August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

biochemical composition of this African guest and its pharmacological effect on our organism studied is not too good.It is found that it leaves contain biologically active substances such as abamagenin, hemolytic sapogenin (incidentally, this substance was found in the pharmaceutical and raw American agave), some organic acids.But the main active ingredients sansevery - a saponin;they are considered toxic substances, but maybe that's why sansevera and deserves greater attention on the part of pharmacists.The saponins found in many medicinal plants.This surfactants - are foamed and washed as soap.From saponinosoderzhaschih plants in the pharmaceutical receive laxatives, diuretics (diuretics) and cholagogue preparations.Saponins enhance the secretion of bronchial glands, stimulate the cough center, that is also used as an expectorant.Some of them show strong adaptogenic properties, ie the ability to increase the adaptability of human possibilities in stressful and even extreme conditions.Other - regulate

the water and salt and mineral metabolism.Anti-inflammatory effect.Enhances the activity of natural hormones, enzymes due to its emulsifying action.With the help of some saponins are synthetic hormones that are used to treat the most serious diseases, including cardiovascular disorders.For example, a drug used cortisone atherosclerosis (arterial disease, accompanied by the accumulation on the inner surface of fatty substances in the form of yellowish plaques, which reduces arterial lumen).

Intravenously, the saponins are highly toxic - in trace concentrations cause destruction (hemolysis) of red blood cells;ingestion is not toxic, since it is not absorbed or destroyed in the gut.Although saponins are not accumulated by the human body, when taking higher doses, they cause nausea and vomiting.In powder form, these compounds can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and internal organs.

saponins - foaming agents for beer and other beverages, ingredients of many drugs.In cosmetics saponinosoderzhaschih plant extracts are used in shampoos, cleansing creams and lotions, liquid soaps.

When scientists start to a more detailed study of medicinal raw materials sansevery and work out of his pharmacy drugs, we do not know yet.But African folk healers, not yet studied the biochemical composition of "pike tail", enjoy its medicinal properties for centuries.Warm the juice of its leaves is instilled into the ears - as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.The smoke from the burning plant is considered an effective remedy for headaches.Decoction of the leaves treat parasitic diseases, including scabies, relieve itching.Roots and leaves sansevery attributed Africa abortifacient properties and the ability to eliminate seizures.From them prepare drugs against sexually transmitted diseases.Fresh frayed leaves or their juice treat wounds, festering sores and skin diseases.The underground parts of the plant are considered to be a stimulating and tonic, helping to recuperate after serious illness and the general weakness of the body.

Sansevera at home Ecology

Can plant by his presence in the house have a healing effect?Undoubtedly, it is already possible to give a scientific explanation.Experts studying the impact of indoor plants on human health, divided them into three groups - the predominant effect on our body.The first they carried the plants that produce a large number of volatile production.They have a high bactericidal, bacteriostatic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity, destroy pathogens in the air of apartments and offices.In this so-called group included phytoncidic ivy, arborvitae, Japanese aucuba, aloe vera, agave American, prickly pear, peperomiya tupolistnaya and others.The second group were the plants with a high concentration of essential oils in the leaves and shoots;These substances increase the human body's resistance, restore and maintain his immunity, in addition, improves cardiac function, have a calming, anti-inflammatory and other healing properties, strengthens our nervous system and increase resistance to stress.This citrus plants, common myrtle, rosemary officinalis, Eucalyptus globulus, scented geranium, fig, bay laurel ... The third group: it made the so-called vegetative filters, or fitofiltry - Chlorophytum Crested, Ficus benjamina, certain types of begonias, some species of the family of bromeliads, spotted dieffenbachia, monstera de litsioza and other plants with thick, leathery leaves.Sansevera trehpoloschataya in this company is one of the most honorable places.That's what this group is to talk in more detail.

fact that plants are able to clean the air of dust and harmful chemicals, known to all.In our homes, offices, industrial premises air is teeming with these malicious substances.And the situation is getting more comfortable and the equipment of our homes, the more it appears to hazardous materials, despite all the assurances of manufacturers for their environmental friendliness.Sources of destructive chemicals - synthetic materials plus household chemicals.The main poisoner home atmosphere - formaldehyde, but it has also the whole allied army - more than one hundred items.For example, acetone, benzene, methanol, trichlorethylene, and many others.

worsen the already unfavorable ecological situation of our home can anything: for example, the emergence of a new apartment in upholstered furniture or carpet, installing a suspended ceiling or glazing on the windows, sticking vinyl wallpaper or repair using the latest colors.The joy of buying an expensive or a quality repair can result in allergic reactions, nausea, headache, fatigue, consistently reduced emotional background ... In the West, there was even a special term for the complex of symptoms - "Building Syndrome";they indicate the disease occurring in the closed space of city apartments.The concentration of certain volatile organic compounds in the inner housing space substantially exceeds the content in atmospheric air.Sometimes indoor air contaminated with stronger external 1.5-4 times!

And if the windows runs a busy city highway or hard at work producing harmful?Without a powerful plant filters, we can not do.American scientists, representatives of NASA's, his research identified the most effective fighters against harmful chemistry - it Chlorophytum crested and our good friend sansevera.These are real factory for the production of oxygen and champions in formaldehyde elimination via the negative light ions, which are so lacking in the polluted atmosphere, enhance the activity of our respiratory enzymes, normalize metabolism, restore the acid-base balance of blood, lower blood pressure, increase muscle strength andthe body's tolerance to adverse factors.Of course, the leaves of the "vacuum" is necessary from time to time wiping, otherwise these natural filters simply stop working.

Besides that sansevera air filter itself, it is its unpretentious character and ability to survive in the most adverse conditions, transfers these properties to some extent and their owners, activates our adaptive capacity, forms our resistance to environmental stress.And then we are easier to tolerate a situation in which greatly disturbed the ecological balance of our homes.