Useful and therapeutic properties of rue fragrant

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Rutaceae family - Rutaceae

generic name of the plant is found in ancient authors, its etymology is unclear.Species definition is translated from Latin means "strongly smelling", "fragrant", "fragrant" that characterizes the smell of the plants.

Botanical description.The grayish-green shrub with dereveneyuschimi at the base of stems and herbaceous upper shoots grow each year, the height of 50-80 cm. Leaves twice-or trizhdyperistorassechennye.Segments obratnoyay-tsevidnye, oblong-obovate, and lanceolate, entire.The flowers are greenish-yellow,

collected in corymbose panicle at the apex of the stem.Perianth regular double.Calyx almost totally separated into egg-shaped lobes.The corolla consists of 4-5 petals, helmet-concave on the top.At the base, they taper in the claw.Stamens 8-10.Pistil one with the top four, five or alopecia ovary.Fruit - almost spherical, four-lobed capsule, dehiscing valves between which forms a narrow gap.The whole plant has a strong peculiar smell.

Flowers in June - July, the

fruits ripen in August - September.

Geographical distribution.It grows in the Crimea, but does not form undergrowth.Cultivated in state farms of medicinal plants.Good feeling in the northwestern regions of the country, including in Belarus.We have winters without shelter, good vegetative ruet;flowers and fruits, but the plants are 8-10 years of age after the winter die off, landing izrezhivayutsya why plantations should be systematically "rejuvenate".Sowing of winter under fresh produce seeds.

Last year's shoots in the spring is cut annually using secateurs after begin to blossom buds on woody shoots.

collection and drying.Gather the herb rue during flowering, cutting off the shoots with leaves and flowers with scissors.Working with fresh rue need to wear rubber gloves because it causes an allergy, manifested as skin rashes.Dried herbs such action does not possess.Fresh herbs are used in the medical industry plants.Gather herbs for cooking duties dried in the attic, under the eaves or in the dryer at a temperature of 25-30 °.

medicinal raw materials.rue grass (Herba Rutae graveolentis), fresh or dried, consists of hardwood stems up to 30 cm, branched, cylindrical, bare, green, slightly bluish.Fresh grass flowers does not contain (sometimes there are buds) and has an unpleasant smell.

The dried herb contains a four- or five-membered yellow flowers, leaves and immature four-, five lobes spherical closed boxes.The smell of a nice, kind.

FS 42-63-72 for fresh grass admits: moisture not less than 60%;Ash not more than 9%;Organic impurities are not more than 1%;mineral - not more than 0.5%.

The dried herb is neofitsinalnoy.

chemical composition.Grass rue contains alkaloids - derivatives of quinoline (fagarin, skimmianin, kokusagin), flavonoid glycosides rutin, furokumariny and coumarin (psoralen, bergapten xanthotoxin, rutamarin, izoimperatorin, rutaretin, izopimpinel-ling, umbelliferone, herniarin, scopoletin, rutarin, rafnoretin, coumarinand others), lignan savinin, graveollenovuyu acid akronitsin, 0.12% -0.7% of essential oil, resinous substance.

action and application.Due to the complex chemical composition of root has a versatile action.Akronitsina established antitumor activity.Essential oils, alkaloids and some furokumariny possess anticonvulsant, sedative, antispasmodic, antiseptic, tonic and photosensitizing effect.

infusion rate of '10 raw material per 200 ml of water (1 tablespoon 3 times a day) and the infusion prepared with cold maceration for 8 hours (partial teaspoon of cut herbs in 2 cups of cold water - daily dosage), administeredfor nervous diseases, including heart and nervousness (especially in the heartbeat), increased nervous excitability, amenorrhoea, epileptiform convulsions, rheumatism, gout, diseases of the stomach and intestines as antispasmodic for headaches associated with vascular spasm, atherosclerosis.Tea made from herbs rue favorable effect in menopause, impotence.

Ruta is contraindicated in pregnant women.In high doses, the grass is poisonous!