Essential oil of myrtle

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

All parts of the plant have a wonderful flavor.Myrtle leaves and flowers contain essential oils - they concluded-and the healing power.From the leaves and shoots of oil recovered by steam distillation.To get 10 kg of valuable fragrant substances need a whole ton of raw material.

chemical composition of essential oil complex.Among its active ingredients especially allocate camphene, cineol, geraniol, linalool, mirtenol, pinene.

essential oil of myrtle have a very wide range of medicinal properties.The deodorant and antiseptic action of the leaves of myrtle have noticed the ancient aromatherapists.

Inhalation aromapreparatov myrtle regulates the activity of the central and autonomic nervous system.Such direct effect is necessary first of all our emotional sphere: manifested mild sedative (calming) effect of oil, eliminates mood swings, excessive stress can be easily removed.Much can alleviate the condition depressed patients.

Due to strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of essential oil

of myrtle used as an effective tool in the treatment of serious respiratory diseases: a protracted bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, emphysema, in the treatment of tuberculosis.Facilitates patients and expectorant effect of oil.Fresh herbal scent of myrtle soothes and relieves the respiratory tract.Departs even chronic cough.It is possible with this medication and serious influence pathological changes in lung associated with many years of smoking.

And what is especially valuable - the oil of myrtle is considered relatively mild means, and aromatherapists recommend it to eliminate cough in children.Use it in the treatment of otitis media, inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis, sinusitis), which are often even the kids are taking chronic.

as a potent antiseptic myrtle oil is used to strengthen the immune system in the treatment of flu, coughs, bronchitis.traditionally used in the treatment of wounds myrtle essential oil.

powerful ability of this agent to destroy pathogenic flora is also used in the fight against urogenital infections.

Well-proven this aromapreparat and as a prophylactic - during epidemics of influenza and other diseases.It activates the immune system, increases the body's resistance to a non-specific and specific infections.

Myrtle oil has the property to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increases their elasticity.Therefore, it is used in the treatment of such widespread, but intractable diseases like varicose veins and hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids - this is also a vascular disease, a consequence of venous insufficiency).When thrombophlebitis aromapreparat this helps to relieve swelling, a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

myrtle essential oil is successfully used in medical cosmetology: it stimulates the protective and regenerative functions of the skin cells and gives it elasticity, prevents premature wrinkles and able to deal with them, even if they have already appeared.In addition, it is useful for oily skin (pores) and for skin prone to acne.