Useful and therapeutic properties of figs

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Currently serious biochemical studies (except of rubber) of ficus awarded only figs.The composition of its aggregate fruits studied quite well.Fresh fruits contain up to 24% sugar, some species - 70% of crude weight.Also found:

organic acid (the main ones - lemon and mature stems - glycerol);


large percentage of pectin;

high content of iron and copper.

In the dried fruit of sugar is 60-70%, pectins - 6% starch - 3%, fats - 1,3%, protein - up to 6%, also contains B vitamins, B2, carotene - provitamin A, more6% fiber, various enzymes.Figs richer in iron than apples, and they have more sugar than dates.

biologically active substances found in the leaves of fig.Among them:

flavonol rutin (vitamin P);

furoku marina;

fikusogenin saponin;

palmitic acid;


essential oil.

The roots of plants are also found furoku Marino.These substances and essential oil of leaves have a bactericidal and fungicidal effect - kill harmful bacteria and fungi.Biologically active substances of figs hav

e also photosensitizing effect, ie increase the body's sensitivity to sunlight.

juice from the leaves of the fig has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, it is recommended for dry and prone to acne skin.

healing properties of figs Eastern healers have long used.First of all its fruit appreciated for antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and emollient, enveloping and expectorant action.A decoction of the fruit in the milk is still considered one of the most effective means for colds, respiratory diseases, accompanied by strong, persistent cough with sputum difficult.There and antipyretic, diaphoretic action.Infusion of fruits used for rinsing and poultices for colds, to soften abscesses and tumors.Pulp figs fruit used in the treatment of diseases of the liver and spleen, as well as a diuretic and laxative.It is believed that the release of figs helps kidney stone with nephrolithiasis.Furthermore, it stems contribute to improving the processes of digestion and lactation (molokootdeleniya in nursing mothers).According to the old recipe to increase the separation of milk green figs cooked with pork, and it is a drug used as a tonic and as a remedy for hemorrhoids.

Broth fig leaves relieve pain and reduce hemorrhoids.Seeds figs - old laxative, they are also used to treat wounds.In folk medicine, it is believed that the whole plant has anti-tumor properties.■

Juice figs modern doctors recommended in diseases of the cardiovascular system, venous insufficiency, the tendency to form blood clots.

Scientific research has confirmed that the figs into the air volatile production, which is distilled off insects.Therefore, in the rooms where it is grown, practically no flies.