Useful and therapeutic properties of cardiac Leonurus

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

family Labiatae (Lamiaceae) - Lamiaceae

The generic name is derived from two words: the Latin leonis - lion and the Greek yoke - tail (due to the resemblance of inflorescences with a brush lion's tail).The specific definition in Greek means "heart" - for use in medicine.

Botanical description.Perennial herbaceous plant with a woody fibrous rhizome, which depart from the numerous adventitious roots.The stem is quadrangular, erect, height 50 150 (200) cm. The leaves are crosswise opposite, petiolate, lower in outline rounded or ovate, with cordate base and pyatipalchatorazdelnye form.Upper - in outline pointy-elliptic-cal, tripartite or three-lobed.Flowers pink, gathered at the top of the stem polumutovkami in the axils of upper leaves, forming, especially before flowering, spicate, and at flowering - intermittent inflorescence.Bracts subulate.Fr Sa-tizubchataya Calyx, corolla two-lipped, upper lip outside the white-hairy.Stamens four, two of which are shorter than the others.Pestle with one dvurasseche

nnym stigma, ovary superior, chetyrehlopastnym.The fruit (called cenobia) consists of four nuts sitting on the bottom of the cup neopadayuschey barbed.After flowering is very thorny and become bracts.

Flowers in June - July.The fruits ripen in July - August.

Geographical distribution.As the Russian name, Leonurus growing on vacant lots, along the fences, in housing, in weedy places, deposits, in the furrows, less forest glades, pastures and floodplains.It occurs throughout the European part of the USSR, the Caucasus, in the south of Western Siberia.The main areas are blanks in the Baltic States, Belarus, the Ukraine, the North Caucasus and in many areas of the south of the forest and steppe zones of the European part of the USSR.Cultivated in specialized farms of medicinal plants.

collection and drying.Assemble the above-ground parts of plants, cutting the upper part of the stem length of 40 cm and a maximum thickness of 5 mm.Collection is carried out in the beginning of flowering, when the flowers have blossomed polumutovok bottom and the top are still in the budding stage.At this time, the feed contains the maximum number of biologically active substances.At a later gathering their content is reduced, and when dried naturally bloom continues grass becomes very prickly.Harvest time usually occurs in the middle belt of the European part of the USSR June 25-30, and in the Caucasus - in the first half of June.After the main gathering produce additional, tearing or cutting the axillary shoots are formed.After 3 to 5 years of operation bushes need to make a break for the full year of recovery.

dried in the shade or a dryer at a temperature of 40-50 °.

medicinal raw materials.Ready raw material - motherwort herb (Herba Leonuri) consists of the flowering tops of up to 40 cm from the leaves and flowers of the structure described above.Flowers in the raw off-pink, calyx green, naked, occasionally lower flowers do not contain halo and at the bottom of the cup are the immature fruits.Odour faint taste bitter.

FS 42-2135-83 admits: moisture not more than 13%;Ash not more than 12%;browned and yellowed leaves no more than 5%;thicker stems 5 mm not more than 3%;Organic impurities are not more than 2%, mineral - less than 1%.The content of extractives extracted with 70% alcohol, should be at least 15%.

to the organic impurities are part of other plants, including other types of motherwort are not allowed to use.Tatar Motherwort - Leonurus tataricus L. and Leonurus dove - L. glauce-scens Bunge have pubescent cup.

chemical composition.Grass of Leonurus, collected at the beginning of flowering, contains up to 0.4% alkaloids Leon-width and leonuridina amine stahidrin, flavonoids (kvinkvelozid, rutin, kvertsitrin and others), saponins, tannins, organic acids, and 0.05% essential oil, bitter and sugary substances, carotene.

action and application.Leonurus cardiac drugs have sedative and hypotensive effect, slow down the heart rate.Action due to the presence of alkaloids and flavonoids.

used in tincture form - Tinctura Leonuri 30-40 drops, liquid extract - Extractum Leonuri 15-20 drops of tincture and '15 raw material per 200 ml of water - 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day for cardiac neurosisand increased nervous excitability.Showed motherwort in the early stages of hypertension.