Traditional recipes of treatment " Teschin language"

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Many experts houseplants healers are not going to limit their arsenal of long-familiar, proven tools - such as aloe juice.They boldly declare to us about the new 'herbal antiseptics "that the apartment is always at hand.For example, cuts, wounds, superficial burns treated leaves all familiar Tradescantia - applying them to the injury site.It is believed that have antiseptic properties and sansevery leaves.Juice of the same plants folk healers try to treat inflammation of the throat and nose and throat, gum disease, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, even, and even gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

There are also recipes for the treatment of such insidious diseases such as chronic inflammation of appendages (adnexitis) or chronic inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract infections (cystitis).Well, it is not excluded that for someone these new "green doctors" may become an individual "means of salvation."Especially if it means to grow up with his hands in his

windowsill.Of course, any new

items your home pharmacy should be tested with extreme caution, mindful of the potential for allergic reactions, adverse events, individual intolerance.Under no circumstances should not be used to treat children, pregnant and lactating women.

with otitis (inflammation of the middle ear) Traditional healers in this disease, which is almost always accompanied by severe pain, as a therapeutic agent using fresh juice of the plant.The leaves are milled and squeezed juice pipetted instill a few drops into the inflamed auditory meatus 2 times a day.Head tied after this procedure warm woolen scarf.

When inflammation of the appendages

also folk remedy.Cut off a few leaves sansevery mature and well-milled.Take 1/2 cup of chopped raw pour 0.5 liters of vodka, put in a dark place for 2 weeks for infusion.In readiness filtered.Therapeutic composition stored in a refrigerator.Take recommend a teaspoon 2 times a day after eating, breeding tincture in 1/4 cup of water.

IKypc treatment lasts a month.Then you need to make a week break and repeat the treatment.Then again a break for a week and repeat the course.

Another popular recipe for the same ailment: faceted glass to fill 1/3 of the crushed leaves sansevery.Fill to the brim with vodka, pour into a bottle of dark glass, to insist in a refrigerator for 3 weeks.Then strain through a triple layer of cheesecloth and stored in the same container.Take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day after meals.The course of treatment - 2 weeks.

Tincture, prepared for the first of these two recipes, people are treated more and vegetososudis-fifth dystopia.Method of preparation and dosage of the same, but the treatments proposed for two only.