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August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

With the purpose of treatment is usually used leaves and fresh juice, the leaves of the plant is recommended to take not less than three years.

aloe juice is especially useful if it is obtained from leaves, pre-treated by the method of stimulating nutrient.What do I need to do?

Before cutting off the leaves do not water the plant for 2 weeks.Cut leaves wrapped in a paper tube of black color so that the ends have through-holes.Place in a cool and dark place, such as on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator where the temperature is about 4-8 "C Withstand leaves in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. In these circumstances, cut the leaves begin to fade all the vital processes of our plant and then the cells are harvested all their strength. to survive they formed special substances - so-called "biogenic stimulators" biogenic stimulators plants have the ability to excite the livelihoods of not only their own cells in the treatment of such a vegetable juice of its substance become a stimulant for the sick person b

ody cells there is increased metabolism...tissues, increases body resistance, quickly restored the damaged areas of the skin and mucous membranes, reduces inflammation, and so on. d.

juice Preparation

juice medicinal plants have the most natural effect on the body. When using fresh aloe juice retained all its medicinal value,if subjected to bio-stimulation, these therapeutic properties, as we know, can be enhanced many times.

Biostimulirovannye leaves taken out of the refrigerator, washed.Grind - can grinder, water is poured in the ratio of 1: 3 and left in a cool dark place for a half hour.The resulting juice is drained and filtered.

aloe juice is included as a key component in the therapeutic mixture to help with protracted bronchitis, severe cough, pneumonia, tuberculosis, anemia (anemia), diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other diseases.Fresh juice is very good for various skin lesions, skin inflammation (dermatitis), with their septic complications.

Preparation leaf infusion

Infusions can be prepared in two ways - hot and cold.In most recipes with aloe used cold method.The leaves are ground, placed in an enamel or glass container and covered with water at room temperature (50 to g. green materials - glass of water), is infused for several hours (6-8).Then filtered and poured into a glass bowl of dark color.

applied to improve the functional operation and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and other diseases of the internal organs.Use the infusion and for grinding.It operates on the principle of warming ointments like "Finalgon", "Nurofen", causing the local blood flow to the affected area.


tincture tincture - the most strongly acting formulation of herbal products.The infusion of fresh leaves is prepared as follows: chopped raw material is filled with 70% ethyl alcohol or vodka at a ratio of 1:10.Sealed and kept in a dark place at room temperature for 7 days.Filtered and then poured into dark glass bottle.Thus obtained, the vehicle must be transparent.

used tincture for the treatment of rheumatism, gout, lumbago (lumbago), sciatica (sciatica) and other diseases.

powder Preparation

powder made from air-dried and crushed leaves.Dry raw porcelain or pounded a wooden pestle, and sieved.This formulation is recommended for diseases of the liver, such as hepatitis.


emulsion addition of fresh juice, tincture and powder from the leaves of aloe, used also a dosage form as an emulsion.For this crushed leaves soaked in a dark room for 12 days in the castor oil or eucalyptus at 6-8 ° C.Apply for the prevention and treatment of skin lesions arising from radiation sickness, anemia.

Contraindications Side effects and complications usually does not happen with topical aloe.Of course, if you have very sensitive skin, then the overlaying sheet cutting directly on the skin, you can feel a strong burning sensation, but it is not necessary to be afraid of.A little patience, and the result will exceed your expectations.To reduce the discomfort to the affected area is recommended from time to time to put a fresh cheese.With increased propensity to allergic reactions of the body should still be careful, after consulting with doctors.

If you are going to use the juice of a plant for the treatment of internal diseases, the more we must be careful.This is especially important if you have an acute or chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and gallbladder.For example, for cleavage antraglikozidov contained in the plant, must have bile in the intestine.Therefore, patients with liver disease and gall bladder prior to treatment with home remedies, made from aloe or purchased in a drugstore, preparations should always consult with a doctor.In pregnancy

any medications, including herbal, unless absolutely necessary is not used.By the aloe it refers to the full.And of course, do not experiment with new drugs in the treatment of children under 12 years, if the recipe is not from a trusted source and has not been tested on children.