We grow hibiscus

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Care Chinese rose did not cause any problems, but we must bear in mind that the hibiscus is growing very rapidly, becoming a sprawling, so for long-term detention in small apartments is not the best choice.

Hibiscus - the plant is unpretentious, quite shade tolerant, but with a lack of light is worse

develops and little flowers.With enough light in March on the tree buds begin to appear the first and successive flowers adorn the crown of leaves until late autumn.When there is insufficient natural light in the apartment in the winter useful plants dosvechivat fluorescent lamps - so that the light intensity per 1 sq.m surface was 60 watts.

plant is easily propagated by cuttings green and semilignified.It can be propagated and seeds, but vegetative method is suitable for terry varieties.Propagation Chinese rose throughout the year, but the most appropriate time - February, March and August.In vegetatively cut the tops of young shoots with 2-3 internodes and perpetuate them in a moist environment - in a

special room teplichke under plastic wrap or a glass cover at temperatures below 22 ° C.The substrate is composed of peat and sand, taken in equal parts.After 2-3 weeks, the roots are formed and rooted cuttings can be planted in small pots (7-9 cm diameter).Soil mix for seedlings up of 2 parts humus and taken to 1 part leaf, sod of earth and sand.Blooming young plants a year.

Young specimens are transplanted each year, and adults - as needed.Yet every spring, it is desirable to remove the top layer of soil and replace it with fresh soil mixture.

To create good-looking compact bush, hibiscus have regularly pinch out shoots.Very often, this procedure is recommended for young plants - so you will ensure their abundant flowering.Flower buds are laid mainly on the shoots of 3-4-th branch of the order.By pinching and pruning of the main and side shoots start when they reach lengths of 8-10 cm. Typically, from the time of pruning and pinching to flowering takes 3-3.5 months.

Adult plants are transplanted in the spring before flowering into a mixture of 2 parts turf, 1 part humus and 1 part leaf land.You can add to the earth a little horn chips and pieces of charcoal.Before transplanting the young branches are pruned to half their length.

winter contain China rose not far from the window, watering is reduced (especially in the short light day, as well as enough warm rooms with high humidity).The temperature is kept moderate, but not lower than 12 ° C.The optimum temperature - 15 ° C - contributes to the drilling of flower buds.If indoor air is very dry, the leaves are often sprayed, the plant from time to time arrange "souls";it is also desirable to maintain sufficient humidity through special nozzles.

summer the plants are placed on a window sill or as close as possible to the windows to be illuminated by the sun and well ventilated room.You can make and on the balcony.From direct solar rays

Chinese rose should be pritenyat.Regular spraying during this period promotes intensive growth of hibiscus and serves as the prevention of the appearance on the leaves of common pests like aphids panelboard or red spider mite.

In the hot season watered abundantly.It is recommended sometimes loosen the top layer of soil about an hour after watering.

Feed up Chinese rose mineral or organic fertilizers.Full fertilizer alternate with liquid mullein (1 part tincture to 10 parts water).From spring to mid-August, feeding is carried out once a week, and in the rest of the year - 1 time per month (phosphorus and potassium in the half dose).

If you want your a rose bloomed in autumn, re-pot it in May, but until then keep as much as possible in a state of complete rest, watering very sparingly.Often in this period, the plant loses all the leaves.After transplanting trees and trimming give strong shoots, which are cut again in July.In this scheme, leaving flowers appear in October or November, when other indoor plants flowers we are not encouraging.

Possible difficulties Chinese content

rose buds Fall down.The most likely reason - drying out the soil.Other reason - the lack of nutrients, and the sudden change of temperature in the room.

wrinkled leaves.The reason - too dry air.Be sure to regularly spray the plant.Falling leaves.The most likely reason - the lack of humidity and drying out the soil.Among other reasons include drafts and excessive soil moisture.