomes blue with a white edge, tubular-campanulate, with five subulate scales in the throat


has five stamens attached to the corolla tube.Pestle with top chetyrehlopastnym one ovary.Fruit - fractional, disintegrating when ripe to four black smooth shiny nut.

Blossoms in May - July.The fruits ripen in July - September.

Geographical distribution.It grows on moist, especially a filling, meadows, ravines, in damp forests, among bushes in reservoirs along the river banks, roadsides.It occurs in forest and steppe zones of the European part of the USSR, Western Siberia and eastern Kazakhstan.Widely distributed in Belarus on floodplain meadows, but does not form undergrowth and grow absent-mindedly.It is easy to culture.Mass harvesting is performed.

collection and drying.Collect the underground authorities in August - October.Plants dig, shake the seeds into the hole formed during digging, to shake off the ground, cut the stem with a knife, remove the small roots, thick cut into pieces 15-20 cm, wash, then cut along for the quick-drying, cut out the rotten parts and once againrinsed in running water.

dried roots in attics, under eaves or in the dryer at a temperature of 30-40 °.A slow drying, poor ventilation inside the white roots turn brown, making them unusable.

medicinal raw materials.Ready raw material - comfrey root (Radix Consolidae, Radix Symphyti) consists of a short cylindrical solid or cut along the roots and rhizomes.Outside, they are black, in a break - whitish.

FS 42-52-72 admits: moisture less than 12%;browned and blackened roots in the fracture of 10%;organic and mineral impurities are not more than 1%.

chemical composition.Comfrey roots contain 0,2-0,8% alkaloids laziokarpina, tsinoglossina, allantoin (a purine derivative), tannins, tannic acid, a lot of mucus, starch, sugar, resin, choline, 1-3% asparagine (monoamide Aspara-ginovoy -aminoyantarnoy acid) which is a neutralization product of ammonia, there are unexplored glycoside et al.

Action and use.Biologically active substances of comfrey have emollient and enveloping effect, lower blood pressure and breathing heavily excite, increase vitality and enhance the reduction of muscles of the intestine and uterus, promote the regeneration of bone tissue, stimulates cell growth and repair of damaged tissues.

Broth from '10 raw materials 200 ml of water each appoint dessert spoon every 2 hours with fractures and wounds, osteomyelitis, purulent inflammation of tissue in conjunction with antibiotics and sulfanilamide preparations, after amputations, with difficult healing and deep wounds, abrasions,cough, bronchitis, diarrhea, chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer.Externally - for rinsing the mouth with periodontitis, compresses and poultices for fractures, sprains, joint pains, diathesis and various skin diseases, wounds and ulcers.

in the last century medicinal raw materials has been very popular.Plants were grown in the apothecary gardens in Moscow.To this end, from Polotsk and Smolensk in 1666 in Moscow, 20 pounds of live plants for planting has been sent.

comfrey root is part of the commission appointed by the wet pleurisy, acute and ulcerative colitis, acute pharyngitis, and so on. D.