How to grow stevia in the garden area

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

place for the cultivation of stevia need to choose a sunny and sheltered from the wind.

land for planting should be specially prepared.It should be light, sandy or sandy loam, loose, with weak acid environment.If in your area the soil is heavy, clayey, it is necessary to improve - Add river sand, humus, turf.Peat mixture add undesirable - this will inhibit the development of the plant.Liming also undesirable.Of organic fertilizer is recommended in the autumn make humus or compost in the spring to add fertilizer (nitroammophos) at the rate of 10-20 g per 1 sq.m. Prior to the planting site should be deeply dug, remove the roots of perennial weeds, carefully align the surface of the soil.

Sowing seeds to produce seedlings in late March - early April.If you apply dosvechiva-set, you can do it before.Ground mixture for planting seeds is prepared from 2 parts sand, 1 part well-rotted compost with the addition of vermicompost (1% by volume).Seeds from stevia quite small, they are seeded, not buried in a wel

l-moistened substrate, cover glass and put in a warm place.When the bulk of the seeds will give seedlings, glass is removed, and a box of seedlings transferred to the lightest part of the premises.Sprouts necessarily need to be protected from drafts and ensure that the temperature does not fall below 15 ° C.

When sprouts appear a pair of true leaves, they carefully, along with lump of land, transplanted into a larger box or in individual cups, buried by the first leaves.The soil mixture is prepared in the same manner as for the sowing of seeds, but instead of 1 part sand was added the same amount of sod land.Seedlings should be watered regularly and once a week to feed the solution of complex mineral fertilizers.Seedling period, stevia usually takes about 8-10 weeks.

be planted seedlings in open ground is best when the threat of spring frost has passed, and the daily temperature rises to 15-20 ° C.Experienced gardeners recommend doing it at night or in cloudy weather.Planted one plant in the hole to a depth of 6-8 cm. Planting preferably thickened, with the distance between the young plants in the 25-30 cm, then they will be able to support and protect each other from the rain and wind.Immediately after planting, irrigation is carried out with warm water (0.5 L per well) and dry ground spud seedlings 1/3 plant height.

From young weed seedlings Stevia better care of, otherwise they will not develop normally.Need timely weeding and shallow but regular hoeing.Watering is required: Stevia need constantly moist soil and does not tolerate drought, but stagnant water and it is also contraindicated.Feeding can be given every 1 to 15 days.

From sowing seed to harvest sweet leaf usually takes 4-4.5 months.The greatest weight in the leaves of stevia - the beginning of flowering, and stevioside at this time they contain the most.That's when you should start cleaning of valuable raw materials.This is done very simply - it is necessary to cut the stem of a plant at a height of 5-6 cm on the ground.

If you create your sweet bushes optimal conditions for growth, they accumulate in their leaves as stevioside, which in terms of our normal table sugar is the amount of sweetness 7 kg per square meter landings!

In its first growing season stevia develops rather slowly, so it advisable to grow in the long-term culture.This means that in the winter the rhizomes should be dug up and put in storage.

After the shoots will be collected from the leaves, roots Stevia with a clod of the earth is removed from the soil, placed in crates or boxes.At the bottom of the boxes poured a layer of soil 3-5 cm, and then fall asleep wet ground so that on the surface there were only "penechki" cut stems.The storage (dark

basement or cellar) must be maintained well-defined temperature range: more than + 8 ° C (aka kidney touched in growth) and not less than + 4 ° C (in this case, the kidneys can vymerznut).Optimum air humidity - 80-85%.You can use the lower storage compartment of the refrigerator, glazed loggia or insulated balcony, if there is possible to maintain the desired temperature.After such "wintering" rhizomes are planted in open ground, and the new crop will not take long.The rate of development of plants will be much higher than when grown seedlings from seed.