On the cultivation of cacti

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

In room culture as unpretentious cacti, as well as in its natural environment.The main thing - to provide them with opportunities for a lot of sun, and be careful with watering.To grow they need to be on the southern, south-eastern and south-western windows.The optimum temperature for the content of cacti 20-22 ° C.

fast-growing species - some Opuntia and Cereus - in the summer it is recommended to make the air (but no balcony) and added dropwise pots with plants in the open field.

Transplanted cactus only occasionally, not as most other plants.For smaller specimens are preparing a looser nutritional zemlesmes.It is made of 1 part of the turf, 1 part leaf, 1/2 of the greenhouse ground, 1/4 of the crushed coal, also add sand or gravel.For adults take more instances of turf land, and not easy, as the clay to the substrate was more dense.If such land is not present, already in the above mixture

include 1/4 of clay, ground sheet content is reduced to 1/2 part, and the greenhouse, on the contrary, take th

e integer part.Crushed coal is added less, and more gravel.

Perennial specimens of cacti can be fed in the summer with a weak solution of finished fertilizers, 1 every 15-20 days, from May to August.

propagated by leaf cactus (for example, known to all Epiphyllym or "Decembrists") cuttings, grows on the trunk.

Experienced Cactophiles also use other methods of reproduction - vaccines and seeds.To prepare the planting earthenware bowls filled with sand or a mixture of light.The sand is moistened seeds and plated on its surface.After sowing the seeds lightly sprinkled with a thin layer of soil or sand and cover the glass container.Watering from the pallet.The temperature of the pre-emergence should be maintained at 23-25 ​​° C.

Even if you do not belong to a society avid cactus and keep at home these plants in a purely practical purposes (to treat, for example), is not superfluous to remember the so-called 10 commandments of cacti:

their cactus Put winter in dry andcold conditions;

spring not wake their watering and irrigation only at an elevated temperature;

first watering is carried out only after an explicit beginning of the growing season;

plants overwintered in the dark, even if gradually getting used to the sun;

fertilize cacti is possible only in the first period of full growing season of plants, regardless of what kind of fertilizer is applied;

during the growing season let the cacti enough sun, water and fresh air;

plants, stop growing, never watered;cautiously take out it from the earth, cleanse and take appropriate measures;

periodically sprinkle plants or spray water over them, but not in direct sunlight;

not mindlessly endure pollen from flower to flower;watch the varietal purity of seeds and plants;

September, the temperature is lowered, reducing the number and volume of waterings and simultaneously increase ventilation to the plants matured to perfection and went into a state of vegetative rest.