How to grow a home kalliziya

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

you bought a golden mustache in a flower shop, or you gave him?Let's choose a suitable area in the apartment for him.Put the plant in a sufficiently illuminated place, but at the same time pritenit it from direct sunlight.If necessary, pour and let it sit for a few days to adapt to the new place of residence.

kalliziya As a native of tropical rain forests, abundant watering it needs.Yet too pour the plant should not be - it can lead to root rot.During the period of winter dormancy and reduce the frequency and intensity of ground moisture.Useful for watering breast kallizii water (1/4 cup milk 1 liter of water) and rub the leaves swab dipped in milk.It is necessary to maintain sufficient humidity and - using frequent spraying (but so that water droplets do not remain on the plant).You can install our jungle inhabitant on a tray with pebbles or expanded clay, flooded with water.

kalliziya loves fresh air, so the regular airing of the premises can not hurt.But from drafts it is better to keep.With the ons

et of warm days it is possible to bring the plant to the balcony.

summer, in the period of intensive growth, golden mustache fed organic or mineral fertilizers 1 every 10-15 days, winter - 1 every 30-45 days.

At what temperature is best contain?The issue is important because the correct thermal regime depends kalliziya bloom or not.In the winter the air temperature is better maintained at 12 ° C.

kalliziya grows well in any substrate with the addition of sand.In composition it is most suitable land a mixture composed of equal parts of turf land and greenhouse humus plus 30% of a large river sand.The plant grows well on hydroponics.Transplant is carried out in the spring.

Propagation golden mustache mostly vegetatively: apical cuttings and young adult plant rosettes taken from his mustache.And those and others quickly take root in the soil and in water.Cuttings possible throughout the year.

noticed that the plant will grow well, if at rooting in water to give him the opportunity to develop a strong root system.Therefore, when the first small roots is some time to wait for the transfer to a permanent place of residence.If you want to grow more plants for medicinal purposes, you can arrange a summer nursery in a shady corner of the garden under the film.During the season you get developed severe instances and collect several crops of medicinal raw materials - mustache.

Depending on growing conditions golden mustache can give four or more side branches ( "sustavchikov"), and maybe no.However, he still exerts its medicinal properties.

If you attach great importance to the decorative properties kallizii, from time to time carry out trimming: remove the stems are too overgrown to enhance branching and form a beautiful crown.The sections preferably immediately sprinkle with powdered charcoal (you can take the pharmaceutical activated carbon).After pruning should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.