Biologically active substances of the golden whiskers

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Although the chemical composition and pharmacological properties kallizii is under study, something that we know now.The main components in a complex biologically active substances - flavonoids and phytosterols, vitamins, macro- and microelements (chromium, nickel, iron, copper).

Flavonoids and steroids - a group of substances of vegetable origin;they exhibit, among other properties of therapeutic (antispasmodic, diuretic), also the antioxidant, antitumor activity.

Vitamin C golden mustache is also involved in the regulation of redox processes at the cellular level, regulates the blood clotting, provides a normal permeability of capillaries, increases the body's resistance to infection and other adverse environmental factors.It means prevention and treatment of diseases associated with vascular disorders.

B vitamins, which are also found in green mass kallizii purposefully act on the central nervous system, helping to fight depressive states, neurotic, excessive stress, improve the condition of view,

increase the protective and regenerative capabilities of the skin and mucous membranes.It is important to adequate intake of this vitamin in puberty, as well as problems with potency and infertility (for both men and women).

Juice golden mustache contains an increased amount of chromium ions, copper and chlorine.

Copper is necessary for the regulation of cell processes, supply oxygen, hemoglobin formation and maturation of red blood cells.Copper also contributes to more complete digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and increase insulin activity.The leaves kallizii sufficiently high concentration of the element (30 mg / l).Therefore, preparations on the basis of this plant are essential for those people who need to increase the concentration of copper in the blood.This need arises most often in diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, cirrhosis of the liver, anemia, leukemia, diathesis, meningitis, and others.

Chrome is actively involved in maintaining normal metabolism in the body.Studies have shown that patients who are overweight (and this is a characteristic of many metabolic disorders) lose weight faster if they are in the food add chrome.This element helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels, which helps prevent the development of diabetes.

Thanks to chromium-based drugs kallizii increase muscle tone, the tone of the heart muscle.This makes the body as a whole more resilient and efficient.Golden mustache also helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis: chromium concentration in the leaves and stem kallizii so high that the plant is able to clear the arteries of cholesterol forming plaque in the blood vessels.Chlorine kislotnoschelochnogo involved in maintaining the balance (pH) and osmotic equilibrium in the body.And it is very important to maintain normal metabolism, prevent cardiovascular disorders and diseases of the excretory system.